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Poltergeist | Feather of Truth

Dig out your old denim jacket with all the band patches and plug in the air guitar.

Do ghosts age? Because Poltergeist sure don’t. On their second album since reuniting in 2013, the veteran Swedish thrashmasters continue to dish out classic speed-demon metal straight from their mid-’80s heyday. You want blazing riffs, harmonized licks, double-time double-bass drumming, sinister vocals and lyrics about megalomania, phantom armies and the gods of the seven rays? You got it. In spades. Dig out that old denim jacket with all the band patches, plug in your air guitar and get ready to reconnect with your inner teen headbanger, dude.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Swiss speed/thrash legends Poltergeist are back with a new album! The songs on Feather Of Truth carry a lot of signature arrangements that Poltergeist fans would expect, but on the other hand it’s also quite a diverse album with various speeds, harmonies, melodies and technical influences. The lyrics are based on real-life topics, mixed with historic elements (for example Feather Of Truth is about the Egypt goddess of truth, balance, justice and morality) that still have a significant meaning to these modern times. The new album feels way more like a band effort compared to previous releases. Most of the lyrics were written by V.O. Pulver, except for The Culling, which is a collaboration between V.O. and (bassist) Ralf (Garcia). Additionally, Chasper (Wanner, guitarist) composed four songs from the new album. New drummer Reto Crola’s drumming style also brings a new flavor to the sound.”