Indie Roundup | 38 Tracks For A Monumental Midweek

Wednesday goes widescreen with Rebelmatic, Fuzz, Godcaster and plenty more.

Rebelmatic go for the gold, Godcaster get feral, Heavy Salad make a wish, Eleven7four get crazy, The Nude Party shine on and more in today’s mammoth Midweek Roundup. There are new tracks from Delta Spirit, Dawes, Ty Segall and more buried treasures below. Happy hunting.



1 | Rebelmatic | Blood and Gold / Fire This Time

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New York City hardcore vets Rebelmatic shared the energizing new video for Blood and Gold — the second single from their highly-anticipated new full-length Ghost In The Shadows, due out Aug. 28. The clip also features the band’s track Fire This Time, highlighted by shredding guitars and lyrics that serve as a rallying cry. Says Creature (Vocals): “Blood and Gold symbolizes how we live in a world where blood is spilled over gold. The “Blood” represents life and the “Gold” represents value. The song is about self worth and the value of life. It’s a motivational song to overcome trials and tribulations. It’s a fight to survive in the world, and you will get knocked down. Blood and Gold says no matter what, “Don’t stop, Get up.”

2 | Godcaster | All The Feral Girls in the Universe

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising from the underground river of primordial goo that runs between New York City and Philadelphia and ascending toward some unknown ethereal plane beyond our comprehension, comes to us the revelatory debut of music and mythos from Godcaster, Long Haired Locusts. The venerated and shining troupe of David McFaul (keys), Von Lee (flute, vox), Lindsay Dobbs (trombone, vox), Bruce Ebersole (bass guitar), Sam Pickard (drums), and Judson Kolk (vox, guitar) transmit a brand of devout, sassy rock and pop that thrashes through stages of blissful, comforting highs and devastating lows, preaching the convergence of the holy and the heretical. Songs like All the Feral Girls in the Universe naturally build upon an undeniably danceable composition until it reaches, like the album as a whole reaches, a phenomenally euphoric peak.”

3 | Heavy Salad | The Wish

THE PRESS RELEASE:Heavy Salad are back with brand new single The Wish. It sees Heavy Salad rip through three minutes of razor-sharp hooks and hard rocking power pop! Produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys / Working Men’s Club) at his studio in Sheffield, The Wish is a passionate anthem for uncertain times. Amongst fuzzed-up new wave guitars from Rob Glennie and fierce, pounding drums from Allan Hutchison, lead singer Lee deadpans “reproduction reaps destruction”, as he states “I cannot save you, I can’t even save myself.” “The song seeks to turn the mirror on society and reconsider how we approach our lives”, explains Lee, “I want to turn my nihilism into something positive!”

4 | Eleven7four | Stupid Crazy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealand-via-Zimbabwe brothers eleven7four share the visualizer for their latest song, Stupid Crazy, from their upcoming debut album, What’s The 1174? (Side 1). The brothers share, “Stupid Crazy is the moment we step foot off the plane straight to the party, leave everything you know at the door. Don’t overthink or make it harder than it has to be just live in the moment. go stupid go crazy it doesn’t have to make sense just stick to the basics!”

5 | The Nude Party | Shine Your Light

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Nude Party are set to return with their sophomore album Midnight Manor on Oct. 2. The 12-song set was recorded live-to-tape over six days at the Outlier Inn in upstate New York and mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile). Today, the share the video for the single Shine Your Light. The video was directed by The Nude Party along with Alex Purifoy and Bryan Janiczek while they all self-quarantined together at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.”


6 | Dawes | Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

THE PRESS RELEASE:Dawes’ seventh studio LP, Good Luck With Whatever, arrives on Friday, Oct. 2. Produced by Grammy winner Dave Cobb at Nashville’s famed RCA Studio A, Good Luck With Whatever is heralded by today’s premiere of Who Do You Think You’re Talking To? From its first downbeat, the new LP sees Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith grappling with the expectations of adulthood on a remarkable cycle of new songs fueled by many of the same elements that first earned the band worldwide attention and applause – graceful melodies with kinetic riffs and intricate musical interplay. “In the past, I’ve definitely been more precious about the way I wanted the songs to sound, but that’s never as fun,” Goldsmith says. “The music we make is everyone’s mode of expression, and the other guys all have chops that I don’t have and never will. The fact that we’re able to lean on each other and celebrate each other as individuals just makes us so much more excited about getting to play together in this band.”

