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Next Week in Music | Sept. 28 – Oct. 4 • The Long List: 560 Releases On The Way

All the new music headed your way in the coming days — and then some!

Need to flesh out your vinyl collection of classic Christmas albums? You’re in luck: There’s a slew of reissues arriving this week — along with another 550 non-holiday albums, EPs, singles, anthologies, box sets and vinyl reissues. Dig in:



Acceptance | Wild, Free
Acid Coco | Mucho Gusto
Adenine | Adenine
Aldious | Evoke2 2010-2020
Aix Em Klemm | Aix Em Klemm Vinyl
Alabama | Alabama Christmas Vinyl
The Alchemist | A Doctor, A Painter & An Alchemist Walk Into A Bar
Aliensdontringdoorbells | Arrival
Allblack | No Shame
Jake Allen | Affirmation Day
Luther Allison | Bad Love Vinyl
Luther Allison | Blue Streak Vinyl
Luther Allison | Life Is A Bitch Vinyl
Luther Allison | Montreux 1976 Vinyl
Luther Allison | Live 89 Let’s Try It Again Vinyl
Luther Allison | Reckless Vinyl
Luther Allison | Hand Me Down My Moonshine Vinyl
Allman Brothers Band | Seven Turns Vinyl
All Souls | Songs for the End of the World
All Things Blue | Get Bit
Herb Alpert | Herb Alpert Is …
Amaranthe | Manifest
Amiensus | Abreaction
Amirali & Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich | Sokoot EP
Ingrid Andress | Lady Like Deluxe
Carach Angren | Death Came Through A Phantom Ship Vinyl
Anohni | It’s All Over Now Baby Blue / Be My Husband Vinyl
Anonymus | La Bestia Vinyl
Appleseed Cast | Mare Vitalis Vinyl
Marino Arcaro, Vitor Noah & Audentia Ensemble | Concerto for Apinayé for Guitar and Orchestra
Archaeas | Archaeas Vinyl
Daniela Andrade | Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same EP
Angry Blackman | Headshots!
Anne Malin | Waiting Song
Arch Echo | Story I EP
Arena | The Theory of Molecular Inheritance
Giardino Armonico II | Musica Barocca | Baroque Masterpieces Vinyl
Jon Armstrong | Reabsorb
Ascian | Elysion
Badi Assad | Around The World
Louise Attaque | Comme On A Dit Vinyl
Luna Aura | Three Cheers For The American Beauty EP
Gene Autry | Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer And Other Christmas Classics Vinyl
Aidan Baker | There/Not There
Baldych / Courtois / Telderman | Clouds Vinyl
Bangers Only | Bangers Only Vol. 1
Bangles | Gold
Bobby Bare | Sings Shel Silverstein Plus
Batmobile | Big Bat: Their Classic Hits With Horns Added! Vinyl
Battery Operated Orchestra | Yesterday Tomorrow and You
Kristen Beckwith | A True Story
Charles Bernstein | Cujo Soundtrack Vinyl
Leonard Bernstein | West Side Story Vinyl
Birdsall | Hot Money EP
Birdspotter | Gusty
Elsa Birgitta Bekman | Once In My Life
Aloe Blacc | All Love Everything
Black Capricorn | Solstice EP
Blackfield | For The Music
Black Mekon | The Lumpiness Of Demand
Black Nite Crash | Colony Drive EP
Blackpink | The Album
The Black Sheep | Flavor Of The Month Vinyl
Bliss Of Flesh | Tyrant
Blot | Howl From The North Vinyl
The Blu Mantic | Sanctuary
Bon Jovi | 2020
Born Ruffians | Squeeze
Bound | Haunts
The Whit Boyd Combo | Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) Soundtrack
The Whit Boyd Combo | Party Girls Soundtrack
Boys Noize | Mvinline Vinyl
Brave The Cold | Scarcity
Jonathan Bree | After the Curtains Close
Lincoln Brewster | Perfect Love
Briqueville | Quelle
Broxson | Good Grief EP
Rassy Bugatti | Million Dollar Fugitive
Bürner | Baptized in Gasoline
BusCrates | Blasting Off
Bushwacka | Listen Up! Vol. 2 Vinyl
Byland | Gray
Melanie C | Melanie C
Calcutta | Mainstream (Yellow vinyl) Vinyl
J.J. Cale | Travel-Log Vinyl
Calibro 35 | Calibro 35 Deluxe Edition
