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The New York veterans deliver another mighty dose of stoner-rock monster boogie.

If the blacklight-ready cover art wasn’t enough of a hint, the New York veterans’ latest dose of psychedelic stoner-rock monster boogie is — as always — the musical equivalent of doing a massive bong hit while zoning out in your Frazetta-muraled, shag-carpet-lined boogie van while watching a Cheech and Chong midnight-movie marathon at the drive-in. Turn up the cowbell, plug in the lava lamp and don’t forget the Doritos, brah.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Groovy brings a jam-ready mentality together with sharp-edged songcraft. The material is united by that central undercurrent – timeless and undeniable. “We spent the better part of a year jamming, developing ideas and fine tuning arrangements,” Pat Harrington informs. “This is the first time since the self-titled record that we took the time to really flesh out song structures, tempos, etc. I always talk about the ‘three pillars’ of the Geezer sound: heavy, trippy and groovy. With this album, some songs are heavy, some are trippy, but they ALL had to be groovy.” Regardless of tempo, mood, or any other theme that might show up in the songs, Groovy is a love-letter to groove itself, and in paying that homage, Geezer have discovered the truest reality of themselves yet. Whatever else groovy is, it’s them.”