7 | Northcote | Nine To Midnight

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian singer-songwriter and captivating storyteller Northcote (moniker for Matthew Goud) shares a dreamy video for his gorgeous new single Nine To Midnight. Once again showcasing his innate ability to craft accessible and engaging lyrics, Nine To Midnight explores the sacrifices that parents make to provide for their families. The song is a celebration of long-term commitments and glorifying humility. “Nine to Midnight is a quiet story told closely and is supported by a subdued and intimate performance from the band,” shares Northcote.”

8 | Audra Santa | Naked

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I just released my new music video Naked. Self-produced, directed and edited during quarantine. As I rediscovered my power after leaving an unhealthy marriage and life of pleasing others, I began writing The Boudoir Project EP, an expression of my sensuality and sexuality. This began as a secret project, but I am now ready to share it with the world, beginning with Naked. Sensual and expressive, Naked is about how tangible sound can be when paired with desire — about wanting someone so badly that hearing their voice is almost enough. But really, this desire is something we can meet inside of ourselves, and that’s what writing this project did for me. Having spent months letting desire and longing churn inside me and come out in song, this felt like the epitome of that expression. It’s nuanced and arty…and I pour honey on my head! I like putting myself in sticky situations.”

9 | The Ones You Forgot | Something For Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Jersey pop/rock band The Ones You Forgot have released their new single Something For Me. Released with a lyric video, Something For Me is a refreshing story of freedom, paired with refreshing elements of power pop and punk. About the new single, the band states: “Something For Me embraces the freedom of escaping an unhealthy relationship, and the struggle that unfortunately comes along with it. It’s all about realizing the love you deserve and learning that it’s not fair for you to keep waiting for respect, especially when you repeatedly ask for it. One of the most frustrating parts, is when you still crave that person even when you know they are only killing you from the inside out.”

10 | Planningtorock | Drama Darling

THE PRESS RELEASE:Planningtorock — aka celebrated gender-queer song writer, composer, producer and director Jam Rostron — has teamed up with Chanel for PlanningtoChanel, out today. The artist also shares a video for Drama Darling, directed by Planningtorock and motion animation by artist Jenni Pasanen. “Usually when I direct a video for a Planningtorock song I know what visual I wanna go for because my songs are about me and my story,” Jam explains. “Drama Darling was different. This track was not about me.”

11 | Facing The Gallows | Virginia

THE PRESS RELEASE:Facing The Gallows bring back the early days of metalcore and present their new and fourth video single. The song Virginia is about dealing with loss. Named after guitarist James’ mother who passed away, the message is about dealing with that experience on a personal level and in part the isolation that comes with it. “We’re always trying to evolve and do things differently. Stepping out of our comfort zone and offer something fresh to our audience. We also want to share some of the history of the band and the relationship that we have with all members current and previous. Revealing the FTG Family that exists behind the scenes. We re-recorded Virginia to showcase all of this.”

12 | Trae Sheehan | To Be Alone

THE PRESS RELEASE: “From his homeschooled upbringing on an Alpaca farm in West Virginia, Trae Sheehan has always made the time to focus on crafting songs. From learning the ropes from his musician parents to going on tour as soon as he acquired a driver’s license, Sheehan used his every minute of that time to prepare himself for a busy, fruitful career in music. On Sept. 18, Sheehan will release his third full-length album, Postcards from the Country. To Be Alone is the first single and video.”