Calibro 35 | Ogni Riferimento A Persone Esistenti O A Fatti Realmente Accaduti È Puramente Casuale Deluxe Edition
Calibro 35 | Ritornano Quelli Di… Deluxe Edition
Camína | Te Quiero Mucho
Camphor | Here Where the Light Falls
Joseph Capriati | Metamorfosi Vinyl
Mariah Carey | The Rarities
Cargo Cults | Nihilist Millennial
John Carpenter | Escape From New York Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
John Carpenter | The Fog Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Cartalk | Pass Like Pollen
Kenny Carter | Showdown: The Complete 1966 RCA Recordings
Carys | To Anyone Like Me EP
Ray Cashman | Palmetto & Pine
Catalan! | Veritas Vinyl
Caved Mountains | Endless Myths
The Chain Gang Of 1974 | Honey Moon Drips Vinyl
Stanley Clarke | School Days Vinyl
Anna Clendening | Evolve EP
Brent Cobb | Keep ‘Em on They Toes
Sander Cohen | Channeling Hank
Gareth Coker | Ori & The Blind Forest Vinyl
Gareth Coker | Ori & The Will Of The Wisps Vinyl
Ornette Coleman | The Empty Foxhole Vinyl
Coletivo 91 | Lentidões Amazônicas
Perry Como | Season’s Greetings From Perry Como Vinyl
The Contents Are | Live Davenport Iowa 1968 Vinyl
Joachim Cooder | Over That Road I’m Bound
Sam Cooke | Mr. Soul Vinyl
Copyright / Song Williamson | He Is Vinyl
The Cosmic Rabbit Holes | The World Is Drugs
Cosmic Reef Temple / Shrinkwrap Killers | Split EP
Cosmo’s Midnight | Yesteryear
Coven | Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls (Vinyl Reissue)
Crass | Crassical Collection: Best Before 1984
Crass | Crassical Collection: Christ – The Album
Crass | Crassical Collection: Feeding Of The Five Thousand
Crass | Crassical Collection: Penis Envy
Crass | Crassical Collection: Stations Of The Crass
Crass | Crassical Collection: Ten Notes On A Summer’s Day
Crass | Crassical Collection: Yes Sir, I Will
Savannah Cristina | Self Care EP
Cryptworm | Reeking Gunk Of Abhorrence Vinyl
Cypress Hill | Insane In The Brain Vinyl
Daam! | Autopilot EP
Dagny | Strangers/Lovers
Marie Davidson | Renegade Breakdown Vinyl
Dawes | Good Luck With Whatever
Death Valley Girls | Under The Spell Of Joy
Matthew De Gennaro | Laughing Lost In The Underground Vinyl
Keno & Tristan De Liege | Transatlantyk
Lana Del Rey | Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass (Spoken Word)
Deryk | Womb EP
Devilfire | Black Soul Vendetta Vinyl
Manu Dibango | Gone Clear Vinyl
Dirty Audio | Inferno
Disclosure | Energy Deluxe
Disordered Rhythm Metronomy | Down Vinyl
Fats Domino | 50s Jukebox Hits Vol. 2 Vinyl
Kris Drever | Where The World Is Thin
Early Humans | A Wave
Eartheater | Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin
Easy Life | Who Gives A F**K Vinyl
Clancy Eccles | Freedom Vinyl
Dave Edmunds | 5 Originals
Stephan Eicher | Engelberg Vinyl
Elder Brother | I Won’t Fade On You
eleven7four | What’s The 1174? (Side 1)
Ellefson | No Cover
Enslaved | Utgard
Estraden | Mellan Hägg Och Syrén
Etai | Cheff Bless
Dmitry Evgrafov | Surrender Vinyl
Ex Norwegian | And I, Lover / Your Own Swing Vinyl
Exos | Indigo Vinyl
Niccolò Fabi | La Cura Del Tempo Vinyl
Niccolo Fabi | Novo Mesto Vinyl
Faithless | All Blessed
Giuseppe Falivene | Pacific Blue
Andrew Farriss | Love Makes The World EP
Mylene Farmer | Singles 1995-1997 Vinyl
Fat Tony | Exotica
Fatwires | The Wicked Path
Maria Faust / Sacrum Facere | Organ Vinyl
Laura Fernandez | Okay, Alright
Mikey Ferrari | Spaceboy EP
Leo Ferre | Amour Anarchie Vol 1 Vinyl
Ferris & Sylvester | I Should Be On A Train EP
Field Medic | Floral Prince
Fiesta Soundsystem | Rites Of Passage
J Fisher | TheJeremyFisher
Fitz And The Tantrums | Live In Chicago
