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Next Week in Music | August 17-23 • The Long List: 440 Releases On The Way

Looking for a few good new albums? How about a few hundred of them?

Remember all those albums that were delayed this spring? They’re all coming out this week — or at least that’s how it feels. There are nearly 450 full-lengths, EPs, singles, anthologies and vinyl reissues arriving in the coming days. Unless they get delayed again. In which case, I give up.



Idris Ackamoor & Pyramids | Shaman! Vinyl
Joshua Ackley | Dark Arts
Steven Adams and The French Drops | Keep It Light
Aftyn | Minutia
Ages | Uncrown
Xanthe Alexis | The Offering
Eblis Alvarez | Cumbia Siglo XXI
Alex the Astronaut | The Theory of Absolutely Nothing
Amazing Blizzard | málað í hvítu
Anekdoren | A Time Of Day G
Rachel Angel | Highway Songs EP
Anima Sound | Im Lungau Vinyl
Animal Scream | Nightwalk Vinyl
Anthrax | Persistence of Time 30th Anniversary Edition
The Aquabats! | Kooky Spooky In Stereo Vinyl
Arkells | Campfire Chords
Ars Magna Umbrae | Apotheosis
Johnny Ashby | In Bloom EP
Assignment | Reflections
Juni Ata | Saudade
Atramemtus | Stygian
Johnny Ashby | In Bloom EP
Awich | Partition EP
Azita | Glen Echo Vinyl
KJ Balla | Resurrection

Mandy Barnett | A Nashville Songbook
Martin Barre | Away With Words Vinyl
Al Basile | Last Hand
Bassnectar | Into The Sun Vinyl
Basstracks | Golden Ticket
John Beasley | MONK’estra Plays John Beasley
Tucker Beathard | King
Benchmarks | Summer, Slowly
Bent Arcana | Bent Arcana
Beta Radio | Way Of Love EP
Be Well | The Weight & The Cost
Blackbear | Everything Means Nothing
Black Elephant | Seven Swords
Blacks Beach Boys | Blacks Beach Boys
Blaqk Audio | Beneath The Black Palms
Haley Blais | Below The Belt
Mike Block | Guzo
Blues Pills | Holy Moly!
Bodega Bamz | Yams Heard This
Kate Bollinger | A Word Becomes A Sound
Boys Noize | Mvinline Vinyl
Bracket | Bestof Würst Vinyl
Brandy and the Butcher | Dick Circus
Brazilian Love Affair | The Essential Works 1958-1962
Bright Eyes | Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was

Brimstone Coven | The Woes Of A Mortal Earth
Brontë Fall | Finishing School EP
Alison Brown | Fair Weather Vinyl
BTS | Dynamite
The Buckleys | Daydream
Built For The Future | Brave New World
Charles Bukowski | Reads His Poetry Vinyl
Cidny Bullens | Walkin’ Through This World
Bully | Sugaregg
Buried Alive | Death Will Find You
Bushwacka | Listen Up! Vol. 2 Vinyl
California Girls | Beat Boy
Alex Cameron | Miami Memories EP
Camoflauge Monk & Sauce Heist | Sauce Monk, Vol. 3
Canedy | Warrior Vinyl
Lucio Capece & Werner Dafeldecker | Iteration
Donnie Castle | All My Names
Cattle Decapitation | The Anthropocene Extinction Vinyl
Cattle Decapitation | Monolith Of Inhumanity Vinyl
Shanti Celeste | The Sound Of Love International 3 Vinyl
Greyson Chance | Bad To Myself
Clan Destine Click | 20/20 Monkey V.6.6.6.
Clannad | Cran Uil Vinyl
Dane Clark | Songs From Isolation
Imogen Clark | The Making Of Me