13 | Numün | Voyage Au Soleil

THE PRESS RELEASE:Numün is a new collaboration between Bob Holmes of SUSS and Joel Mellin and Christopher Romero of Gamelan Dharma Swara. Each of these three has had a pretty amazing career with a whole lot of very diverse creative activities, performing music that ranges from country-punk to gamelan to new music, building instruments and installations, composing for theater, dance and VR. Voyage Au Soleil is the first video and single from the album. Says Bob Holmes: “This song brings the whole strange ride to a wild conclusion — definitely a trip to the heart of the sun. This song started with a beautiful fretless banjo riff from Chris, and once the tambourines went down we knew where this track was headed. I was in high school all over again looking for my long lost bong.”

14 | Harry Jay-Steele | Wish For One Night’

THE PRESS RELEASE: “East London based singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Harry Jay-Steele shares the animated visual for his recently released single ‘Wish For One Night’, the first track taken from his debut due for release this fall. Inspired by anime classics like ‘Akira’ and ‘Neo Tokyo’ and sci-fi films such as ‘Blade Runner’, the animated video is largely set in a futuristic Japanese city, loosely based on Tokyo. Animated by Venezuelan illustrator Jesús David Mora, the animation tells the story of a young man isolated in a dense urban world whose only source of hope are the nighttime messages exchanged with his virtual love interest. “I was reckoning with a deteriorating mental state and questioning whether I was losing my sense of self in the process”. Loosely inspired by Haruki Murakami’’s novel and its adapted film ‘Norwegian Wood’, Steele developed the video’s storyline around Japan’’s high youth suicide. “I wanted to convey these same messages but highlight the universality of this experience across the world”.”

15 | Tom King | Be That for Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “18-year-old Tom King is a young talent from Guildford ready to carve out his path in U.K. music with third single Be That for Me. With his blend of pure vocal talent and quietly expressive style as well as the cultural touchpoints seen thus far, Be That for Me adds to the artist’s distinctive, growing discography as an intoxicatingly swimming tale of heartbreak sure to continue the intrigue already being formed around the young homegrown star. King elaborates: “I wrote Be That for Me on my own in the Music School at Frensham when I was boarding. I remember just being so upset by that feeling of being in love with someone and them not feeling the same way back. I always loved the lyrics and melody, but felt it needed a different arrangement. I played it to Paul Aiden. He loved it and translated it onto the guitar and gave it the more up tempo feel that it has now.”

16 | Køde | On Your Side

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A couple of months after the official release of their debut album, the new sensation of the Swiss alternative/indie musical scene Køde — creating something unique, evolving between noise, power-wave, dream-pop, indie/grunge and shoegaze — just unveiled a brand new musical video illustrating the song On Your Side. With guitars that straddle territory between overwhelmingly heavy and softly punishing, the other musical elements make for a potent mix, capped off by contagious melodies which lodge themselves in the brain. In the hands of Julien Fehlmann’s conscientious production, Køde’s is a music that utilises the shifting of mood and intensity as a landmark of their sound.”

17 | The Beatflux | State Of Mind

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Beatflux unveils its second single State Of Mind. Based on the heavy grunge of the ’90s and classic ’70s rock, the track glides along with a doom like pace, building into a powerful chorus, driven by the pitch perfect vocals or Enrico Minelli and musicianship of Muca on guitar, creating a perfect juxtaposition between each era of music and reminiscent of Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. The Beatflux is a collective global rock project created by London-based guitarist and producer Muca. “After releasing the first single Bleeding Myself a couple of months ago, I realised I have not only this EP to come out, but plenty of new tracks which I am already working on. I just think, why not having a collective of great musicians out there to be part of this project instead of having the same musicians? I feel with so much talent out there, I just want to invite some of those people to be part of it.”

18 | Yves Paquet | 25-28

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Belgian artist and songwriter Yves Paquet returned a few days ago with a whole new sound and a new single 25-28, alongside a distinct music video. The alternative pop song was produced by London-based producer Ant Whiting. The video, directed by French visual artist and motion designer Jules Guérin, sets Yves in a dreamy summer vibes aesthetic, traveling through landscapes of colors, shapes and textures.”