Ella Fitzgerald | The Lost Berlin Tapes
Flara K | Anxious, Irrational, Fashionable
Fleetburner | Fleetburner Vinyl
Kele Fleming | The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life
Floodlights | From A View Vinyl
FLVZ | Butterflies
Fly The Nest | Wild Ride
Foliage | Foliage
45 Grave | Sleep in Safety Vinyl Reissue
49 Winchester | III
Foxxxy Mulder | #312371
Frankie and the Witch Fingers | Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters…
Kirk Franklin | Christmas Vinyl
Freund Der Familie | Alfa Remixes 03 1 Vinyl
Friendships | Fishtank
From Ashes To New | Panic Vinyl
Camila Fuchs | Kids Talk Sun
Rhys Fulber | Resolve EP
Funky DL | Twenty
Fruit Bats | The Glory of Fruit Bats Reissue
Kenny G | Miracles: The Holiday Album Vinyl
Galya | Aralkum Vinyl
The Gamblers | Small World Vinyl
Pascal Gamboni | Arva La Mar (Best of 2007-2020)
Madame Gandhi | Young Indian Reimagined
Gabriel Garzón-Montano | Agüita
Ghost Cult | Nostrum
Gift Of Dreams | Mandroid Vinyl
Dylan Gilbert | I’ll Be the Lakebed
Jess Gillam | Time Vinyl
Tyree Glenn Jr. | Superbad: The Best Of Tyree Glenn Jr. Vinyl
Glok | The Citadel EP
Gold Hick | Formed at
Goldminds | Signals
Go Team | Cookie Scene Vinyl
Gotthard | Steve Lee – The Eyes Of A Tiger: In Memory Of Our Unforgotten Friend!
Alex Gough | Forever Classic
Ben Granfelt | True Colours Vinyl
J. Graves | Deathbed
Max Greening | Draft In Spring
Groove Armada | Edge Of The Horizon
Groovie Goolies | Groovie Goolies
Growing | The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light Expanded
Iwan Gronow | Out On a Limb EP
The Growth Eternal | Bass Tone Paintings
Steve Hackett | Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings Vinyl
Noah Haidu | Doctone
Drew Haley | Wildflower EP
Harmonize | Warrior in the Night
Clay Harper | Dirty Yard Street
Jesse Harris | Everlasting Day Vinyl
PJ Harvey | Dance Hall at Louse Point Vinyl
Healthy Junkies | Forever On The Road
Heilung | Futha Vinyl
Heilung | Lifa: Live At Castlefest Vinyl
Heilung | Ofnir Vinyl
Hello Forever | Whatever It Is
Ella Henderson & Roger Sanchez | Dream on Me
Jack Henderson | Where’s The Revolution
Amanda Holden | Songs From My Heart
Tom Holkenborg | Mad Max: Fury Road Vinyl
The Holy | Mono Freedom
Hoops | Halo
Lightnin’ Hopkins | Free Form Patterns Vinyl
Dan Horne | The Motorycycle Song EP
Horrid Red | Radiant Life Vinyl
Horse Meat Disco | Love & Dancing
Hot Chip | Late Night Tales Mix
House Of Lords | Demons Down Vinyl
Hugar | The Vasulka Effect: Music for the Motion Picture
Humble Pie | Winterland 1973 Vinyl
The Hunna | I’d Rather Die Than Let You In
Husky | Go Don’t Stop
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer | Self-Defence
Illenium | Nightlight (The Remixes Vol. 2)
Incentive | Presence
Infinity Song | Mad Love EP
Intoxicados | Otro Día en el Planeta Tierra Remasterizado
Iron Angel | Emerald Eyes
Isengard | Vårjevndøgn
Isola | EP 1
Dewey Ivy | Water Tower
Thunder Jackson | Thunder Jackson
The Jaded Hearts Club Band | You’ve Always Been Here
Kassel Jaeger | Meith
Loraine James | Nothing EP
Jeff The Brotherhood | Gremlins Vol. 1 Vinyl
Denise Johnson | Where Does It Go
Robert Johnson | King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vinyl
Jonathan Something | Cannibal House Rules Vinyl
Lucie Jones | Live at the Adelphi
Jonsi | Shiver
Jerry Joseph | The Beautiful Madness Vinyl
Jr Jr | Swish EP
Kalpee | Feel Good Playlist Vol 1 EP
Kelsy Karter | Missing Person
Katerine | Robots Apres Tout Vinyl
Haino Keiji & The Observatory | Authority Is Alive
Kilter | Axiom
King Mothership | The Ritual
Hus Kingpin | The Hidden Painting