Clock Of Time | Pestilent Planet
El Club Audiovisual | En Viaje
Cold War Kids | New Age Norms 2
COM | Emergency
Courtney Cole | Earthquake
Loren Connors | Beautiful Dreamer
Constant Elevation | Freedom Beach Vinyl
The Contents Are | Live Davenport Iowa 1968 Vinyl
Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti | Poison Fruit Vinyl
The Cradle | Laughing In My Sleep
Elysia Crampton | Orcorara 2010 Vinyl
Crass | Normal Never Was II
Crimson Wind | Beyond the Gates
Dan Croll | Grand Plan
Cut Copy | Freeze, Melt
Cytotoxin | Nuklearth
Daddex | Cosey’s World
Chico Da Tina | E Agora Como É Que É
Dead Sun | A/B
Death | Individual Thought Patterns Vinyl Reissue
Death | Leprosy Vinyl Reissue
Death | Scream Bloody Gore Vinyl Reissue
Death | The Sound Of Perseverance Vinyl Reissue
Death | Spiritual Healing Vinyl Reissue
Death In Vegas | Contino Sessions Vinyl

Deep Heads | Vibration Exploration EP
Defy Authority | Left For Dead
Ilse Delange | After The Hurricane: Greatest Hits & More Vinyl
Lewis Del Mar | August
Desert Noises | Everything Always
Dexplicit | Digital Monk
George Diamandis | Serene Town
Diesel Machine | Evolve
Dikembe | Muck
The Divine Comedy | Victory For The Comic Muse Vinyl
Dm3 | West Of Anywhere Vinyl
Alula Down | Postcards from Godley Moor, Summer 2020
Dreamcatcher | Dystopia: Lose Myself
Freddie Dredd | Suffer EP
Drench | Drench 2*
Vladimir Dubyshkin | pornographic novel
Duckwrth | SuperGood
Dunwich | Tail-Tied Hearts
Duran Duran feat. Andy Wickett | Dreaming Of Your Cars – 1979 Demos Part 2
Dynfari | Myrkurs er þörf
Callum Easter | Green Door Sessions
East Man | Prole Art Threat Vinyl
Minco Eggersman | Unifony II Vinyl
Eight Rounds Rapid | Love Your Work
Ekko Park | Horizon

Eluize | Eolian EP
Embryo | Embryo’s Rache Vinyl
Embryo | Opal Vinyl
Engines Of Revival | Engines of Revival
Brian Eno & John Cale | Wrong Way Up 30th Anniversary Edition
Brian Eno & Jah Wobble | Spinner 25th Anniversary Edition
Entropy | Liminal
Erasure | The Neon
Ethan Daniel Davidson | Come Down Lonesome
Exotic Sin | Customer’s Copy
Expander | Neuropunk Boostergang
Everything Everything | Re-Animator
Jamie F | Instrument of Evil EP
Brent Faiyaz | Fuck the World Deluxe
Fantasy Orchestra | The Bear And Other Stories Vinyl
Logan Farmer | Still No Mother
Flame | Ignis Spiritus
Floating Di Morel | Summer Has Become Cold Vinyl
Markus Floats | Third Album Vinyl
The Flowdown | yo-lk
47SOUL | Semitics
Freeez | Southern Freeez Reissue
The Front Bottoms | In Sickness & In Flames
Frozen Factory | Numbered EP
Fruit Bats | Siamese Dream

Funeral for Two | Funeral for Two EP
The Marion Gaines Singers | Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Reissue
Nubia Garcia | Source
Evangeline Gentle | Evangeline Gentle
The Georgia Thunderbolts | The Georgia Thunderbolts EP
The Germs | Cat’s Clause Vinyl
Gersey | Hope Springs
Stan Getz | The Essential Works 1962
Ghost Liotta | Ghost Liotta
Bebel Gilberto | Agora
Girl Friday | Androgynous Mary
Tyree Glenn Jr. | Superbad: The Best Of Tyree Glenn Jr. Vinyl
Goddamnit | Goddamnit / Traverse Vinyl
God’s Bastard | Last Standing Village
Ludwig Göransson | The Mandalorian: Chapter 1 Picture Disc
Robert Gordon | Rockabilly For Life Vinyl
Milo Gore | How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?
T. Gowdy | Therapy With Colour Vinyl
Grafh / DJ Green Lantern | Oracle III Vinyl
The Grateful Dead | Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 1–Oakland 12-28-79 Vinyl Reissue
The Gravity Drive | The Wildlight
Grit | Grit
Guided By Voices | Alien Lanes 25th Anniversary Edition
Guided By Voices | Mirrored Aztec
Gull | Relative Stranger

