Indie Roundup | 22 Tracks For A Neighbourly Monday

RTJ, Austra, Sam Tudor, Goat Necropsy and more start the week off right.

Run The Jewels just do it with Zack and Pharrell, Austra waits for no one, Sam Tudor keeps his word, Trent sets off his life alert and more in your Monday roundup. As I sit outside writing this, my neighbours on the right are trying to corral four screaming kids, and the neighbours on the left are smoking their daily after-work joint. Should I introduce them?



1 | Run The Jewels | JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Run The Jewels, the lauded duo of El-P and Killer Mike, have shared a new lyric video for JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) from their critically adored new release RTJ4. The album standout has been paired with a mind-bending stop motion visual courtesy of Pulse FilmsWinston Hacking. “I worked closely with Run The Jewels to create a satirical time-capsule of 2020 thus far, capturing the sentiment of their song using collage animation,” states Hacking. “Drawing on the influence of Public Enemy’s classic Shut ‘Em Down video, we combined cut up images from contemporary and historical events into a psychedelic protest vignette, a visual fuck you to systemic racism.”

2 | Austra | I Am Not Waiting

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Fresh from the release of her brilliant fourth album HiRUDiN in May, Austra (aka Katie Austra Stelmanis), shares the video for I Am Not Waiting, directed by Trevor Blumas and starring Sheida Arbabian. On I Am Not Waiting, over ESG-style basslines, Stelmanis’ voice cuts through like a beacon singing the refrain ‘I’m over you’ repeatedly. “Trevor and I have been collaborating for a while now on a few different projects so he’s got a really good understanding of the themes across HiRUDiN and I Am Not Waiting in particular,” says Stelmanis. “Given the limitations we were faced with because of Corona, I let him have free rein to do what he wanted here. I’m thrilled with the result, it’s so nice collaborating with someone you can fully trust to represent your work.”

3 | Sam Tudor | Everybody’s Keeping Their Word

THE PRESS RELEASE:Sam Tudor shares the first single, Everybody’s Keeping Their Word, from his forthcoming album set for release Fall 2020. Tudor’s latest record was written over a three-year period between Toronto and Vancouver and mixed back in Tudor’s home in interior B.C., where the video for Everybody’s Keeping Their Word was also shot. Tudor and his brothers grew up at a forest research station, “a place that has always offered us a sort of safe harbour from the cities where we now live.” In making this video, says Tudor, “our only goal was to capture the strange energy of the place while we were living and working there with our friends.”

4 | Trent The HOOLiGAN | Life Alert

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Working in the tradition of OutKast, Goodie Mob, and UGK, Trent The HOOLiGAN is living proof that the South still has something to say. Today, Trent announces AllGasNoBreakz, a new EP slated to come out at the end of summer and shares a video for Life Alert.Life Alert is an introspective take on materialism disguised as a hard-ass rap song. I had something different in mind when I wrote the hook; but when CRSN played that beat, my whole vision for the song changed.”


5 | Goat Necropsy | The Collector

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Brazilian spattergore / goregrind revelation band Goat Necropsy debut their first official video clip The Collector. The videoclip, which was recorded in São Paulo / SP, features horror scenes from the british short film Pretty Little Dead Thing 2, written and directed by Anthony Wilson. The duo continue to finalize the work to launch their first full-length, which will be released soon. Although labeled as deathgrind, the style of the band is pleasantly extreme, but also digestible, incorporating characteristics of deathcore to standardize the intensity.”

6 | Immaterial Possession | Tropical Still Life

THE PRESS RELEASE:Immaterial Possession was conceived by Atlanta natives Cooper Holmes and Madeline Polites, who share a history of the underground DIY Atlanta music, theater, and arts scene. The duo moved to Athens and was soon granted the seasoned drummer, John Spiegel, and eventually fulfilled with Kiran Jeremy Fernandes (keyboards, clarinets, flutes) — descendant of Elephant 6’s beloved John Fernandes (Circulatory System, Olivia Tremor Control, Cloud Recordings). Their self-titled album comes out Friday, and Tropical Still Life is the final preview. Say the band: “Exploration of the power in finding animation in an object, or a still-life, and using that insight to shake the self from the stillness in a void. Traversing self-preservation in a relentlessly defeating world.”