19 | Robb Murphy | Choose Your World

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With two critically acclaimed albums under his belt, Belfast artist Robb Murphy is releasing a brand new single Choose Your World. Robb asked his fans to help him create a special lockdown video by sending video of themselves singing along to his lyrics! Stitching the videos together created a unique and very special video that encapsulates the unprecedented time we are living in. About the song Robb says: “Choose Your World is a song about how our thoughts create our world. By choosing to see things in a positive way our perception becomes reality and we are more thankful for all that we have. The song was written as a mantra to motivate me and I am hoping it will help others too.”

20 | Delta Spirit | It Ain’t Easy

THE PRESS RELEASE:Delta Spirit are set to return with their first album in six years, What Is There, on Sept. 11. The 10-song set was produced by the band and mixed by Tchad Blake. Today, they share the single and lyric video for It Ain’t Easy. Formed in Southern California in 2005, Delta Spirit took an extended break after supporting their acclaimed effort Into The Wide. “In 2015, we were getting along like family gets along,” admits frontman Matthew Logan Vasquez. “That means sometimes we didn’t like each other too much. We were just growing apart. When we took a break and the band stopped, the friendships got an opportunity to come back.” He offers, “Personality-wise, our band is five contrarians trying to agree on an idea. When your similarity is that you’re contrarian, it’s tough. But when things work out, it’s incredible.”

21 | Gary Nicholson | Thank You George Floyd

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With a sinewy guitar-flecked groove courtesy of Gary Nicholson’s pen, a “tell it like it is” soul-soaked vocal from jazz and soul singing force-of-nature Billy Valentine, a crack band and Stacie Huckeba’s video, Thank You George Floyd is a candle to the darkness, a message of support, solidarity, and gratitude for George Floyd and how his needless death has spawned a national dialogue, galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement and shined a brighter than ever light on racial injustice, problematic police culture, and how the prospect of death on a daily basis is always near for so many people of color. “In 2016, Trump took over my creative life, just my resistance to everything he does,” says Nicholson. “It’s hard to just sit around and write another boy-girl love song when you’re seeing everything we’ve loved and revered about our country being compromised by an incompetent game show host.”


22 | Fuzz | Returning

THE PRESS RELEASE:Fuzz, the raw power trio comprised of Los Angeles-based Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals), announce their first album in five years, III, out Oct. 23. III was recorded and mixed at United Recording under the sonic lordship of Steve Albini. Keeping the focus on the live sounds of the band, the use of overdubs and studio tricks were kept to a minimum. Album opener Returning serves as a sort of mission statement for the album. It’s an auditory meditation on the power of one and the different perspectives of one, whether it is the singular person looking inward, or a group of people coming together as a single unit. Not only is it an echo of the return of Fuzz but also a broader return to form — raw and empowered through vulnerability.”

23 | Nicolas Michaux | Parrot

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Belgian singer-songwriter Nicolas Michaux is sharing his new single Parrot, the latest to be lifted from his forthcoming album Amour Colère, which is due for release on Sept. 25. Speaking about Parrot, Nicolas says: “It’s one of the oldest songs on the record but the one that I recorded last. I was performing it live during the tour of the first album, but it took me several years to grasp it and find an arrangement that does it justice. It’s a kind of compilation of the different versions that have existed over time. But once again the approach was to go back to basics, to remove everything that was not vital and to keep only the rhythm, the song, and the riffs. It’s a slightly obscure and ambiguous song, but by its themes and images I have the impression that it speaks of our time. At the end of the day, it is probably a criticism of myself for being so “wait-and-see” and apathetic in the face of so much misery and injustice. It’s a frontal attack against the conformist and cowardly part that lies in all of us.”


24 | Le Couleur | Désert

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal trio Le Couleur share Désert — a stunning new single from their forthcoming album Concorde. The song imagines lead vocalist, Laurence Giroux-Do, arriving on a film set in a sequined dress, discussing the desert, and death as a mirage ensnaring audiences in its net. The song is in two parts; first a sunny disco cruise, followed by a nostalgic ballad, which ends on a long guitar solo drawing from the dark and psychedelic side of the moon. The distinct disco flavour, a hallmark of their sound from the very beginning, is still ever-present. This often lighthearted and danceable musical world is offset by Concorde‘s lyrics, which tackle death on every track.”

