Indie Roundup | 78 Tracks (Yes, 78!) To Get You Through The Weekend

Rich Aucoin, Diamond Head, Puscifer and 75 more songs to keep you occupied.

Rich Aucoin rewinds every great video ever made, A. Swayze & The Ghosts give you the evil eyes, Gama Bomb get savage in the key of sea, Diamond Head reconnect the electricity after four decades, Everything and Everybody deliver a lifequake and more in the biggest Friday Roundup ever (or at least until the next one, probably). Dear Van Morrison, Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown and Ace Frehley: I love you all. Now kindly go fuck yourselves.



1 | Rich Aucoin | Walls

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Rich Aucoin’s new album United States is out now, along with the lead single Walls, a powerful song with an incredible music video like nothing (and everything) you have seen before. “This song is a call to breaking down the walls which keep us from connecting with one another but physically and metaphorically,” says Rich. “This song is appealing to not make the divisions amongst our groups be so hard cut off for membership and to keep lines of communication and compassion open to enable more and more to join the team.”

2 | A. Swayze & the Ghosts | Evil Eyes

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:A. Swayze & the Ghosts have released their debut album Paid Salvation, a refreshingly real breath of fresh air that restores your faith in the incendiary, uplifting and subversive power of punk. To coincide, the band dropped the video for their gloriously punchy new single Evil Eyes. Charging in at a total length of 1:58, frontman Andrew Swayze says of Evil Eyes: “This was brought to us by Hendrik one night in our studio as a short fun song he’d written years before. I read into it as a weird homage to the delusions of mental illness so I re-worked them and added the ‘psycho passion’ section.”

3 | Gama Bomb | Sea Savage

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Set sail into the weekend with the new single from Ireland’s Gama Bomb! Sea Savage is taken from their upcoming album of the same name, and paves the way towards a voyage on the high seas with everybody’s favourite thrashers. Check out the video below.”

4 | Diamond Head | It’s Electric

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Vital, venerated, and vintage, when Diamond Head first released Lightning To The Nations 40 years ago in 1980, few could have predicted its importance. They’ll revisit it with Lightning To The Nations 2020 on Nov. 20. The first single/video, It’s Electric, shows levels of fresh energy and the potency of timeless riffage that will blow the doors and socks off all who hear it. Lead guitarist/songsmith Brian Tatler, comments: “It was written on the 15th of June 1978; it was the 45th song Diamond Head ever wrote. It was kind of our version of an AC/DC song … We had the pleasure of opening for AC/DC in January 1980 and performed It’s Electric in the set. I looked over to my left and noticed we were being watched by Bon Scott!”

5 | Everything and Everybody | Lifequake

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Berlin alt-pop duo Everything and Everybody release Lifequake, a peppy paced slice of experimental pop laced with infectious melodies and irreverent hooks. They say: “Lifequake lists stereotypical images of women and men. The song challenges not only what is seen to be stereotypically female, but also what’s supposed to be stereotypically male … Questions are posed. ‘Are you a girl?’, ‘Are you a boy?’. There’s no valuation intended, it’s more an invitation to questioning so-called female and male behavioral patterns, which are consciously or unconsciously, in any case unquestioningly accepted and passed on.”


6 | Frankie and The Studs | (Not Your) Victim

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles rock band Frankie and The Studs are unleashing their killer new single/video, (Not Your) Victim. Frankie Clarke is the effervescent singer, songwriter, and guitarist who fronts the band, and it’s hardly a surprise that she has star power coursing through her veins. As the daughter of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, she took her first steps on a tour bus and was playing in a band by the age of 11. (Not Your) Victim is a song inspired by the inherent strength women possess. “Through the challenges of living in a patriarchal society, we can never have enough reminders of our innate superpowers as women,” Frankie writes. “Women supporting women is a powerful force to be reckoned with and this song reminds us to do just that.”

7 | Nada Robot | Got It Good

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Nada Robot was founded by husband/wife team Addam & Mia Farmer, shortly followed by the addition of brothers Heath & Austin Farmer. Having grown up backstage at Beach Boys concerts, the Farmer brothers gained an affinity for musical innovation at a very early age. Their other band Island Apollo experienced great alternative rock success, and now the Farmer family embarks on a new journey to push the boundaries of music yet again. Their debut single Got It Good details not compromising on what you want and what you deserve in romantic relationships.”

8 | Tejon Street Corner Thieves | Lay Low

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Colorado Springs outlaw blues and trash-grass pioneers Tejon Street Corner Thieves have returned with a new acoustic video for Lay Low. With their upcoming acoustic album Monarch Sessions on the horizon, Tejon Street Corner Thieves offers new and old fans alike another look into their unique artistic vision. “The song Lay Low describes hopelessness in today’s world. In the midst of a pandemic, the fight to stay afloat despite the odds is more apparent than ever,” commented Connor O’Neal. “Lay Low is about the underdog and the feeling of powerlessness. A feeling we can only overcome through unity.”

