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The ’70s-rock survivors 'put the Deep back into Purple' with their latest studio set.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Whoosh! follows Deep Purple’s worldwide chart-topping albums inFinite (2017) and NOW What?! (2013) — and the suspense and speculations among the fan community created by cryptic messages from singer Ian Gillan last December. For the third time, Deep Purple join forces with producer Bob Ezrin, who invited the band to Nashville to write and record new songs. Together they created the most versatile album in their collaboration. Deep Purple “stretched out in all directions” without any limitation, letting their creativity go. “Deep Purple is putting the Deep back into Purple” was the half-joking motto in the studio after the first songs made it clear that Ezrin and Purple were on their path to creating an album pushing the boundaries of time, while voicing their resentment about the current situation of the world and addressing all generations.”

MY TWO CENTS: Due to some really shitty circumstances that were totally beyond my control — and trust me, you truly don’t want to know — I had neither the time nor the brainpower to review albums this week. So consider this a recommendation, or a referral, or a heads-up, or whatever. That’s the best I can do right now. Regular programming will resume next week (assuming nothing even shittier happens). Thanks for your patience.

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