Midweek Mixtape (Side 3) | 106 Songs That Demand To Be Heard


Next to Friday, Wednesday has quickly become the busiest day of the week for new singles and videos, with a couple of hundred submissions landing in my email every Hump Day. And since I’m a glutton for punishment, I don’t stop there — I also scroll through hundreds of Bandcamp and Youtube notifications to bring you songs and clips that nobody is publicizing and you won’t find anywhere else. Like some of these killers:


53 | Matt Steele | Falling Asleep at the Metal Show

54 | Summersets | Pass Me By

55 | I See Hawks In L.A. | On Our Way

56 | Tejon Street Corner Thieves | Sugar Hill

57 | Mae Powell | Scratch n Sniff

58 | The Connells | Really Great

59 | Niall McNamee | When She Goes

60 | Del Water Gap | Hurting Kind

61 | Capitaine Monaluise | Mixed-Up Generation