9 | Zilched | Velcro Dog

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit artist Zilched (Chloë Drallos) just released her latest noise-pop heater Velcro Dog, the first single from debut album Doompop, out Oct. 23. Over wall-of-sound grunge guitars inspired by Nirvana’s Nevermind and The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy, the album is full of headbanging earworms that find Drallos tackling what it means to grow up and the effect that has on one’s mental health. Drallos has also self-directed all of her music videos, including Velcro Dog.”

10 | Nightmare | Divine Nemesis

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Nightmare, the power metal export out of France, released their third video single Divine Nemesis, from the new forthcoming album Aeternam, due Oct. 2. The dark, fierce Divine Nemesis is a fast and furious song with a melodic chorus and pounding grooving guitar riffs in the vein of Judas Priest, and underscores the depth and quality of their highly acclaimed new album Aeternam, their most ambitious album to date.”

11 | Namir Blade | Space Ghost

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Namir Blade is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist from Nashville. Over the years he has had projects and collaborations that extended to multiple genres from house to hip-hop. His stylings are often self reflective, innovative, organic, and almost sporadic at times. It is as if he is giving the listener a window to look into the mind of a modern Afro-American. Surrealism, Afro-Futurism, Nerd culture, and Black culture bleeds through his sound as primary influencers so that anyone lending an ear is immediately ejected from their seat.”

12 | Léon | Head And Heart On Fire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following the announcement of her sophomore album Apart, Swedish songstress Léon releases her fifth track Head And Heart On Fire, accompanied by a stunning music video. Nostalgia, longing, and heartbreak is a major overarching theme throughout Léon’s upcoming album is no different. The singer/songwriter perfectly summarizes the instantaneous feeling one has the moment they meet someone and are immediately taken aback by their presence; aware of how strongly they set everything inside of you ablaze.”

13 | Sam Roberts Band | Youth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Last week, Sam Roberts Band announced their next album All of Us will be out Oct. 16. Today, the band shared another track from the upcoming album. Youth is straightforwardly nostalgic, lamenting the inevitability of time passing while seeking to maintain the parts of ourselves that encounter the world with the wide-eyed wonder it deserves. The accompanying video takes us on an intimate journey, composed of never-before-seen images of the band’s grandparents, parents, children, and themselves in various stages of their lives. A bittersweet celebration of nostalgia, family, memories and the feelings we all had growing up, this song perfectly closes All of Us.

14 | Bear Grillz, Adventure Club & JT Roach | Where We Are

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bear Grillz joins Adventure Club and JT Roach on Where We Are, a dreamy future bass reminder to live in the moment and seize the day. “I had the pleasure of going b2b with Adventure Club last year at EDC Orlando and seeing how we meshed so well, we talked about making a collaboration,” explains Bear Grillz. “At that same time, I had been speaking with JT Roach and once he sent me the vocal, I knew it was the perfect track to bring us all together.”

15 | East of June | Little Bird

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “While the pandemic has changed this season’s sendoff for parents witnessing their kids leave the nest for the first time — whether it’s for kindergarten or college — the inextricable intertwining of pride and fear is in full swing. Los Angeles trio East of June immerse themselves in this annual rite of passage in their new song and video Little Bird. “As a parent there is no greater fear than watching your child let go of your hand and tackle life’s uncertainties and challenges on their own,” says bassist Dirk Lance (formerly of Incubus). “There is also no greater joy and sense of accomplishment to be had in this world than watching them discover what they are truly capable of without you.”

16 | Sevyn Streeter | HMU

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-talented, singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter releases her new track HMU and accompanying visual to her fans. HMU was written and produced by Sevyn and Smash David and channels the emotional transformation within an intimate situation when feeling young and free. The accompanying video directed by Malakai shows Sevyn’s more seductive and playful side. Her upcoming album will be released in October.”

17 | Plague Years | Paradox of Death

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit-based crossover death thrashers Plague Years unleash the video accompaniment to Paradox Of Death. Notes guitarist Eric Lauder, “Paradox Of Death is a mid-tempo stomper. This is one of my favorite tracks and highlights Mike Jurysta’s incredible drumming. The song is a story about killing a snitch after he’s betrayed his people. Loyalty should never be broken. No mercy for rats. Never fold, never bend.”

18 | Quinn Pickering | Grapefruit

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “If the pandemic has brought on feelings of nostalgia and the need for a sweet pop song with a bit of sting, Vancouver musician Quinn Pickering’s new track Grapefruit is just what you’re looking for! Grapefruit is the first single from Quinn’s new EP Supernova set for release on Nov. 13. “The song is about how memories and emotions can be triggered in the most unexpected of ways,” says Pickering. “The song had lived in my head for a few years until the faint scent of Grapefruit Rose stepped in and gave me the necessary inspiration to finish the song and close the book on that chapter of my life.”

