Shane Cloutier Has Trouble Catching Up In New Single & Video

The introspective folk-rocker shares another preview of his forthcoming full-length.

Shane Cloutier stuggles with some emotional baggage in his new single and video Catching Up — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“This song is one that many, if not all, people can relate to,” the Ontario folk-rocker says. “The human element of emotion can be both tragic and beautiful, and I believe that even the darker side of it can sometimes bring out the best of who we are if we fight hard enough. Catching Up is an expression of trying to move on in life but having emotional baggage weighing me down. It’s hard to keep up when certain shades of sunlight and certain smells in the air pull me back into my past. I wrote Catching Up in one day — mostly because I compulsively felt I needed to finish it. It also came together naturally; I could feel in my gut when I had the right chord.”

A followup to Rain Check, Catching Up is the latest preview to Cloutier’s forthcoming album, one that promises to further embody the artist’s emotive voice and unique approach — complete with signature heavy metal influence, a sojourn into programmed beats, and a nod to collaborations with award-winning blues drummer Tom Bona and legendary guitarist Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush.

“I wasn’t planning on recording again this soon,” says Cloutier, whose Red Wagon album arrived just last year. “But everything came out more naturally because I didn’t have time to overthink anything. Everything felt very organic. The material for it feels really good to me. I am in a great place in my life and, because of this, I was able to branch out lyrically to more topics and feelings that are important to me. I feel the isolation we have all been in has really pulled some different topics and feelings out.”

Watch Catching Up above, read Shane Cloutier’s 20 Questions interview HERE, check out more of his music below, and keep up with him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.