Mikalyn Admits: You Were Never Mine

The rising Guelph alt-popster takes a sultry, sorrowful turn on her latest single.

Mikalyn knows she has to let love go in her new single and lyric video Never Mine — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Well-known for her haunting, soulful vocal delivery on uptempo collaborations with EDM artists such as Machine Drivers, Öwnboss & Zerky and Röde, Mikalyn slows things down with Never Mine for a sultry, sorrowful track that sheds light on the modern dating world and the struggles that accompany it. It’s another bold move away from her EDM roots, continuing a trend she started with her 2022 single Ready to Love You.

“This song is especially relevant to those who find themselves in situation-ships, sneaky-link or friends with benefits situations,” says Mikalyn, “and to those who lay in bed at night creating false scenarios that they are trying to wish into existence.”

Co-written and produced by her long-time friend and collaborator Chris Grey, Mikalyn says the song had two main inspirations. Having released a number of songs and EPs since 2017, Mikalyn is already a veteran of the music industry at just 20 years old. But like many at her age, the Guelph resident has spent the last few years as a university student. “It’s about real life as a university student,” Mikalyn says of the new song. “Where people come in and out of your life quite a bit, and there’s always the fantasy that it could be something more.”

She also points to the show Twenty Somethings: Austin, during which two people, Abbey and Kamari, developed a “thing” while each insisted they didn’t want a relationship. As the show progressed, though, Abbey became upset when Kamari would shower attention onto other women. “Chris and I watched the whole season over a week,” recalls Mikalyn, “and we stopped halfway through to write Never Mine as their relationship reached its climax. It’s about the struggles of being a romantic with an active imagination, the acceptance that maybe having a bit of someone for a moment in time is enough.”

On Never Mine, Mikalyn comes across at the same time as both a young, fresh artist and a world-weary old soul. At times she can remind one of a young Beth Orton or Tracey Thorn. Her mature, confident and haunting voice belies her young age, but that’s been true of Mikalyn since she first started posting piano-and-vocal versions of songs by Norah Jones, Hozier and Amy Winehouse on YouTube eight years ago.

Never Mine is the first single off an upcoming EP set to be released in late 2023. Mikalyn says the collection will follow the trials and tribulations that she has found in her complex relationships (both friendship and romantic), while coming into herself and out of a long-term relationship over the last few years. Expect more tracks from the EP to drop over the coming months.

Check out the lyric video for Never Mine above, sample more sounds from Mikalyn below and find her on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.