19 | Natalie Schlabs | Don’t Look Too Close

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Natalie Schlabs has unveiled her latest single Don’t Look Too Close, the title track from her forthcoming album due out Oct. 16. Don’t Look Too Close, which simmers with indie pop sensibilities, is about the inevitability of making mistakes, a cycle that seems nearly impossible to avoid. The song’s accompanying video visualizes the cycle as Schlabs’ hair and makeup are done and then stripped away repeatedly. It’s about being able to take an honest look at who we really are — the good and the bad. Change can come simply from that awareness.”

20 | Boys Of Fall | Distance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit quintet Boys Of Fall will release their album Distance on Nov. 20. Vocalist Michael Martenson says, “Distance is the album title and opening track. It is everything we wanted to be as a band and exactly how we wanted to start the album. We wanted to bring the listener in to understand the story and let the emotion build and lyrics carry you through the song. Distance sets the tone for the entire record and was very unique to us and what we’ve done before. It wasn’t your typical album opener and that’s what we loved about it.”

21 | Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar | Don’t Have To Be

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Juno-nominated gospel and soul-based group Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar will release their album The Reckless One on Nov. 20. The lead single is Don’t Have To Be. Sporting an earworm melody that will instantly have listeners humming along, the track features swirling Booker T-inspired organ, a swaggering horn line and Martin’s trademark hurricane-force vocals. “Don’t Have to Be is about confrontations, and how empathy and the willingness of both parties to see the other person’s perspective can go a long way in creating common ground and understanding.”

22 | The Beauty Of Gemina | A Night Like This

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Iconic Swiss band The Beauty Of Gemina release their second single A Night Like This, from their forthcoming album Skeleton Dreams. The new single is a pulsating journey through the night where reality and dreams increasingly mix and you enter into a mystical in-between world. The new music fully reflects the fascinating and unmistakable mix of warm, hypnotic blues, ambient melancholia, earthy and indie-influenced folk that their fans have come to know and love over the years. The songs are full of vitality and intensity, are sometimes energetic, sometimes celestial, sometimes pure, innocent and reduced to their bare essentials, but are always full of power and poetic.”

23 | Vandalheart | Seventeen

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Michigan progressive hardcore outfit Vandalheart’s new video brings the iconic house show vibe at a time when the world needs it most. Say’s frontman Alex Maggard: “It’s a house party-style video where everyone is having the time of their lives, except for me, being dissociating and melancholy throughout the video, tying in to the song’s meaning. We found out that there was a house in my hometown of Flint that throws house shows, so we contacted the owners. They were beyond stoked to have us and gave us the opportunity to shoot the video. There were at least 100 people crammed in this tiny house to see us.”

24 | Benediction | Stormcrow

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Legendary death-metal pioneers Benediction from Birmingham, UK release their second single Stormcrow. “In many cultures, the crow is seen as a harbinger of doom and a bad omen — this song deals with that,” Dave Ingram comments. Darren Brookes adds: “Stormcrow was a particularly difficult but enjoyable video to shoot. As anyone who’s done one will know, it’s take after take after take, and as you can see it was a blisteringly hot day too. We did have passers-by, joggers, dog walkers and they were stopping to check out what was going on and that’s the closest we’ve managed to a live gig this year!“

25 | Daemon Grey | I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Daemon Grey serve to unite the fearless in unrestrained passion, rebellion, and glory andreleases a new single video for I Don’t Wanna Grow Up. Daemon Grey also announce their debut full-length album Follow Your Nightmares, out Jan. 22. Daemon (vocalist & frontman) comments, “the single is a backlash to those who judge the intelligence, character or general merit about anyone due to their age, inspired by personal experience and real emotion as all my lyrics are! It’s a conviction to staying young forever.”

26 | Aquihayaquihay | Sencillo

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Monterrey anti-boy band Aquihayaquihay return with an introspective new single titled Sencillo. The passionate song sees the group examine life after a relationship ends, exploring new beginnings while still wrestling with the past. “Sencillo is a song that tells what it is like to carry the weight on your conscience while at the same time trying to move on with your life after ending a relationship,” Aquihayaquihay explain. “It can be one of the worst self-punishments. Why do we tie ourselves to an idea that is no longer there and why do we demand something that we do not give?”

27 | Amaranthe | Archangel

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Today, Amaranthe release Archangel, the third single from their upcoming album Manifest, out Oct. 2. Amaranthe commented: “Fire and brimstone! Savor the sweet scent of sulfur as Amaranthe delves deep into Miltonian lore with Archangel! An ancient tale of the fall of the angel Lucifer Morningstar was interpreted as a Greek tragedy in John Milton’s seminal Paradise Lost, and it is from this perspective we tell a brief yet momentous story of greed, betrayal, and overblown pride — an all-too-familiar and contemporary theme.”

