Kate Boothman | Please Don’t Be Late: Exclusive Single Premiere

The psyche-rocker shares a sneak peek of her upcoming sophomore album.

Kate Boothman is long overdue for love in her haunting new single Please Don’t Be Late — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A preview of the psychedelic roots-rocker’s upcoming sophomore album My Next Mistake, Boothman’s seductive country waltz lazily lopes into view on the back of a gently trotting gait, subtly spurred on by a nimble bassline. Held aloft by clouds of swirling fiddles, a lightly strummed guitar, a twangy lick and quietly insistent faux-toreador horns, the world-weary singer-songwriter bares her soul and shares her yearning in no uncertain terms: “It’s been a while since I held something real / It’s been a while since I’ve known how to feel … Please don’t be late.” Only a fool or a heartless soul would spurn her.

Not that anybody’s been ignoring Boothman lately. Since emerging from the Northumberland Hills in 2017, the horse trainer-turned-rocker has turned heads with the intoxicating cocktail of choppy indie-rock, earthy roots and trippy psychedelia showcased on her debut album I Am An Animal.I Am An Animal is about letting go. Relinquishing the reins and honouring those parts of ourselves that can sometimes seem insane. It’s all a part of the ride,” she has said.

It’s been quite a ride. Since releasing I Am An Animal, Boothman has played countless shows on a variety of stages — both under her own considerable steam and as the invited opener for the likes of Blue Rodeo, Robyn Hitchcock, Wilco, Joe Pernice (The Pernice Brothers), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Jonathan Wilson, Ana Egge, Kathleen Edwards and Jolie Holland. She’s even played the corner of a vacation hamburger restaurant.

Soon, she’ll be serving up My Next Mistake. Recorded and produced by Thomas D’Arcy at Taurus Recording in Toronto, the tunes were mixed by Graham Walsh and mastered by Dan Weston. The nine-song disc finds Boothman backed by a crack ensemble that includes D’Arcy on keyboards, guitarist Jimmy Bowskill, bassist Ann Ruddick (City and Colour, Randy Bachman), Can-rock MVP Gavin Brown on drums, Barenaked LadiesKevin Hearn and more.

Check out Please Don’t Be Late above, listen to I Am An Animal below, and get caught up with Kate Boothman on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.