Indie Roundup | 30 Ways To Make Monday Sound Cooler

Start the week off right with Yawning Man, Las Mar, Lucero, Brad Brooks & more.

Yawning Man head for the hills, Las Mar gets cancelled, Lucero race the moon, Brad Brooks is living for the city and more in today’s Indie Roundup. What kind of dipshit eye doctor makes you sit in his waiting room full of seniors for over an hour before he even shows up for work? The kind I went to visit today. I swear to Ozzy that if I get the ’rona off that, I’m going back to lick everyone who works there.


1 | Yawning Man | The Last Summer Eye

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following their memorable live performance in the desert this spring, Yawning Man are set to release their mind-blowing Live At Giant Rock album and DVD this Friday —  but not before they share a second video excerpt with The Last Summer Eye. A longtime dream has been to capture Yawning Man performing in the very environment that so inspired their music. The opportunity arose in 2020, when social distancing forced artists to creatively adapt to alternatives to express themselves musically and visually. Yawning Man’s answer is Live at Giant Rock.”

2 | Las Mar | Life Plans Cancelled

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Eclectic Melbourne musician Nick Martyn has lifted the veil on his LP Don’t Read Everything You Believe, his second album as Las Mar. Releasing an album during a pandemic certainly has its fair share of downfalls, yet amidst the boredom, lethargy and isolation of it all, Las Mar has managed to turn these unprecedented times into something we can all hold on to, in his hilarious song and video treat Life Plans Cancelled (Melbourne Lockdown Song), commemorating 100 days of Melbourne’s lockdown. If you’re in need of a good pick-me-up, this one’s for you.”

3 | Lucero | Outrun The Moon

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Acclaimed rock/alt-country quintet Lucero is gearing up to release When You Found Me on Jan. 29. When You Found Me finds Lucero founder Ben Nichols lyrically ruminating on family, while the band continues to evolve musically after 20 plus years. Opening track Have You Lost Your Way resembles an adult version of Little Red Riding Hood, as Nichols channels the bedtime stories he reads to his daughter. Outrun the Moon continues the third person narrative, as the protagonist is a young girl running away from an uncertain future.”

4 | Brad Brooks | God Save the City

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Last week, Brad Brooks, beloved in the Bay Area as one of its finest vocalists and songwriters, released God Save the City, the most honest and fiery record of his career. While Brooks’ earlier albums begin with a more gentle invitation to the listener, unraveling and revealing themselves slowly in mini-symphonies, God Save The City explodes with Brooks screaming “Come on!!!” and the record never loses that urgency. See (and hear) for yourself on the video for the title track.”

5 | Carly Pearce | Next Girl

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Flattery will get you … nowhere. Carly Pearce amplifies red flags and over-the-top attempts to woo in the music video for Next Girl. Though the message is strong and clear, director Seth Kupersmith showcases an exaggerated version of reality with a little levity. “This video was so fun to make! I feel like most of us have either been on the receiving end of these ridiculous advances or have witnessed them,” confides Carly. “And while I truly hope the lyrics help the ‘next girl’ know that a jerk’s actions are not her fault, I also wanted to mix some of the often experienced pick-up techniques with a little humor. Come on, do these really work?!”

6 | Kino Motel | Waves

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kino Motel is the new project from Ed Fraser and Rosa Mercedes, with a series of upcoming releases labeled grit pop. Recorded in Berlin and Melbourne, debut single Waves features violin, drums and tam-tam from Josefin Runsteen, and percussion from Sebastian Maschat. The Tarantino-inspired action video for Waves is up now.”

7 | Astari Nite | Paint the Stars Tonight

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Miami goth post-punks Astari Nite have released the video for their song Paint the Stars Tonight, off their album Here Lies released in May. The video plays on the heartstrings of an ’80s-’90s underground film aesthetic. It finds vocalist Mychael choosing between which immortal is more superior. Paint the Stars Tonight, highlights a simpler time in life when Dungeons & Dragons, toys, video games, a summer sleepover and most of all finding out that falling in love meant everything.”