Norio Hanzawa | Alien Soldier Vinyl
Happy Dead Men | Vines Grown Between My Eyes
Kree Harrison | Chosen Family Tree
PJ Harvey | Rid Of Me Vinyl Reissue
PJ Harvey | 4-Track Demos Vinyl Reissue
Maya Hawke | Blush
(HED) P.E. | Class of 2020
Homicide | Left For Dead
Høst | Survive EP
Humavoid | Lidless
Hyolyn | Say My Name
Idle Threat | Nothing Is Broken For Good EP
Ikonika | Hollow EP
I Like Trains | Kompromat
Illuminine | Dear, Piano
Imogen | Making Of Me EP
Incantation | Sect of Vile Divinities
Indiana Bradley | Ghost Star
Indigos | Indigos EP
Innumerable Forms | Despotic Rule EP
Internal Rot | Mental Hygiene
Itzy | Not Shy
Jadu Heart | Hyper Romance
Siv Jakobsen | A Temporary Soothing
Emma Jane | Bars & Ballrooms

Jefferson Starship | Mother Of The Sun EP
JW-Jones | Self-Isolation
Jerry Joseph | The Beautiful Madness
Junius | The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist Vinyl
Avi Kaplan | Lean On Me EP
Katalepsy | Terra Mortuus Est Vinyl
Devon Kay & the Solutions | Limited Joy
Kaz | 529: The Mixtape
Pat Keen | Cells Remain
Keys | Home Schooling
Kid Dad | In A Box
The Killers | Imploding The Mirage
Killtarzen | The Goner EP
Kill the Lights | The Sinner
David Kimbrough Jr. | Say You Don’t Love Me: The Last Recordings Vinyl
King Mud / Left Lane Cruiser / Radio Moscow | Victory Motel Sessions Vinyl
The King’s Pistol | Rip It Up
KOJ | Home
Simone Kopmajer | My Wonderland Vinyl
Kutiman | Wachaga Vinyl
Michael Landau & The Players Club | Liquid Quartet Live
Mark Lanegan Band | Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA Remixes)
Elsie Lange | Talk To Me
L.A. Witch | Play With Fire
Lecrae | Restoration

The Legends | The Legends Vinyl
Lemon Demon | Nature Tapes Vinyl
The Lemon Twigs | Songs for the General Public
Lisa Lerkenfeldt | Collagen
Less Bells | Mourning Jewelry
Lewis | Son on the Floor
Liar, Flower | Geiger Counter
Die Liga der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen | Ferien Für Immer EP
Gordon Lightfoot | Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind DVD
Nils Lofgren | Weathered
Lonesome Shack | Desert Dreams Vinyl
Lotus | Free Swim
Lucius | Wildewomen Vinyl
Simon Lunche | Never Knew the Night
Colette Lush | Lush: The Experience EP
Aksak Maboul | Figures Vinyl
Madness | One Step Beyond Vinyl
Mad Max | Stormchild Rising
Clara Mae | Drunk on Emotions EP
Maggot Heart | Mercy Machine Vinyl
The Magic Gang | Death Of The Party
Main Phase | Never Let Go EP
Malevolent Creation | Australian Onslaught Vinyl
Malik | Spectrum
Maliko & DJ Scribe | The Lighthouse

Malneezy | Last Kid On Earth
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Catnip Dynamite Deluxe Edition
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Glamping Deluxe Edition
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | The Land of Pure Imagination Deluxe Edition
Misha Mansoor | Archives Volume 4
Maps | EP4
Marsicans | Ursa Major Vinyl
Masn | How to Kill a Rockstar EP
Mating Ritual | The Bungalow
Matmos | The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form
The Mavericks | En Español
Dent May | Late Checkout
H.C. McEntire | Eno Axis
Tim McGraw | Here on Earth
Tom McKay | Hung By the Wings of Fate
Declan McKenna | Zeros
Meadow Meadow | Meadow Meadow EP
Simón Mejía | Mirla
Brigitte Mena | Element
Mercyless | The Mother of All Plagues
Meridian Brothers | Cumbia Siglo XXI
Serginho Meriti | Bon Momentos Vinyl
Mero | Seele
Metrik | Ex Machina Vinyl
Midnight Danger | Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare

Milo Gore | How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?
The Milwaukees | The Calling
Paul Molloy | The Fifth Dandelion
Moon Machine | Moon Machine
Moorgi And Manksho | The Wild Feast
Sally Anne Morgan | Thread
Moths / The Stone Eye | Split
Motiörhead | England 1971 Vinyl
Mountain | Flowers Of Evil Vinyl
Muse | Simulation Theory: The IMAX Experience
My Favorite Color | Velma
My Morning Jacket | Z 15th Anniversary Edition
Naked Giants | The Shadow
Nas | King’s Disease
Milton Nascimento | Último Trem Vinyl
Nekrokraft | Witches Funeral/Return of the Kvlt
Nexion | Seven Oracles Vinyl
Next Life | Guru Meditation
Nigel | Tantrum Vinyl
Jack Nitzsche | Jack Nitzsche Vinyl
No Joy | Motherhood
The Notwist | Ship EP
Nyssa | Girls Like Me
The Obsessed | Live at Big Dipper
Odina | What I Never Told You

The Old 97’s | Twelfth
112 | 112 Forever EP
Only Now | Black Wind / Merciless Destiny EP
Orbital Speed Limit | Music Inspired By Space Tourism EP2
Aidan O’Rourke | 365 Complete Works 10
Ozric Tentacles | Become The Other Vinyl
Fitz Pape | From My Guitar at Home
Pausal | Melatonia
Pavement | Wowee Zowee 25th Anniversary Single
Del Paxton | September, Bedtime, Ontario EP
Peanuts | Peanuts Portraits Vinyl Reissue
Tony Peppers | Pamela Vinyl
Phantom Instrument Choir | Quantum Fruit Radio
Dylan Phillips | Undercurrents EP
Esther Phillips | Brand New Day: The Lenox / Atlantic & Roulette Recordings (1962-1970)
Rey Pila | Velox Veritas
Pilot | The Albums
Maria Joao Pires / Wie Abbado | Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 14 & 26
Point North | Brand New Vision
Pop Filter | Banksia
Pozzi | Tyrant
Precambrian | Tectonics
Sam Prekop | Comma
Prism Driver | Prisma-Treiber
Prodyy! | forever_forgotten.zip

Chuck Prophet | The Land That Time Forgot
Psychlona | Venus Skytrip
Pulsallama | Pulsallama Vinyl
Matthew Putman and Michael Sarian | Improvisations Vol. II
Pyramid Theorem | Beyond The Exosphere
Race Banyon | EP2
Raise A Suilen | Era
Hania Rani | Home Vinyl
Rank & File | Sundown Vinyl
Real Bad Man | On High Alert Vol 2 Vinyl
Reasons Behind | Project: M.I.S.T.
Recognize Ali | Recognition
Red Wanting Blue | The Peppermint Sessions
Jacques Renault | Los Sures EP
Reserving Dirtnaps | Another Disaster EP
Rezurex | Skeletons Vinyl
Jehry Robinson | 20/Twenty
Roomful of Teeth | The Ascendant EP
Roomful of Teeth | Just Constellations EP
Jeff Rosenstock | No Dream Vinyl
Rubber Tea | Infusion Vinyl
Sadness | Enter Please
Zeb Samuels | Vibration Exploration EP
SAOR | Aura Reissue
SAOR | Roots Reissue