King’s College Choir Cambridge | Handel: Messiah Vinyl
John Kolodij | First Fire • At Dawn
Mary Komasa | Disarm Vinyl
Kouatchou | My Teacher/Change
Kraan | Sandglass
Krallice / Geryon | Wolf/Astomatous Vinyl
Ben Kunder | Searching For the Stranger
Luka Kuplowsky | Stardust
Lagoss | Imaginary Island Music Vol. 1: Canary Islands Vinyl
Patricia Lalor | Covers EP1
Dawn Landes | ROW
Lany | Mama’s Boy
Lars and the Magic | Everything Looks Good From Here
Last Giant | Let The End Begin
Bernard Lavilliers | Nuit D’amour Vinyl
Shy Layers | Enter At the Edges EP
Damian Lazarus | Flourish Vinyl
Lazerbreak | Penelope
Maxime Le Forestier | Mon Frere Vinyl
Legowelt | Unconditional Contours
Lilbootycall | 23 EP
Lil Loaded | A Demon in 6lue
Lucia Lip | God EP
Dua Lipa | Levitating
Brian Lisik | Gudbye Stoopid Whirled
Cher Lloyd | One Drink Away
The Locust | The Plaintive Vinyl
Logh | A Sunset Panorama Vinyl
Logic1000 | Perfume / Blossom Vinyl
London Music Works | The Essential Games Music Collection Vol. 1 Vinyl
Dyble Longdon | Between A Breath & A Breath Vinyl
Lost in Society | Love And War EP
Jaime Lozano | Jaime Lozano & The Familia: Songs By An Immigrant
Love | Out Of Here Vinyl
Love Regenerator | Live Without Your Love Vinyl
Lynch Mob | Evil: Live Vinyl
Mike Maimone | Borrowed Tunes Vol. 1
Anne Malin | Waiting Song
Misha Mansoor | Archives Volume 1
Mantis and the Prayer | Murder Ballad and the Blue EP
Laura Marano | You
Note Marcato | BeachBum Limbo
Marenna-Meister | Out Of Reach
Eve Maret | Stars Aligned Vinyl
Daja Marie | Daja Marie EP
Mario | Mars
Dean Martin | The Dean Martin Christmas Album Vinyl
Masterpiece Machine | Rotting Fruit / Letting You In On A Secret Vinyl
Math The Band | Flange Factory Five
Johnny Mathis | Merry Christmas Vinyl
Angie McMahon | Piano Salt EP
The Mercy Kills | X EP
Methodica | Clockworks
Milk TV | Good Food For Mean Kids
Mina | The Queen of Italian Pop: Classic Ri-Fi Recordings 1963-1967
Eddy Mitchell | Best Of: Les Annees 80 Vinyl
Los Mocosos | All Grown Up
Model Home | SE
Monsterworks | Malignment
Montenko | Montenko EP
Ennio Morricone | Viaggio Con Anita Vinyl
Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers | American Reckoning
Bob Mould | Distortion: 1989-2019
Rachel Musson, Pat Thomas, Mark Sanders | Shifa Live in Oslo
Mxmtoon | Dusk EP
Nachtblut | Vanitas
Napalm Death | Utilitarian Vinyl
The Nasty | Menace Vinyl
Anaal Nathrakh | Endarkenment
Nehoda | But Anyways…
New Order | Blue Monday Vinyl
New Order | Confusion Vinyl
New Order | Murder Vinyl
New Order | Power, Corruption & Lies Deluxe Edition
New Order | Thieves Like Us (2020 remaster) Vinyl
The Next Great American Novelist | Careless Moon
Nickelback | All The Right Reasons 15th Anniversary Special Edition
Nightmare | Aeternam
Nightmares On Wax | Smokers Delight: Sonic Buds Vinyl
Niniola | Colours and Sounds
Nix | Sausage Studio Sessions Vinyl
NRBQ | In • Frequencies
The Nude Party | Midnight Manor
Oasis | (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? 25th Anniversary Edition
Office Romance | Holidays of Love
Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon | 75th & Amsterdam (Side A)
OG 3Three Never Broke Again | The Appetizer
Optic Sink | Optic Sink
Order of the Toad | Re-Order of the Toad
Pat O’Reilly | Two Perpetual Melodies
La Oreja De Van Gogh | Un Susurro En La Tormenta Vinyl
Our Man In The Field | Company Of Strangers Vinyl
Overland | Scandalous Vinyl
Ovrfwrd | StarStuff
Owen Meany’s Batting Stance | Feather Weights
Palehorse / Palerider | Legends Of The Desert: Volume 1 Vinyl
Pan Amsterdam | Ha Chu