8 | MeMe Detroit | Mean Rock N Roller

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Like countless musicians around the world, MeMe Detroit makes music because it’s what she was born to do. Mean Rock n Roller is their most definitely strident release so far. Written initially as an anthem to anyone who feels pressured into conforming to a societal ideal but now becoming a rallying call for musicians of all kinds who are being marginalised, Mean Rock n Roller is pure MeMe Detroit. “Mean Rock N Roller is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek song that we had written as a bit of fun but at the same time says ‘fuck you’ to the limiting beliefs that are pressed on us by society as we grow up. You can basically be, do or have anything you want in life when you put your mind to it, so never settle. It’s pointless.”

9 | Titan To Tachyons | Live At The Sultan Room

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New York avant/instrumental metal trio Titan To Tachyons recently released their debut LP Cactides. In the days surrounding its release, the band gathered to film a live set, which saw them joined in part by Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle and Fantômas. The full performance is now online. Founding guitarist Sally Gates offers. “These songs were chosen to introduce the exploratory and improvisational nature of the band, and also happen to be the most enjoyable and engaging to play live, as they’re never the same each time. We were fortunate enough to have Trevor Dunn join us for the first live performance of Everybody’s Dead, Dave, a four-part structured improv piece, loosely based on Red Dwarf and Dr. Who storylines. The only time this has been played prior was during the album recording sessions.”

10 | Charley Crockett | The Man That Time Forgot

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Country singer Charley Crockett has released the video for his single The Man That Time Forgot, from his latest album Welcome To Hard Times. The video and song take inspiration from old-style country music and western melodies. “I think I wrote The Man That Time Forgot’over the course of a day last fall. Songs about tragedy are country music at its best in my opinion and I really enjoyed putting on one of my show suits and singing this for the camera on stage at Sam’s Town Point. When you feel the worst, that’s when you really gotta smile.”

11 | Elliott Waits For No One | You Can’t See Through Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Elliott Waits For No One share he video for You Can’t See Through Me, the second single from their self-titled album. Tim Roth, director of the video says, “The first time I heard You Can’t See Through Me, I was immediately struck with images of a slow-motion ballet dancer, dancing among ruins. The haunting, evocative cello, the dark vocals, and the beautiful melody, made this a video that I felt could be quite compelling and poignant, and I was eager to take on the project. Unfortunately (or serendipitously), no models were willing to work in-person due to the pandemic. I then turned to resources that I knew I had ready access to: Computer graphics. Actors were replaced with 3D models and landscapes were only limited by what I could find online.”

12 | DüllHaus | Let Me Go

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles’ DüllHaus have released their new single Let Me Go. James Clearwater, vocalist for the band, was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2019. The lyrics in the song depict his thoughts and memories flashing before his eyes as he bounced on the highway after being hit by a semi. James goes into more detail: “We recorded this song during the beginning of the lockdown/quarantine period in early 2020, and were really just trying to channel the anxiety and frustration we were feeling as a result of profoundly isolating circumstances. When filming the music video, we decided upon a monochromatic color palette as the most natural method of exploring the darkness we were feeling, and washed the whole sequence in deep shadows to achieve it.”

13 | Within The Ruins | Black Heart

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Progressive deathcore faction Within The Ruins unleash their video for Black Heart. The punishing track comes by way of the band’s impending full-length of the same name, set for release on Nov. 27. Black Heart serves as the second single and incorporates some relatively unfamiliar territory for the band: Clean singing. Says vocalist Steve Tinnon: “It’s a very angry, personal song, and a lot of the tracks stem from what it’s about. It’s an important track in regards to the overall theme of the record.”

14 | Dan Owen | Radio Tower

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Shrewsbury singer-songwriter Dan Owen has never been one to conceal his feelings, actively normalising men’s mental wellbeing alongside healthy thought expression through his songs and beyond. Now, he exhibits the urgency of this in a powerful acoustic ballad titled Radio Tower. Overlooking the beautiful English countryside, Dan Owen’s visuals show him on his car with a stripped back instrumental, but a contrasting powerful voice that follows alongside.”

