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The Zep-loving duo are the next best thing to ... well, Greta Van Fleet, I guess.


We already have Greta Van Fleet. Do we really need another new band that blatantly rips off Led Zeppelin? Cause that’s pretty much all Crown Lands seem to be, right down to the tight-trousered singer and the muscular blues-rock grooves. Oh sure, the duo dabble in some more modern sounds borrowed from the likes of Black Keys and White Stripes on this seven-track EP (which they call an album even though it’s not really). But no matter how far they roam (which isn’t really very far), they never stray far enough to lose sight of the mothership. On the plus side, I have to admit they pull it off pretty well, thanks in no small part to the ever-reliable Dave Cobb’s guidance and production. Other points in their favour: Unlike the reap Zep, they’re almost certain to show up if they’re nominated for a Juno Award (and since this is a massively hyped release on a major label, you know they’re gonna be). And hey, it’s not like Jimmy Page is ever gonna put out an album again (no matter how many times he promises). So you might as well crank this up, squeeze your lemon, ramble on and enjoy the next best thing to … well, Greta Van Fleet, I guess.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Powerhouse Canadian rock duo Crown Lands unveil their self-titled debut album. Crown Lands was recorded in the iconic RCA Studio A in Nashville and produced by six-time Grammy winner Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Chris Stapleton). Kevin Comeau (guitar, keys) explains, “the record is a culmination of five years of work. We started Crown Lands in 2015 with the view to put out a cohesive body of work. We have finally done that! We started writing this record last year after touring with Primus and Jack White. We took that influence and ran with it. When we met Dave we knew he had to be the guy to make this record with us. We loved his organic, live-off-the-floor approach and the desire to capture a real performance. He pushed us way out of our comfort zones and I think I’m ultimately a better guitarist for it. He’s a masterful arranger and we spent a lot of time on the Mellotron arrangements on the record. I love the retro yet timeless quality of the sonics on the record. It captures us as we are — two music nerds obsessed with prog rock of old, but with a desire to bring those sounds into modern songwriting.” After meeting six years ago and bonding over their shared love of music, Cody Bowles and Kevin Comeau became “instant best friends” and started jamming together in a local barn, switching up instruments, but never straying from a two-piece set-up. Crown Lands have released two EPs: Mantra (2016) and Rise Over Run (2017). Making music that brings together a range of influences from folk and blues to psychedelic to prog rock and drawing on their own intense personal chemistry, Crown Lands are a startlingly fresh jolt of energy. The group’s name is indicative of their musical ambitions: “Crown Land” is territorial area belonging to the monarch — or, as Bowles puts it: “Crown Land is stolen land and we are reclaiming it.” Crown Lands are on a mission to represent a sense of empowerment for marginalized communities through their music and the weighty subject matter of their lyrics. “People are going to listen to you, so you may as well say something that matters,” says Comeau.”