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Albums Of The Week: Office Dog | Spiel

Suffused with wiry angst and dynamic tension, the Australian trio's magnetic debut album toggles between introspective self-examination and explosive catharsis.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Introducing Office Dog, a trio that hails from Dunedin and resides in Auckland. The band, led by Kane Strang on guitar and vocals alongside Rassani Tolovaa on bass and Mitchell Innes on drums, present their debut album Spiel. Assembling intricate musical collages, Office Dog fearlessly explore the depths of complex emotions through layers of tension, release, and celestial lyricism.

Office Dog formed in 2021. Amidst a busy solo career, frontperson Strang sought a more collaborative musical outlet. He teamed up with fellow musicians and previous collaborators Innes and Tolovaa, and the trio began writing together across various locations. Over the next year, fragments began assembling into songs, ultimately culminating in the creation of Spiel, recorded in collaboration with producer De Stevens at Roundhead Studios and mastered by Jonathan Pearce (The Beths).

The album serves as an introspective examination on profound experiences, turmoil and hopeful prospect, inviting you to unveil these themes layer by layer through the trio’s musical catharsis. Sorry for the spiel.”


Photo by Violet Hirst.