15 | These New Puritans | We Want War [Drums]

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:These New Puritans will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their album Hidden with Hidden [MMXX], out Dec. 4. This reissue of the original album in its full glory is accompanied by new and unreleased material from the sessions alongside live recordings from the era. These New Puritans share We Want War [Drums], a digitally exclusive version of the original track. We Want War remains one of the most startling tracks to be released as a single in this millennium — a sound like swarms of invading, metallic wasps, robotic voices intoning, the martial rattle of layers of drums, Jack Barnett’s vocals an incantation.”

16 | Gramn. | Minimum

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “One of the most interesting and creative acts coming out of London right now, Gramn. keep the momentum going by unveiling Minimum, the title track from their forthcoming EP. With an incredible video influenced by Missy Elliott, where lead singer Aux has designed and created all the looks herself, this is a wonderfully off the wall production. Aux states: “This is a song about the hustle — starting out in the music game is hard work and the struggle is real. Artists who survive the game rightfully celebrate their success … but right now I’m running on minimum capacity. Thing is I’ve still got myself respect. My voice is all I have, so your gonna have to pay me, cause I’ve got a minimum rate.”

17 | USS | Happy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After more than a decade of creating music together, Toronto’s USS will release their final studio project Einsteins of Consciousness on Jan. 8. It includes Happy, the soundtrack to the band’s most nostalgic video to date. “Looking back, it’s insane to think that the two of us were able to see the world and make a living doing what we love to do, and on our own terms no less! Seeing the number of bands that have come and gone throughout our time together, we’re incredibly humbled by the support that all of our fans and friends have given us for many, many years.”

18 | Gilby Clarke | Tightwad (ft. Nikki Sixx, Stephen Perkins)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tightwad is the latest single from Gilby Clarke, and the followup to his recent singles The Gospel Truth and Rock n’ Roll Is Getting Louder. Tightwad features Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx on bass and Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction) on drums. “This song was written around a guitar riff I discovered while trying out a new fuzz pedal. Lyrically I was inspired by deceit, treachery and the creative extremes people will go through to get ahead. I tried to get my message through with humor, but sometimes the truth hurts.”

19 | Dave Jakes | Been In My Dream

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dave Jakes, former lead singer with beloved alt-rock heroes Lonely The Brave, will release his self-titled debut mini-album on Dec. 11, following first single Been In My Dream. It arrives with more of a soft-focus than his previous work, stamping a sound that moves on from his past but with all the previous melodic intensity intact. Been In My Dream is a song about longing. It conjures a story of finding connection through a reality different to that of the one in front our eyes, and brings with it the familiar sensation of shapes from dreams that continue to linger in the half-light once we’re awake.”

20 | Live Skull | Adema

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Blast from the past! The second single from the upcoming Live Skull album is out today. Check out Adema from the 1989 Peel Session with Thalia Zedek, released here for the first time. Emerging in the early ’80s at the end of New York’s legendary No Wave scene alongside Manhattan comrades Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull reshaped the aggression of burned-out post-punk into heavy, guitar-driven rock. This new release showcases their evolution, with Side 1 featuring recently recorded tracks, whilst Side 2 digs into the archives and includes four tracks from their Peel Session.”

21 | Little Snake & Amon Tobin | Loophole

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In what Calgary’s Little Snake describes as “truly a full circle moment,” his collaboration with the visionary Brazilian electronic composer Amon Tobin Loophole has arrived. Says Little Snake (real name Gino Serpentini): “Loophole, to me, is the embodiment of a portal in which transfiguration occurs. A transfiguration in which we return to a heartspace beyond all delusions within this 3D hologram and return to a state of peace in which we truly know. We know and embody truth beyond our physical minds comprehension and temporary emotions. It takes us to a place where fear and love no longer hold any power and control over us, and instead brings us to a place of complete freedom to truly exist.”

22 | The Paranoyds | Pet Cemetery

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As the world continues to literally burn, The Paranoyds return with a much-needed dose of musical levity. It’s been nearly a year since the L.A. outfit released Carnage Bargain, their debut full-length, and this new release is a total embodiment of their every influence. Their identity — a band fueled by campy horror movies and garage rock — is more evident than ever on Pet Cemetery. Featuring the sounds of off-kilter keys alongside a chugging guitar line, and expansive experiments, Pet Cemetery has become a staple of the band’s live performances, resulting in a sea of zombie-fied headbang every time it’s played.”