Secret Machines | Awake In The Brain Chamber
Sejeong | Whale
Self Hypnosis | Contagion of Despair
Sepsiss | 11-11
JJ Shiplett | Crossed Fingers
Shovels & Rope | By Blood Deluxe Edition
Shrapnel Storm | Shrapnel Storm
Shrimpnose | A Ghost From A Memory
Tommy Siegel | Another Century Wasted
Siggy Magic and the Hey-Hoe Band | Commercials For Free E.P.
Silvestre | Uau Novo EP! (+ remixes de Príncipe)
JD Simo | JD Simo Vinyl
Sarah Siskind | Modern Appalachia Vinyl
Troye Sivan | In a Dream
Skyxxx | Madhouse EP
Skyzoo & Dumbo Station | The Bluest Note Vinyl
Sleeping With Sirens | How It Feels To Be Lost Deluxe Edition
Sloper | Sloper Vinyl
Slowdive | Pygmalion Vinyl
Small Professor | A Jawn Supreme Vol. 2
Smoke City | Flying Away Vinyl
SmooVth | Young SmooVth 2
Sneaks | Happy Birthday
Snow Patrol & The Saturday Songwriters | The Fireside Sessions EP
Sound of Origin | The All Seeing Eye

Realio Sparkzwell & Clypto | Bloody Luciano
Spectacular Diagnostics | methodandtechniques
Tobin Sprout | Empty Horses
Spun Out | Touch The Sound
KC Star | Crushes
Stephen | Akrasia
Stick In The Wheel | Hold Fast
Stoned Jesus | First Communion 10th Anniversary Edition
Stonewall Noise Orchestra | Deathtripper Vinyl
Summersets | Small Town Saturday EP
Sun On Shade | Sun On Shade Vinyl
Swamp Doctor | The Swamp Doctor
Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit | Axis/Another Revolvable Thing
The Tangent | Auto Reconnaissance
Horace Tapscott Quintet | The Giant Is Awakened Vinyl
Teejayx6 | X6
The Texicana Mamas | The Texicana Mamas
These Streets | Expect the Worst
Theyrgy | Exit Strategies EP
Thousand Below | Let Go Of Your Love EP
Christian Tin | To Shiver the Sky
Lila Tirando a Violeta | Limerencia
Tjo | Songs For Peacock Vinyl
Tom Tom Club | Tom Tom Club Vinyl
Toxic Tito | Bestia

Töxik Death | Sepulchral Demons
Trees Of Eternity | Hour Of The Nightingale Vinyl
Trummors | Dropout City
Tuning | Defining The Purpose Vinyl
Josh Turner | Country State of Mind
Turning Jewels Into Water | Our Reflection Adorned by Newly Formed Stars
Unleash the Archers | Abyss
Unlike Pluto | Messy Mind
Unreal City | Cruelty of Heaven
J. Vague | New Life
The Vandals | Fear Of A Punk Planet Vinyl
John Vanderslice | Eeeeeeeep EP
Various Artists | Alligator Records: 2020 Blues
Various Artists | The Buddy Holly Story Vinyl Soundtrack
Various Artists | Cha Cha Au Harem | Orientica-France 1960/1964
Various Artists | Inner City Review Vinyl
Various Artists | Willie Nile Uncovered: Celebrating 40 Years of Music
Various Artists | Reiten Presents Enso 2020 Vinyl
Veonity | Sorrows
Verikyyneleet | Ilman Kuolemaa
Vibravoid | Decomposition Of Noise Vinyl
Vibravoid | Delirium Der Sinne Vinyl
Vicious Rumors | Celebration Decay
Bryce Vine | Problems EP
Vita & The Woolf | Anna Ohio

Volcanova | Radical Waves
Voracious Scourge | In Death
Wafia | Good Things EP
ML Wah | Shinki Water
Alan Wakeman | The Octet Broadcasts: 1969 and 1979
The Waterboys | Good Luck, Seeker
Dee Watkins | Problem Child 2
Wattam | Wattam Vinyl
WC No Beat | Griff
Jamie Webster | We Get By
White Lion | All You Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Complete Albums 1985-1991
The Wilderness | Until Tomorrow
Willow | Willow Vinyl
Eli Winter | Unbecoming
The WRS | The WRS
X-Perience | 555
Young Ryan G & Ashi | Raindrops
YTN Kuu | Across The Street: The Sequel Nobody Wanted
Ziminy | Love Language
J. Zunz | Hibiscus

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