The Vaniers Go Wild At Home On New Acoustic Video

The Toronto garage-rockers drop stripped-down versions of tracks from their EP.

The Vaniers strip down and get Wild with an acoustic version of a standout track from their Who Are You To Say? EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“The song has a rebellious undertone, and is mainly about being yourself, voicing your thoughts, and not caring what others think,” explain bandmembers Diego Paz (bass guitar and vocals), Alex Iacobellis (guitar) and Nick Donato (drums).

The long-time friends are revisiting their five-track March release, offering audiences acoustic versions of each song as well as insights into the tracks. “We’d much rather be on stage or in the studio these days,” they assure. “But, for now, we all have to do our part and stay safe. Hopefully these acoustic sessions can help brighten everyone’s quarantine.”

As for Wild, the track was written in about 15 minutes during an otherwise uneventful practice. “We were rehearsing at Alex’s and trying out some new ideas and things started to feel a bit forced,” Paz recalls. “We decided to step out and get some food.” When they got back, things just clicked. “Diego picked up the bass and the bassline for the track was the first that came out,” Iacobellis says. “Nick threw on his beat, and Diego just started singing.”

“I remember telling Alex to just play the first thing that came to his head,” Paz adds. “And when he started playing the main riff? We knew we had something.”

“It was exciting to suddenly have something from absolutely nothing,” Donato says. “The song pretty much wrote itself … We must’ve played it 30 times that day, and the final product is very close to what we played that first time.”

Watch Wild above, hear more of The Vaniers below, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.