7 | Paradise | One of A Kind: From The Van

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Like many musicians and bands around the world, members of Montreal’s heavy stoner rockers Paradise have been separated from one another as a precaution to the Covid 19 pandemic. Not able to see each other to have regular jams along with postponements of performances, the band has adapted to the state of the world and continues to promote their heavy and winding arrangements of corrosive rock with the creation of a new quarantine video series entitled From The Van. “All we want to do is play, but we find ourselves just like everyone else, distancing and in confinement, but we did find a loophole and a coincidence that we all own our own vans. So we decided to each record ourselves performing our tunes with multi-camera angles. We couldn’t do it on stage, couldn’t do it for our fans, so we did it in our vans! Enjoy the quarantine van version of our track One of A Kind” says vocalist R.L. Black.”

8+9 | Amiensus | Drowned + A Convocation Of Spirits

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rochester, Minn. progressive black metal collective Amiensus will unleash their anticipated Abreaction full-length Oct. 2. In advance, the band recently issued two new tracks, Drowned and A Convocation Of Spirits, for public feasting. “Drowned is the expression of progressive and melodic music found on both the band’s first two LPs. Brutal, progressive, and melodic describe this single more than anything before. A Convocation Of Spirits is mystifying, featuring anguished harsh vocals, lush cello, twelve-string acoustic guitar, and Zeppelin-esque clean parts while remaining firmly rooted in atmospheric black metal.”

10 | Girlhood | Sister

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The new single from the duo of Christian Pinchbeck and Tessa Cavanna comes in line with the announcement of their debut LP Girlhood, out Oct. 23. Sister is another sunkissed cut from the pair, welding together tar thick grooves and Screamadelica-esque choruses. As with previous singles, this new one focuses on womanhood and what it means. Speaking about the track, Cavanna says: “For me, Sister is about celebrating love in all her shapes, colours and sounds! These beautiful people throw their loving arms around us! I am thankful for Love and for ALL my sisters!”

11 | The Silent Years | Spider Season

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A decade after its recording, The Silent Years’ long-lost album Spider Season will see the light of day on Sept. 25. Stream a first taste from the record, The River. “A decade or so ago, it was all falling apart,” says The Silent Years frontman Josh Epstein (now renowned for his work in indie pop duo JR JR). “We had just finished pouring ourselves into the creation of what we felt would be our ‘big breakout record’, after years of battling in the trenches to gain a semi-respectable foothold in the indie world. Unfortunately, things went the other direction. That was 2010. This year, I listened to that record for the first time since. So, here it is. 10 years too late, yet still feeling like an especially beautiful thing made with incredible people. I hope you all can connect with it as such.”

12+13 | Gordi | Sydney Opera House Performance + Wrecking Ball

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This past Saturday, Gordi performed at the Sydney Opera House to celebrate her new album Our Two Skins. The show was broadcast globally as part of the Sydney Opera House’s digital program From Our House to Yours. Performing a full set with her four-piece band, this special one-off event was Gordi’s debut performance at the iconic venue. Over the weekend, Gordi and her band also debuted a cover of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus as part of triple j’s Like A Version series.”

14 | Basic White | Brigade

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s been an incredible year of growth and success for London, Ont., rock trio Basic White. Since the release of their debut album The Second Half, the band has seen its popularity soar. Comprised of founder/guitarist/songwriter Riley White, guitarist Sandro Di Stefano and drummer Jordan Wallace, they are as talented, driven and savvy as any young act on the circuit. The second and final single from the album is Brigade, a powerful anthem about the importance of building a support system around yourself to help reach your dreams and get through the hard times. It’s White’s version of Band of Brothers. “The music video for Brigade was shot at a big mansion on the outskirts of London, so it’s a real visual treat. The song and the video are somewhat purposely a big contrast to each other. The song is about starting the band, whereas the video is more about a toxic relationship where you’re at war with each other.”

15 | Katie Gately | Flow

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Earlier this year, Katie Gately released her new album Loom. The album is a haunting collection of songs in which Gately channels the loss of her mother, using loaded sound samples including earthquakes, explosions, wolf howls, peacock screams, grinding stones and more. Today, Gately shares the video for Flow, a delicate, ghostly track in which she sings from her mother’s perspective with an otherworldly sense of acceptance and calm. Gately says, “My mom moved through the world with her rib cage cracked right open: heart out front and center. When you live this way, armor-free, you get zapped often but you also get to feel life as fully as it can be felt. Every little miracle is allowed in to have a party. There is a real muscularity to this kind of vulnerability and this song tries to capture it. In part, to make a pretty song. In whole, to keep my mother’s voice loud and bright.”

