Gurth Offer A Post-Hardcore Proposition: Take Me Home

The Toronto foursome dig deep into a toxic relationship with their latest single.


Gurth hit you where you live with their searing and surging new single and performance video Take Me Home — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second preview single from the post-hardcore outfit’s upcoming debut album The Well, Take Me Home digs deep into the aftermath of a love gone very wrong. “She was gorgeous, successful, charismatic, and completely fucking insane,” reveals frontman Taylor Martin. “The mood swings were frequent and spanned the top of the Himalayas to the bottom of hell. The love bombing was as intense as the dissociation was cold … Of course the cycles of chaos deepened the hook and after a few short months I couldn’t imagine life without her. Needless to say the relationship crashed and burned hard, and left me destitute with two options: 1) say goodnight, or 2) put myself back together properly. I chose the latter and started therapy.”

And he wrote an album. “The Well represents an awakening,” he says. ”The shift from autonomic, robotic movement through life to self-awareness, and a conscious understanding of why the hell I got myself into this mess. I already feel nostalgic for this period of instability, pain, transformation, and growth; an indication that I need music to deal with the discomfort I feel in times of peace.”

Martin shares that discomfort with bandmates Brody Post (guitar, vocals), Vadim Balanyuk (bass) and Daniel Goldstein (drums). Gurth were born in Toronto in 2015, when Martin and Goldstein met and began developing their distinctive sound. They released two experimental EPs — Autophage in 2018 and A Better End in 2019 — which were well-received by the hard-rock community. Building on that early success, they fleshed out the lineup with Post and Balanyuk, and began crafting The Well.

The album, like the single, features Gurth’s iconic blend of contrasting sound: The sweet highs of euphoric infatuation and deep lows of eviscerating heartache, Take Me Home begins soft and builds like a rollercoaster, taking us on a wild ride through intense obsession, barreling toward the inevitable reckoning.

Watch Take Me Home above, check out more sounds from Gurth below, and see how they measure up at their website, Facebook and Instagram.