28 | Phntms | Carabelle

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I wanted to send you the latest video from Philadelphia rock band Phntms. Entitled Carabelle, the single radiates with emotive vocals, sweeping acoustic guitars and laid-back soundscapes. Carabelle details the feeling you get after a toxic relationship ends and how even though there were red flags you still choose to be with that person. “Carabelle is what you get after a toxic relationship ends. One day, they will hear this song and it will hurt. It’s the visual of a heart breaking after spending five years traveling to a different state to make a relationship work out.”

29 | XNilo | Long Time Coming

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Long Time Coming is the latest from hotly-tipped artist XNilo. Confidently impressing on his previous single Bodyline, the Spanish R&B sensation teases his forthcoming album in a bold yet gritty cut, with dance flair and an unapologetic energy that runs throughout. The video doubles down on its dance appeal with XNilo starring amongst the bright neon lights through the club with a coolness coming through cutting his loses.”

30 | Chaos E.T. Sexual | 1674-Now: Many Thousand Gone

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Straight from the Parisian suburbs, post-noise/industrial/dub veterans Chaos E.T. Sexual are set to release their rebellious third album Only Human Crust this Nov. 20. Designed by French video team Eqko, 1674 – Now: Many Thousand Gone deals with the topic of slavery in a very modern way (1674 marked the beginning of the triangular trade). About Only Human Crust, the band says: “Laurent Gaudé’s book Eldorado, that tells several stories linked with the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea by migrants, inspired us a lot, we realised that we shared the same topics, these are about capitalist totalitarism and the different kinds of control, addiction an intolerance coming out of our contemporary societies.”

31 | Your Grandparents | Tomorrow

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising hip-hop trio Your Grandparents lean heavily on funk influences for their latest offering, which also includes co-production credits from group member ghettoblasterman. Giving listeners further insight into the forthcoming debut album release, it’s another win for the guys as they stand firm with their eclectic sound, making a name for themselves on both sides of the Atlantic.”

32 | Sam Eagle | Like This

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “21-year old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sam Eagle has shared a video for his new single Like This. Speaking about the single, Sam says, “pretty much the whole song just came that night. Lyrically it’s quite abstract I think, but to me, the concepts behind it are kind of just getting through struggles and experiencing the great things in life that pop up out of nowhere and you didn’t see coming, I guess more concisely just about the uncertainty in life — ‘something, outta nothing, look at what I found.’ ”

33 | Stevie Bill | Better

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With her new single Better, Dutch/British alt-pop newcomer Stevie Bill celebrates her second release. Accompanied by Stevie’s soft, intimate vocals and a day-dreamy atmosphere, Better tells a story about finding that rare, crazy love that doesn’t come around every day. ‘I wrote Better during the first week in New York with a usb mic and my laptop during one of the rare moments I was alone in my campus dorm.”

34 | Julian Lamadrid | Patience

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “22-year-old Mexican singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Julian Lamadrid, is primed for the release of his newest single Patience, along with the official music video. “Patience is a practice of minimalism and tranquility,” shares Julian. “The song is a reminder to take it easy and trust in the universe. The first verse acts as an inner dialogue, a reminder to myself that luck isn’t involved in any of this, it’s all about patience and persistence. The second verse is from the perspective of my father singing to me, acknowledging my frustrations, and urging me to stay calm and keep dancing.”

35 | Perseide | Siren In The Distance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A few weeks after the official release of their debut full-length album The Only Thing, French alternative-metal/rockers from Lyon Perseide keep active and share a new music video for the song Siren In The Distance. Perseide delivers a modern metal ranging from pop to metalcore, with heavy rhythms and old school guitars, catchy choruses, all tinged with electro synths and intense vocals.”

36 | Amy Macdonald | The Hudson

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Amy Macdonald builds towards the Oct, 30 release of her eagerly anticipated new album The Human Demands by sharing the official video for lead single The Hudson. Amy explains, “The Hudson is such a special song because of the back story, and I felt like it needed a striking video to really highlight the story. It feels cinematic and highlights the feelings of lost love and hindsight, looking back and wondering if life could have panned out differently — it’s something we all do and yet we’ll never know the answer.”

37 | Izabelle | Self-Talk Session

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal pop/funk singer Izabelle has just released her video for Self-Talk Session from her album Version 2.0. Inspired from her personal experiences of not being taken seriously, and being told to look a certain way among other unfortunate regular and frustrating encounters, Version 2.0 is an album about empowerment, stepping forward, and speaking out. “Wanting to write a song to myself, to tell me to stop overthinking what people think, stop overworking, stop putting so much pressure on my physical appearance, the tune celebrates that we’re all different, we’re all worthy, and we’re enough. I wanted to make a statement about it so that I could start to believe it.”

38 | I Hate People | New World Order

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, thrash-punk outfit I Hate People caused quite a stir with their recent single You’re a F**ing $hitc*nt and the humorous video that followed, now they’re back with a new single and accompanying video, New World Order. I Hate People are a three-piece punk band from Newcastle, who make music for people that hate people. “We want everyone in this world to know who I Hate People is & what we’re about. It’s time for a new world order, one of Punks & Metal heads & we’re ready to lead the charge. Punk’s not f*cking dead!”