16 | The Vendettas | Face To Face

THE PRESS RELEASE: “There is nothing better than guitar-driven, hook-laden, straight up rock ’n’ roll and Melbourne based The Vendettas are one band that fits right into that category. Face To Face is their new single — dynamic, high energy, hard rock track that stacks up against the likes of Buckcherry and Velvet Revolver. Known for their signature tones & vocal melodies, The Vendettas produce a sound influenced by all the greats of the genre; Stone Temple Pilots, Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones, to name a few.”

17 | Gob Patrol | Anarchy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Las Vegas punks Gob Patrol have released their new single Anarchy. Gob Patrol are heavily inspired by the legendary ’80s U.S. punk scene highlighted by acts such as Black Flag, GBH, Minor Threat and The Germs. Anarchy is a track directly under the influence of the aforementioned acts. It’s angsty, rebellious, chaotic and 100% pure old-school punk rock. The idea of Gob Patrol started in 2018 with Jay the guitarist meeting the singer Slam in Las Vegas over a discussion of punk rock bands. They soon found bass player Gogo and drummer Cody.”

18 | Orden Ogan | In The Dawn Of The AI

THE PRESS RELEASE:Orden Ogan release their new single In The Dawn Of The AI, the first track to be taken from upcoming album Final Days, set for release on Nov. 13. “A lot of hard work was necessary to create this song,” singer Seeb comments. “I think it’s a quite epic-elaborate track which style-wise fans might expect from us. This time we added a touch of Sci-Fi, and this will be something you can witness throughout the entire new Final Days album. In The Dawn Of The AI is one of the doomsday scenarios we show on the album. It’s about the most likely scenario when creating a ‘real’ artificial intelligence which becomes self-aware, constantly learns and grows.”

19 | Ngoni | No One

THE PRESS RELEASE:No One is a striking new track from Ngoni, an emerging Canadian artist originally from Jamaica. A moving, soulful aesthetic is led by brooding vocals, a string-laden undercurrent, and powerful brass movements. Ngoni hails from Toronto and wows listeners with his unique innovations in alternative pop. His music diffuses a world of influences, creating a blend of rhythm and song that are vulnerable and haunting at once. His distinct voice is as unique as the late Nina Simone, defining him as a young artist with an old soul. Ngoni Reid (whose first name originates from the Zulu people of Africa) was born in Jamaica in the early ‘90s. Music and song were ingrained in him from an early age, both from the church and particularly his paternal grandfather Mortimer Planno, one of the ideological founders of the Rastafarian movement.”

20 | Gravity Circus | Millennial Crisis, Pop Rocks!

THE PRESS RELEASE:Millennial Crisis, Pop Rocks! is a track from Gravity Circus, a Dutch duo formed in 2016. Their sound here is a catchy one, guided by spirited vocals, fluid guitar-pop, and consuming hooks. From the duo: “This one is for those whose hair is thinning and don’t wanna age. For those who wake up feeling drained. For those who watch most of their old friends get married, have kids, or both. For those who have a repetitious routine like listening to the same radio station all the time and wonder why everything feels like Groundhog Day. Rules are not for you, okay, but at least clean your room. Welcome to being a stagnant infant! Not quite sure what went wrong, but while you’re here enjoy your stay!”

21 | Natali Kruger | Tiger

THE PRESS RELEASE:Nathalie Garcia aka Natali Kruger (or Baby Kruger) is a French sound artist based in Brussels, Belgium. With her latest record 83% invisible, Kruger expresses a profound reflection on her research, extending her thematic scope by focalizing the relationship between sound, the corporeal, consciousness and the natural world. Aiming to mirror the perception of natural sounds as a living 3D environment, Kruger creates an enveloping sound world. Listen to Tiger now.”

22 | The Loft Club | Heard Her Say

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Psychedelic-tipped indie quintet The Loft Club release Heard Her Say, the lead focus track from their debut album Dreaming The Impossible.Heard Her Say is one of those songs that just wrote itself. It came to me very fast and very easily,” says The Loft Club frontman/songwriter Daniel Schamroth. “I was looking out the window, strumming the guitar, watching the birds in the sky, and the words and main melody just fell out. There’s a bit of a Cast influence in there plus some Byrds. I couldn’t tell you the exact meaning behind the song, but the theme centers around the fleeting, dreamlike nature of life and how ever hard we chase it, it always eludes us in the end.” The track is taken from Dreaming The Impossible, the band’s debut album out Aug. 7.”