Jon Pardi | Heartache Medication Deluxe Edition
Dolly Parton | A Holly Dolly Christmas
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers | Once Upon A Christmas Vinyl
Pastel Palettes | Yumeyume Gradation
PaulStar | Find Myself
Peach Pit | You and Your Friends Deluxe
Nathy Peluso | Calambre
Elvis Perkins | Creation Myths
Perpacity | Conflagration
Peter Peter | Super Comedie Vinyl
Pet Shimmers | Trash Eaters
Philosopher | Rhizome
Phuture | Rise From Your Grave Vinyl
The Pilgrim | …From The Earth To The Sky And Back
Pilot To Gunner | Games At High Speeds Vinyl
Robert Plant | Digging Deep: Subterranea
Plastic | New Hands
DJ Plead | Going For It EP
Poison | Open Up And Say Ahh Vinyl
Polymorphie | Claire Vénus
Pool Holograph | Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat
Positive K | I Got A Man Vinyl
Pottery | Welcome To Bobby’s Motel Vinyl
Powell | Flash Across The Intervals Vinyl
Elvis Presley | The Classic Christmas Album Vinyl
Prince Fatty / Shniece Mcmenamin | Black Rabbit Vinyl
Protagonists | 1983-1985 Vinyl
Protokult | Transcending The Ruins
Pymlico | On This Day
Nils Quak / Flamingo Creatures | Nils Quak / Flamingo Creatures
Queen + Adam Lambert | Live Around the World
Quicksilver Messenger Service | Happy Trails Vinyl
Rapt | None Of This Will Matter
Rascal Flatts | 20 Years Of Rascal Flatts: The Greatest Hits
Ashley Ray | Pauline Vinyl
La Récré | Ne Penser À Rien EP
Ailbhe Reddy | Personal History
ReMission International | TOS2020
Graham Reynolds | The Lodger
Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog | What I Did On My Long ‘Vacation’ EP
Rilo Kiley | Rilo Kiley EP Reissue
Carlos Rivera | Sessions Recorded At Abbey Road: En Vivo Vinyl
Porter Robinson | Nurture
Robot | Wedding Address Vinyl
Rodrigo y Gabriela | Mettavolution Live
Daniel Rodriguez | Sojourn Of A Burning Sun Vinyl
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Disney Goes Classical
Rush | Icon Vinyl
Saltatio Mortis | Für Immer Frei
Angelica Sanchez & Marilyn Crispell | How To Turn The Moon
Sarcoptes | Plague Hymns
Sarnadas | The Hum
Sa-Roc | The Sharecropper’s Daughter
Sean Nicholas Savage | Life Is Crazy
Farmer Dave Scher | Speak of Love EP
Scherzoo | 05
Scintii | Times New Roman EP
Scorpions | Wind of Change: The Iconic Song
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding | Live at The Tote
The Self-Escape | Polarize Pt. 2 EP
R.E. Seraphin | A Room Forever EP
Shamir | Shamir
John Lee Shannon | In & Of
William Shatner | The Blues
Denise Sherwood | This Road
Shibalba | Necrologiae Sinistrae
Short-Haired Domestic | Short-Haired Domestic
Shutups | 5 EP
Shy Layers | Enter At the Edges EP
Siiga | Gemini Rising
Silver Synthetic | Out Of The Darkness EP
Six Feet Under | Nightmares of the Decomposed
Skyless Aeons | Drain the Sun
Skyzoo | Milestones Vinyl
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | The Mosaic of Transformation Remixes
Chris Smither | More From the Levee
Smoke DZA | Homegrown
Sofheso | Record Vinyl
Softee | Keep On
Soft People | Absolute Boys
Juan María Solare | I’m Not the Only One
Souls Of Mischief | 93 ‘Til Infinity Vinyl
Idrissa Soumaoro Et L’eclipse De L’ija | Nissodia Vinyl
Phil Spector | A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector Vinyl
Spectrum Of Delusion | Neoconception Vinyl
Spiteful Bum | Eastern Racer
Spunsugar | Drive-Through Chapel
Starlite Campbell Band | The Language of Curiosity
Status Quo | Spare Parts Vinyl
Steiger | Brick Smoke Basement
Juanita Stein | Snapshots
Stiletto Feels | Push Back
S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death | United Forces Vinyl