39 | Virginia to Vegas | Palm Springs (The Way You Made Me Feel)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Virginia to Vegas, aka Derik Baker, is an American-born Canadian singer-songwriter best known for his indie-pop choruses and sticky electronic melodies, which have awarded him critical acclaim and several platinum certifications. With the release of his new EP Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming this fall, Virginia to Vegas will invite fans into a whimsical utopia of dreamy guitar licks and warm lyrics. Palm Springs (The Way You Made Me Feel) is based on a true story of a weekend in a Jonathan Adler-inspired hotel in Palm Springs, that truly felt like a dream. Weird things happen in the desert. Sometimes you look back on moments like that in your life and wonder if it even happened … but as the song lyric says, I know it was real.”

40 | Soulburn | From Archaeon into Oblivion

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Dutch blackened death doom metallers Soulburn return with their fourth album and followup to 2016’s Earthless Pagan Spirit release. Entitled Noa’s D’Ark, the album will be released on Nov. 13. Soulburn’s frontman Twan van Geel commented: “A symbiosis of the biblical tale and the mayhem of the currents inherent each present; a mirror of realities. Yes, a play of words, and even more so, a decay of births. So please indulge, feel free to dare wrapping your own mind around, for it for sure is, in the very core of its essence, a vessel in honour of the strength and the art, of chaos and freedom: Noa’s D’Ark.”

41 | NoN | Point Of No Return

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Euro melodic metallers NoN (Now Or Never) have released their latest album III. The band have also launched a lyric video for the track Point of No Return. III is about faith, life, afterlife. It talks about the relationship that one can have with their lives, loved ones, addiction. What would one do if they had the chance to re live their life again? Do we get another chance?”

42 | Tone And I | Ur So F**kIng Cool” (Blackbear Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australian artist Tones And I shares an official remix by Blackbear of her single, Ur So F**kIng Cool. The two connected earlier this year after Tones And I invited Blackbear out to her sold-out Los Angeles show. The hitmaker immediately fell in love with her performance and talks of a collaboration were soon underway. Tones And I commented on the remix stating, “This is my first official remix and I’m so pumped to have collaborated with an artist like Blackbear, who I have so much love and respect for!”

43 | We The Kings | These Nights

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Pop-rock masters We The Kings, led by vocalist/guitarist Travis Clark, are being mindful to look at the silver lining while navigating 2020’s uncharted waters. The Florida quintet have released their new single These Nights, which leans into Clark’s mixed emotions around not being on the road. “I really miss being at shows with my best friends and being around others with a shared love for the live experience. Despite that, this is probably the best time to write new music.”

44 | After the Fall | Shut The World Out

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Still alive and kicking, without showing any signs of letting go, Pittsburgh’s After The Fall return in full swing, with a quick reminder why their presence is always welcome, in the image of a new EP, Welcome To The New S.A. After The Fall maintain their composure as a fine combination of the ’90s-driven American rock and a crushing metallic edge of the early ’00s. The EP’s new single Shut The World Out is merely a small token of the harsh reality that has been eating up the world’ social orders. Hate, conflict, racism, a kind of hell. However, there is another way, things could change, awareness and motivation to do something about it are main keys for the good fight, to unite as one.”

45 | Dawes | Didn’t Fix Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. rockers Dawes have released a deeply thoughtful and insightful new song and video about mental health and personal survival. Didn’t Fix Me is the fourth song from the band’s eagerly awaited seventh studio LP Good Luck With Whatever, due Oct. 2. “It feels very natural to outsource our problems,” says Taylor Goldsmith. “Telling ourselves ‘once I have this job, this partner, this amount of money, etc, I will be happy’ is really effective and convenient. Unfortunately, no one’s life actually works that way.”

46 | Earth’s Yellow Sun | The Infernal Machine Part IV: Bastion

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Five years ago Toronto’s Earth’s Yellow Sun released their sophomore EP The Infernal Machine. Now to celebrate the anniversary of that EP, they are re-releasing the tracks in the form of animated videos. The band has unleashed three videos over the last two months, Part I: Assembly, Part II: Unveiling and Part III – Betrayal. Today, the band unveil Part IV: Bastion, continuing the next chapter of their illustrated story. The band explains the track: “Our human civilization faces a massive onslaught and many deaths brought on by this mechanized terror that they’ve unleashed on themselves. They are forced to retreat into remote areas and regroup for a hail mary last-ditch effort at bringing down the machine that has only brought them violence and destruction.”

47 | Heathen | Sun In My Hand

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Bay Area thrash legends Heathen unleash their fourth studio album Empire of the Blind. In celebration of the release, the band offers fans the music video for Sun In My Hand. Heathen comment, “Thanks to all of the fans and headbangers everywhere for your legendary patience over the last 10 years. Without the support of the fans, heavy metal would have no voice. So lift your fucking glasses high, grab your copy of Empire Of The Blind, and in the immortal words of Rich Burch, ‘bang that head that doesn’t bang!’ Cheers!”

