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The Ridiculous Trio | The Ridiculous Trio Plays The Stooges

A tuba player, a trombonist and a drummer jazz up some of Iggy's oldies.

Hands up, everybody who wants to listen to a tuba player, a slide-trombone virtuoso and a drummer unspool lumpy, lurching crash ’n’ bash instrumental covers of Iggy and The Stooges’ Detroit proto-punk classics like T.V. Eye, Down On The Street and I Wanna Be Your Dog. If your mitt isn’t up over your mug right now, we both know you’re lying. Ridiculous? Try ridiculously good.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A crazed tuba & trombone reimagination of the piercing punkadelic music created by The Stooges! Thrashing cymbals and bashing drums locked in step with unrelenting tuba riffs, reinforced by otherworldly trombone writhing and sliding and bending (just like Iggy onstage), sounding somewhere between a disheveled wah-wah guitar or a kazoo. Available for the first time as a complete album, it must be heard to be believed! A strange child of punk and jazz, The Ridiculous Trio propels instrumental versions of Stooges favorites with drums, trombone and tuba on The Ridiculous Trio Plays The Stooges. Taking the urgent sonic blueprint, they morphs it into a palpitating brass menagerie of trombone (Mike Hagedorn), tuba (Rob Pleshar) and drums (Shannon Morrow).