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Now Hear This: Leto | Wider

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leto’s newest work Wider (a German prefix that could be translated as contra or anti) could be characterized as bulky and contrapuntal, or alternatively as independent and stubborn.

Yes, Leto still are German-language Post-Punk with influx from Emo, Hardcore, and Indie. But beyond that, there are numerous surprises and new genre variations embedded in the changing melodies and catchy choruses of the 10 new songs. On their new album, there are plenty of unforced rock moments that are far from the genre-typical posing and awkwardness. Leto push and drive themselves (and listeners) through the whirlwind that is Wider, with several uptempo (200 BPM) tracks highlighted by Phill’s guitar and his instrumental vibe that is so rare for the genre, yet so refreshing and necessary.

The production process for Wider was more accelerated than for Leto’s last album, mainly due to songwriting for their newest work being more streamlined and tight. This results in an album that feels more coherent and created from one mould. Producer Kristian Kuehl, who has worked with bands like Leoniden and Schrottgrenze (all while also playing guitar for Trixsi and Shatten) is the driving force behind the album, providing powerful impact due to his dynamic mixing. Helge Hasselberg conducted all mastering, album artwork was done once again by Julius Dettmer.”