48 | Julia Bhatt | Bird Girl

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I’ve had a lot of shit happen in the last few months. These songs have been the constant. Maybe 2 Steps Back is my one step forward,” says genre-jumping indie artist Julia Bhatt of her debut EP, out Oct. 23. Julia also released the animated video for her newest stand-alone single Bird Girl. “These are older songs that I’ve had in my back pocket for a while, but I feel these songs deserved their own little platform.” She adds, “I’m excited to start putting things out in a little more real time.”

49 | Terry Uyarak | Anuri ft. Ritt

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Terry Uyarak is announcing his upcoming debut solo album, Nunarjua Isulinginniani, out Oct. 30. The album’s title translated to English means Before The World Ends. Anuri is a cover song, written by the late Solomon Uyarasuk, who was a dear friend. “I dedicate this song to the friends and family of Solomon and the many children who are named after him,” says Uryarak, addig “Riit is an amazing artist that inspires me to continue in music and in life. We will continue to write and sing again sooner or later.”

50 | Lydia Luce | Dark River

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lydia Luce announced her latest album Dark River comes out Feb. 26. The album’s title track and lead single is about recognizing codependent relationships. Luce released the title track and its accompanying psychedelic animated video (created and animated by Grouch Bucket.) Luce explained: “This song is about not letting people take away my energy. I know that when I give myself alone time, especially in nature, I am able to recharge and fill up my cup.”

51 | Litany | Starsign

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Channelling ‘90s pop, gaming and youthful romance, Litany possesses a gift for crafting songs which are both acutely personal yet universally understood. Litany always writes songs as if she’s having a conversation, and Starsign is no exception. In this case, it’s the message you plan to send to a wannabe lover before you realise it’s too much information and hit delete. She says, “When I had periods of loneliness I, like so many others, turned to online dating and lived to regret it shortly after when my commitment-phobe tendencies kicked in. Even if said date is an absolute Adonis, my career is my boyfriend.”

52 | Puscifer | The Underwhelming

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Reports out of Jerome, Ariz. confirm the impending arrival of Existential Reckoning, a 12-song album from the special agents operating under code name Puscifer. The release is scheduled for an Oct. 30 arrival, preview the forthcoming release with The Underwhelming.

53 | Life On Planets & Taylor Bense | Freq Talkin’

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fast rising Baltimore producer / singer / musician Life On Planets (Phil Celeste) releases Freq Talkin’, featuring Brooklyn electronic artist Taylor Bense. Drawing on a myriad of influences from RnB, pop and trap, peppered with atmospheric electronic and housey grooves, the duo envisaged music that broke down barriers. Phil explains: “We were chillin at the studio talking about how we both loved a lot of rnb and trap stuff that was coming out but how it didn’t belong in our sets at dance clubs. We wanted to make something with a taste of both worlds that could be played at our performances without being totally alien to what we already do.”

54 | American Terror | Judgement Remix (ft. Sticky Fingaz)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy punk/metal band American Terror have teamed with legendary rapper Sticky Fingaz to release a remix of the band’s single Judgement. American Terror singer/producer Brad Cox says, “Being a big hip-hop and rap fan, I always loved Onyx and the aggressive, ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude’ they had, especially from Sticky Fingaz. His attitude was a perfect match for the attitude of this band. So this remix was the time to reach out and experiment with the blended styles.”

55 | Anne Malin | Hourglass

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Hourglass, the final single from country duo Anne Malin’s Oct. 2 album Waiting Song, is out now. Says Anne Malin Ringwalt: “Hourglass started, lyrically, from my sense of detachment from time during the pandemic. When I wrote “somewhere an hourglass stands at night / sand slips by in the moonlight” I was feeling  … out of control but loving the experience of how dense our days together were, how our days blurred together. I was picturing time as something far away from us.”

56 | Gillian Heidi | Fray

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Pop singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi returns with her new single Fray. A gorgeous piano-lined ballad steeped in emotion, Fray examines a relationship that is slowly falling apart or, as Gillian astutely puts it, “fraying at the edges.” Her voice bristles with raw vulnerability as she savors the final moments of the relationship. “I really tried to convey the feeling of when something is just beginning to fall apart, but it hasn’t gone down in flames yet,” she writes. “The song is emotional and raw, but not angry.”

57 | Carcass | The Long & Winding Bier Road

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “English metal legends Carcass are back with their first collection of new music in seven years, Despicable, coming Oct. 30. Today, the band released a new song titled The Long And Winding Bier Road. Vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker states: “The gift that keeps on giving, if you want it or not. Please try not to stare this gift horse too hard in the mouth (and) don’t worry, there are still unreleased songs with even dafter titles!”

