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Download Four Massive Hold Steady Live Recordings For Free

Check out a quartet of shows from Craig Finn & his Brooklyn bandmates.

The Hold Steady
Live in Chicago 6-15-17
Live in Chicago 6-16-17
Live in Philadelphia 7-26-18
Live in Philadelphia 7-27-18

Craig Finn and his Brooklyn bandmates in The Hold Steady were feeling particularly generous a few weeks back: They posted not one, not two, but four live recordings to their Bandcamp camp. And they’re all downloadable for whatever you want to pay — including nothing. Two of the shows date back to Chicago in 2017, while the other pair were recorded this summer in Philadelphia. For my money, the essentials are the first night in Philly and the second night in Chicago (which includes a seat-of-the-pants cover of Cheap Trick’s Southern Girls with the help of Kelly Hogan and Jason Narducy). But since all the set lists are somewhat different, your mileage may vary based on your personal faves. Suffice to say they were all massive nights. And cheap at twice the price. Check them all out below.

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