Bartees Strange | Live Forever
Succopuss | Zuckerguss Vinyl
Suede | Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992-2018
Sumac | May You Be Held
Sun Ra | A Fireside Chat With Lucifer
Surgeon | Europa Code
Tallah | Matriphagy
Tapeworms | Funtastic Vinyl
Annie Taylor | Sweet Mortality Vinyl
Corey Taylor | CMFT
Teenanger | Good Time
Teen Daze | Reality Refresh 3
Tempesst | Must Be A Dream
Terea | Terea Vinyl
Terror | Keepers of the Faith 10th Anniversary Reissue
Theo | Figureheads
13th Floor Elevators | Easter Everywhere Vinyl
13th Floor Elevators | You’re Gonna Miss Me Vinyl
Ward Thomas | Invitation
Thomie | Stroll Along
Hayley Thompson-King | Sororicide
Duval Timothy | Brown Loop Reissue
Toadeater | Bit to Ewigen Daoegen
Rian Treanor | File Under UK Metaplasm
Tricarico | Io Sono Francesco 20th Anniversario Vinyl
Trident | North
Shania Twain | The Woman in Me: Diamond Edition
27 Club | Sticks & Stones
TyFontaine | We Ain’t The Same
Tygers Of Pan Tang | Ambush Vinyl
Ultramarine | Folk
Understand | Burning Bushes & Burning Bridges Vinyl
Use Möre Gas | X SingleVarious Artists | Disney Goes Classical
Uxb | Westworld Crisis Vinyl
V | Image Of A Nation
Vale Lambo | Come Il Mare Vinyl
Various Artists | And She Could Be Next
Various Artists | Compilation of Love
Various Artists | Full Pupp 15 Years Part 1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Hot Sauce Vol 1 Vinyl
Various Artists | If I Have To Wreck L.A.: Kent & Modern Records Blues Into The 60s Vol. 2
Various Artists | Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Sleeping Village Caravan of Doom Vol. 1
Various Artists | Spiritual Jazz Vol. XII: Impulse Vinyl
Various Artists | Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | We Are Who We Are Soundtrack
Various Artists / Devonte Hynes | We Are Who We Are Score
Kurt Vile | Speed, Sound, Lonely KV EP
Andreas Vollenweider | Quiet Places
Anne Waldman | Sciamachy Vinyl
Walt Disco | Young Hard & Handsome
Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 | An Improvisation Through Space and Time 穿越时光的即兴
Wannadies | Before & After Vinyl
Roger Waters | Us + Them Live
We Bare Bears | We Bare Bears Soundtrack
Wee Cherubs | The Merry Makers Vinyl
Julia Werup / Trioblachman Aman Lundeqvist | Thrill Of Loving You Vinyl
We Stood Like Kings | Classical Re:Works
Kody West | Overgrown Vinyl
Westside Gunn | Who Made the Sunshine
Bonnie Whitmore | Last Will & Testament
Andy Williams | Personal Christmas Collection Vinyl
Bryony Williams | Dive EP
John Williams | Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
John Williams / Anne-Sophie Mutter / Wiener Philharmon | John Williams In Vienna Vinyl
Willie the Kid | Capital Gains
Jason Wilson | Dark Corners
Kim Wilson | Take Me Back! The Bigtone Sessions
Michael Wollny | Mondenkind Vinyl
Woodes | Crystal Ball
Gia Woods | Cut Season EP
David Woodward | Love and Optimism
Working Men’s Club | Working Men’s Club
Worthitpurchase | Dizzy Age
Robert Wyatt | His Greatest Misses
The Wytches | Three Mile Ditch
Yatra | All Is Lost
Yes | The Royal Affair Tour: Live in Las Vegas
YG | My Life 4Hunnid
Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra (Feat. Martin Connor) / Rachel Modest | Somebody Stole My Thunder / I (Who Have Nothing)
Young@Heart | Miss You
Elizabeth Young | Ricochet EP
Jenny Owen Youngs | The Night Shift EP Extended Edition
YTN Mirod | Murdered My Son
Yung Gravy | Gasanova
Yung Lambo | Lambo Season
Frank Zappa Halloween 81
Zen Mother | Millennial Garbage Preach
Zöé | Back Into The Light
Zooni | Familiar Ground
Zopelar | Novaterra Vol. 1
Baba Zula | Hayvan Gibi