58 | Dex Wolfe | Lightning

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Minneapolis singer-songwriter Dex Wolfe will release his debut EP ​Lightness on Oct. 23. It consists of four tracks that weave post-rock, jazz, and bits of folk music into a tenebrous maze that exits into a graceful clearing. “I wrote Lightning while sitting on a bridge in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I was awestruck by a massive golden lightning storm that intricately painted the entire horizon in the distance.”

59 | Leith Ross | Tommy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-based singer-songwriter Leith Ross is releasing the second single from their upcoming EP Motherwell. Tommy, a portrait of Ross’s grandfather, is a stripped-back song that allows Ross’s clear, emotive voice to shine over minimal instrumentation, joined in the chorus by subtle harmonies. Ross says, “my grandfather was a wonderful man, and an incredible musician: the kind who couldn’t read sheet music to save his life and couldn’t tell you which string was which, but played five instruments and could follow you on any song. He inspires me and when things got hard, I thought of him and it helped.”

60 | Tyler Ramsay | Back On The Chain Gang

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter and guitarist Tyler Ramsey announced the release of his new EP Found A Picture Of You, out Oct. 16. The six-song EP is an unusual collection of five carefully chosen cover songs (all intriguingly written and/or made famous by female artists) and one re-made original that affirms the former Band of Horses guitarist is an exceedingly rare and precious talent. The arresting lead track is The Pretenders’ classic Back on the Chain Gang. “This song has a line in it that gets me every time: ‘I found a picture of you/those were the happiest days of my life/like a break in the battle was your part/in the wretched life of a lonely heart.’ ”

61 | Mali-Koa | Revolution

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sydney-born, now UK-based songstress Mali-Koa returns with her glorious new single Revolution, the latest to be lifted from her upcoming debut album. Sharing her thoughts on the song, Mali-Koa reveals: “Revolution is your most powerful self in your most vulnerable moments. It’s the choice to be an active participant in the life you want to live. It’s about the change you want to see in the world. It’s self-belief and a belief in the power of others to do good. It’s the moment you choose a path and commit to moving forward. It’s when you make decisions out of love and not fear. Revolution is radical and it is equal. Revolution is the greatness in our everyday experience of life and what it means to be human.”

62 | Corners of Sanctuary | Best Of The Best

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On the road towards the release of their upcoming album Heroes Never Die, Philadelphian warriors Corners of Sanctuary celebrate the enthusiasm of a marching fighting unit, letting the listener have a small taste of the burning motivation of a company as it marches, sharing a willpower to become Best Of The Best.”

63 | Kadeema | Ordinary World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following on the heels of their Elton John cover of I’m Still Standing, Ontario duo Kadeema have unveiled an iconic take on Ordinary World by Duran Duran. A big radio hit when Kadeema were kids, Ordinary World has stayed in their minds to this day. The lyrics still hold up and work with the current state of affairs. The song’s message is something that the pair naturally feel inside, making their own rendition come easy.”

64 | Deanna Devore | Love Again (ft. D’Zhari)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Love Again feat. D’Zhari narrates the feeling you get once a relationship ends, the fear of uncertainty for the future and wondering if you’ll ever be able to love someone the same way again. Devore shares, “It’s about finding that closure within yourself, and not from the other person. It’s about finding peace within, and being ready for the next chapter in life.”

65 | The Darcys | Off The Deep

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Darcys have announced their new album, Fear & Loneliness, will arrive Nov. 13. The Los Angeles-via-Toronto duo also premiered the record’s second single Off The Deep. Jason Couse from the group stated, “Off the Deep is about embracing the unknown and diving into uncertain waters. This ‘no risk, no reward’ motto speaks to the larger narrative arc of Fear & Loneliness and the desire to keep pushing ourselves as artists. We wanted to create a playful sonic space where a hypnotic flute sample keeps the energy afloat while the heavier themes lurk just beneath the surface.”

66 | Me Nd Adam | Something Better

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Trash-wave trailblazers Me Nd Adam are the depraved result of a relationship between a self-loathing egotist and a boisterous, red-headed emotional wreck. Something Better is the third single off their debut album American Drip Part I. They explain, “You keep waking up every morning hungover and telling yourself you gotta get your sh*t together but the next thing you know you’re back on the wagon, boozin’ again. You might be self-aware enough to know it’s no good, but you’re too lazy or messed up to actually do anything about it.”

67 | Andrei Poliakov | Lullaby in the Moonlight

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Andrei Poliakov graduated from the St Petersburg Conservatory and continued his musical career playing in many renowned classical orchestras and rock bands. His main passion and the instrument he has been with for all his life is piano. Andrei lives in Switzerland, Geneva. Lullaby is his latest work, showcasing nocturnal and diurnal perspectives through two tracks. Lullaby in the Moonlight will be followed by Lullaby in the Sunshine.”