25 | Freak Heat Waves | Let It Go

THE PRESS RELEASE:Freak Heat Waves are sharing their new single Let It Go, the latest to be taken from their new record Zap The Planet, which is out Sept. 4. Previous releases found the duo tackling a more rudimentary, guitar/bass/drums post-punk sound but Zap The Planet really pushes the needle and Let It Go is a great example of that with hints of vapourwave and electronica. Historically, the pair were based in Victoria, B.C., but Zap The Planet finds one member relocating to Montreal and the sound of the record, therefore, is the sound of a band adapting to a new way of writing.”

26 | Shirley Collins | Barbara Allen

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ahead of the release of her new album Heart’s Ease this Friday, Shirley Collins is pleased to share Barbara Allen, the third single from the record. The ballad Barbara Allen has been loved for centuries; Collins first heard it in school and has recorded it twice before: one Appalachian version, and one English version, for which she wrote a new tune. On Heart’s Ease, Collins returns to the traditional English arrangement. On the track, Shirley said, “I watched the 1951 black and white film Scrooge and found myself in tears at the scene towards the end of the film where a changed and contrite Scrooge visits his nephew Fred on Boxing Day to beg forgiveness for his past behavior. Fred welcomes him in, and as Scrooge enters the room, Fred’s wife is sitting at the keyboard singing Barbara Allen … I knew if I ever recorded the song again, I would use that one.”

27 | Brijean | Moody

THE PRESS RELEASE:Brijean — the Oakland-based duo of Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart — share the new single Moody. The easy-grooving, ephemeral cut captures Brijean’s signature sound in just over two minutes: the dazzling, golden-hued haze of percussive beats and honeyed vocals. Stuart says the track is “a quick gentle trip” that started in a living room — recording with Murphy’s drum mentor Pepe Jacobo — windows open, stream-of-consciousness lyrics flowing.”

28 | Spencer Zahn | Key Biscayne

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The music of multi-instrumentalist Spencer Zahn is marked by openness: spacious sonic landscapes, rich with contributions from his creative community. Zahn’s newest album, Sunday Painter, is a refined step forward for the New York City-based musician — a lush collection of instrumental songs that undulate along waves of electronic, jazz, ambient pop, Americana, and neo-classical — pulling from Zahn’s established musical background and collaborative ethos. The gossamer clouds of opener Key Biscayne channel the title’s serene setting with lush layers of horns and gentle piano.”

29 | Lou Canon | Ancient Chamber (Graham Walsh Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Graham Walsh of acclaimed experimental electronic act Holy Fuck has remixed Lou Canon’s lead single Ancient Chamber, off her latest record Audomatic Body. Noirpop songstress Canon released Audomatic Body earlier this month.”

30 | Busty & The Bass | Go So Far

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian 8-piece collective Busty and the Bass announce their new album Eddie, out Aug. 14. Along with the announcement, the octet releases one of the album’s centerpieces entitled Go So Far, featuring Slum Village’s Illa J and Jon Connor. The track is a shining example of the ensemble’s effortless ability to blend funk, soul and hip-hop together with hypnotic vocals that create a striking soundscape. The octet recorded Eddie over three uninterrupted weeks in Montreal with Grammy-nominated producer and sonic guide Neal Pogue (Tyler The Creator, Outkast, Anderson .Paak). The group also teamed up with Earth, Wind & Fire legend Verdine White, who serves as the executive producer of the album.”

31 | Carter | Trust in Issues

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising L.A. recording artist Carter continues to ascend in his trajectory, building on the early momentum of last EP Of(f) Course with his latest release Trust in Issues. With a penchant for manipulating soundscapes, Trust in Issues is a display of Carter’s range as he gives a fluid display of vocals and rap on a deep, dark trap cut with modern R&B and soul undertones. His emotional narrative and effortless performance put him shoulder to shoulder with his contemporaries, but here he provides a nuanced yet still greatly welcomed energy.”