23 | Brittany Bexton | Kissin’ Fear Goodbye

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville singer-songwriter and author Brittany Bexton just released her inspirational, empowering single Kissin’ Fear Goodbye. As someone who has faced PTSD and bouts of crippling fear, Bexton offers a sparkling, roots-tinged glimmer of hope for others who may be experiencing similar struggles. Confronting the fear she had dealt with for so long, she encourages her listeners to do the same and to take back power over their lives by choosing freedom.”

24 | Megan Nash | Artifact

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With her 2017 album Seeker, Saskatchewan’s Megan Nash established herself as an artist with a singular vision. Mining loss, heartache, grief, dreams, and desire over lush soundscapes, she revealed herself as the titular seeker — someone with a suitcase they never really empty, whose reach always exceeds their grasp. Her new song Artifact is “about discovering fragments of your former life; a letter from a past lover, a photograph from a perfect day, and how that discovery can be a punch in the stomach. It draws the comparison of your own world and your relationships with the environment and the climate crisis; reminding the listener of when something you love gets neglected, it can fall apart right in front of you.”

25 | Pete | The Ghost Goes Boo

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Thriller, the Monster Mash, The Ghost Goes Boo — add it to the list of classics. Drawing influence from Halloween hard hitters like Michael Jackson and Ray Parker Jr, Pete’s Halloween single is a spooktastic celebration! This new repeat ticks all the creepy boxes on the way down: Organ, theremin, werewolves, and a legend of old.”

26 | New Age Doom | Acoustolectric Invocation

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from rain-soaked concrete forests of Vancouver, experimental drone metal band New Age Doom create a unique vision of extreme music. They are set to release their sophomore album, Himalayan Dream Techno, this winter. It was an open-ended, organic and intuitive process between collaborators; one without plans or discussions. The resulting record, dense with rolling percussion, lush synths and tube amplifier feedback, is a sonic dreamscape that bursts with serenity and chaos in equal measure.”

27 | Real(s) | Sleezer

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Real(s) provide the soundtrack to the chaos of the early 21st century’s struggles. The band’s formation was inspired by the writings of Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism. This book is at the heart of the band’s identity. Readings are delivered at live shows, where Real(s) take over stages with a revolutionary fever. Our age of climate change, global social economic political upheavals ring out in the frequencies that Real(s) evoke. Their debut album D.S.L.B. (Deep Song Love Bomb) is out Nov. 3. Start with their song Sleezer.”

28 | Mustard Gas & Roses | Shadows

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Mustard Gas & Roses, most widely known as M.G.R., will release the EP We Are One in November. M.G.R. is the cinematic project helmed by Michael Gallagher, formerly of ISIS, Cast Iron Hike and more. Once a largely solo/instrumental project, the project has bloomed over recent years to incorporate a wide range of collaborators. We Are One will showcase some of its most expansive material yet.”

29 | Sens Deep | Nebuvital

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Sens Dep (Sensory Deprivation) are a band that create textured noise, ambient and shoegaze. These sonic ruminations that explore ideas of control, restraint and abandon in equal measure. Formed in 2009 as a side project for Melbourne band Laura, the group’s debut album Lush Desolation will be released on Nov. 30. Today the trio release Nebuvital, which should appeal to all shoegazers and post-rockers out there! It features bass loaded with vibrating tin and guitars pealing in the roof. A story of relieved tension from final days of barbiturate therapy…”

30 | Griffin Kenna | Running Out of Time

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Griffin Kenna is a songwriter and bedroom-pop producer based in Chicago, where he makes vulnerable dark songs about love, growth and dreams. While most of his material is about the latter, Griffin has begun to explore the light and dark fringes of his life and the music industry including drug use and spirituality. In May 2020 he started releasing a new song every month, which he plans to continue through to 2021. His new single Running Out of Time showcases his natural songwriting and performing ability while bringing his unique perspective to a whole new level.”

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