68 | Dylan Pacheco | Negative Space (Manic Panic)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dylan Pacheco has announced the Oct. 30 release of his debut solo EP Youthful Exuberance, a unique collection of minimalist storytelling, Springsteenian freak outs, jangly guitars and stuttering drum machines. Today he shares the lead single Negative Space (Manic Panic), a song he describes as a “mission statement” for the record as a whole. “It’s a fight song about reclaiming your individual agency within relationships, acknowledging your own mental health, and letting yourself move forward at your own pace.”

69 | Nate Todd | Realize

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After co-founding the award-winning Colorado group Whiskey Tango and releasing his EP Sky Cloud Machine in April, Nate Todd is here with the single Realize, a powerful rallying cry against the rampant injustices taking place in the U.S. Todd will be donating proceeds to the ACLU in an effort to strengthen the rights and freedoms of all American people. The Colorado-based multi-instrumentalist is gearing up to release his debut LP Revolutionary Loser on Oct. 30.”

70 | Jarrod Dickenson | Try Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Known for his ability to blend a variety of instruments and influences into one soulful, signature sound, Waco native Jarrod Dickenson is gearing up to release his second disc of the year, Under A Texas Sky, on which he revisits his Texas roots and pays tribute to a handful of the state’s greatest musicians. Out Sept. 25, the five-song EP features Dickenson’s takes of Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, Doug Sahm, Guy Clark, and his rendition of Esther Phillips’ powerful Try Me.”

71 | The Wild Feathers | Blue

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In early 2020, just weeks before pandemic swept the globe, The Wild Feathers were kicking off a new chapter — fully independent, no more label contract or team, soaring free of the weight of the industry on their backs. Then, the universe pulled the ripcord. When their tour was canceled, the band put together Medium Rarities, a full-length album of unreleased songs spanning their decade-long career. The album is set for release on Nov. 20 and Blue is the first preview.”

72 | Linaire | Best I Can

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Linaire is an album of 10 tracks that luxuriate in the deceleration of time and allow for listeners to embrace complicated and conflicting emotions. Anna Atkinson’s self-titled debut as Linaire finds the Montreal-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer in a state of reflection, constructing room for herself and the listener to work through complex feelings surrounding circumstances of love, time, lineage, and loss. “Best I Can is a love letter to my child self. It’s about salvaging valuable things from hard experiences. It’s about finding agency and building something new.”

73 | [ K S R ] | Don Madness

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Continuing to tease next week’s EP Take Control, rising singer [ K S R ] comes through with smooth grooves alongside fellow emerging Mancunian artist to deliver soulful tones and melodies against a backdrop of hip hop-influenced sounds. Acting as another strong contribution to the scene from the talented pair, all eyes are on the artist as he continues to solidify his presence in the scene.”

74 | Vincenzo Ramaglia | La parole 4 (Emika Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Producer Emika has remixed La parole 4, originally by experimental IDM artist Vincenzo Ramaglia. The original track appears on Ramaglia’s album La parole, which featured the well-known songstress Laure Le Prunenec (lead singer of French band Igorrr). Emika says, “The soprano voice with intuitive singing style, combined with otherworldly electronics gave me an immediate feeling to want to interpret this piece. It’s so highly creative and imaginative, it made it very enticing material I wanted to play with and transform into a new Emika vibration.”

75 | Jones | Camera Flash (Friend Within Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “However she deploys it, Jones’ show-stopping vocal brings class, emotion and finesse in equal measure. It’s something she demonstrated with the energy of her current single, the R&B / electro-pop / disco hybrid Camera Flash. Now Jones shines in another enticing setting with a remix courtesy of Friend Within. He adds to the song’s exuberant nature, keeping an edge of the original’s modern disco flavour but revamping it as an infectious piano house track packed with melody and late summer energy. “I loved bringing Camera Flash into a different musical world with Friend Within.”

76 | Shem Thomas | Do It

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Shem Thomas’s charismatic voice will cast a spell on you as he returns with this powerful pop anthem. His single Do It is about the moment you take action, and the strength and courage it takes to do so. But it’s also about the uncertainty and doubt inherent in these moments. “Do It is about taking chances. About daring to win. Even if it turns out differently, a step into action is a step into freedom.”

77 | Pina Jung | Shadows

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Pina Jung releases a new EP on Oct. 16 called Wuwei. Now there is the second foretaste with Shadows. Pina says: “Drifting, sinking into your own world. Floating in the music, dancing, letting go and flying. The music in the club penetrates me and everything around me stops, I love to dance for my life. It feels as if I am music and my body lets the beat put me into a trance. I hardly notice the people around me, because I am in my own flow, as if I could dissolve. This feeling gives me freedom and lust for life. This song is about this feeling, being high from the sound of the music. The poetry of being.”

78 | Louis Jucker | The Dam

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On Oct. 30,. the new album Something Went Wrong by Louis Jucker will be released. Today brings another preview from with The Dam. Says Louis: “Steven Doutaz came up the mountain with his drumkit to deliver some nice ’90s beat. he’s such a unique drummer … For a song that’s about emotional blockage, it turned out to be quite fun to record.”