32 | Scenic Route To Alaska | Closer

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Substance and accessibility. They’re often considered opposing forces when it comes to pop music, making it all the more impressive when a band like Scenic Route to Alaska so effortlessly delivers ample doses of both. The Edmonton-based indie pop trio have dropped two acclaimed LPs that weave memorable melodies and catchy vocals through compelling, musically-rich arrangements. Their single Closer is the newest off their upcoming album Time For Yourself. This song revisits their roots with a more organic, unfiltered take on their now-signature sound.”

33 | Tungz | Go Out

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bristol-based outfit Tungz now look to continue their fresh and forward-thinking ways as they unveil their latest offering Go Out. While written and recorded prior to lockdown, Go Out has become an unintentionally timely release for the band. With its focus on anxiety caused by overexertion and bad routines, the song’s own laid-back and woozy aesthetic still gives it a strong and vibrant direction, lending it perfectly to lazy days under the summer sun and soaking up the warm and shimmering atmosphere. Speaking about their new offering, vocalist and songwriter Nicky Green said, “I wrote it as a conversation with myself. It’s about carrying too much weight in your soul without realising and getting exhausted with a routine that’s no good for you.”

34 | Cary Morin | Valley of the Chiefs

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Colorado-based Native American roots artist Cary Morin will release the album Dockside Saints on Aug. 7. The album has a New Orleans flavor, but Morin does pay homage to his Native American heritage on Valley of the Chiefs. “A true story told by my great grandmother at my Crow naming ceremony when I was about four years old. It tells of when she was a teenager and was kidnapped by a neighboring tribe. When women were kidnapped back then, they were destined to a life of servitude. She and her friends escape the warriors and are able to steal their horses and ride back home. The moral of the story from my great grandmother to me was that there is nothing in life that you cannot overcome.”




35 | Fore | Diagnosis

THE PRESS RELEASE:Hombres will be self-released by the band on Aug. 7. To coincide with the album announcement, the band have released a new single Diagnosis. The artwork for the album features an illustration of the band done by Abbie Stabby Art, which may or may not be a direct tribute to a certain Deep Purple. “I’m beyond excited to release this album. It has been a blast creating it with such talented and easy-to-work-with musicians, and it’s a great feeling to do it all in-house, without any help from any management or label,” Taylor Nordberg (guitars) said. “You may be wondering about the album cover. Well we always wanted to collaborate with our buds in ZZ Top and Deep Purple, but our schedules never lined up so we figured this was the next best thing.”

36 | Michaela Anne | Burn My Bridges

THE PRESS RELEASE:Michaela Anne has released a second new single, Burn My Bridges. Produced by Kelly Winrich and Sam Outlaw, the track harkens back to Michaela’s earlier country leaning material. “There was a stretch of time in my life that I was partying a little too hard, a little too often, in my personal opinion,” says Anne. “I remember waking up one morning with another terrible hangover and thinking, I just can’t keep living like this. My next thought was, ‘I should write that song,’ immediately followed by, ‘Rodney Crowell already wrote that (Ain’t Living Long Like This).’ Shortly after, I got together with my buddy Jeff Malinowski to write. He showed me this chorus he had started called Burn My Bridges. It felt serendipitous. Like he had already started the song that was ringing in my head. We finished it that day.”

37 | Thomas Bartlett | Multiflora

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Acclaimed pianist/producer Thomas Bartlett has shared a new song, Multiflora, from his extraordinary debut solo album Shelter, which arrives this Friday. Multiflora is one of eight disarmingly beautiful piano nocturnes — all named after types of roses — that find place on his remarkable new record. Shelter was written as a love letter to his partner, British actress and singer Ella Hunt, as well as to New York City itself, his home for 21 years. Bartlett recorded the album in his home over two days following the beginning of lockdown.”

38 | Aiza | Sizzlin’

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-via-Montreal artist Aiza turns up the heat with her new single Sizzlin’. The catchy, trap-pop bop is her fourth release of the year. “Sizzlin’ is the perfect summer bop. It’s all about telling it like it is. Playing humble is cute and all, but sometimes you just need to say it loud and clear: I’m the bomb,” Aiza says.”