Indie Roundup | 48 Songs To Soundtrack Your Weekend

The Pack A.D., Ray Wylie Hubbard, Gang of Four, Aruba Red & more Friday fare.

The Pack A.D. give up, Ray Wylie Hubbard gets sinister, Arurba Red wings it, Gang Of Four ponder eternity, Lost In Japan get an ego boost, Wage War strip down, Elephant Stone share the American dream, Alien Ant Farm go Wham! and tons more in today’s typically overstuffed Roundup. I dare you to listen to them all.


1 | The Pack A.D. | Give Up

THE PRESS RELEASE: “April saw the release of It Was Fun While It Lasted, the final album (for now) from garage rockers The Pack A.D. While gearing up for the album’s release and a last tour (for a while), the Pack’s plans for a final trip around the globe were waylaid by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent shut down. Unable to celebrate the release with their fans in the usual way — press junkets, packed shows and in-store events — the band was left wondering how best to share their music with fans. Stuck inside, and with way too much time on their hands, the band crafted a video that not only captures the spirit of the song Give Up but weaves it beautifully into our current situation. Shot with the use of drones and edited at home, the final product is a dystopian and heartbreaking visual that captures the unsettling isolation many of us now face. And while the song was crafted pre-pandemic, its sweet melancholy message has never resonated more. “This wasn’t the original idea we had for the video,” reflects drummer Maya Miller, “but with the current pandemic, we had to get creative. I think what we got, is a far more engaging and frankly, gorgeous story, then it would have been. Mostly our videos run a little (read: very much) on the dark side. This is the prettiest piece of film that Matt has made for us. Incredibly sad but, damn, it’s pretty.”

2 | Ray Wylie Hubbard | Fast Left Hand feat. The Cadillac Three

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-faceted underground icon Ray Wylie Hubbard releases an electric collaboration with Fast Left Hand featuring The Cadillac Three. Illuminating the burning fire an artist holds inside, the rockers squeal on the latest glimpse into Hubbard’s star-studded forthcoming album. “Each record is built on the steps of the last one, and I’m just trying to get better,” Hubbard says. “To have all these cats we’ve toured with and played with, I’m very, very proud of it. Young and old, established, new, Rock & Roll, Folk, Country, to even know these people is awesome, but to make music like this with them? Well, it really impresses me.”

3 | Aruba Red | Butterfly

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alt-soul artist Aruba Red releases a stunning video to accompany her EP track Butterfly. Butterfly is drenched with Aruba’s inimitable, soulful and serene style, building up to an uplifting crescendo of beats and ecstatic vibes. The video was recorded at her recent debut headline show at St Pancras Old Church, in early March just before the lockdown. Aruba Red said “I’m so excited and grateful to share the Butterfly video, made all the more special being filmed when it was and shared now during the lockdown. Who knew it would be the last gig for a long time! It feels quite emotional and it was such a special night, the last time I saw so many of my beloved family and friends in person, and the culmination of a lot of hard work and determination. I wrote Butterfly to represent my own evolution, coming out of a difficult time, it feels quite poetic that it’s being released during this global shift, as we transform and evolve. The song and the video represent love, self-love, investing in yourself and others, especially the wonderful musicians and creatives I collaborate with. My hope is that Butterfly will evoke joy and celebrate the times when we were able to come together to play music and dance. Those days will come again.”

4 | Gang of Four | Forever Starts Now

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The surviving members of Gang of Four, singer John Sterry, bassist Thomas McNeice and drummer Tobias Humble, have joined with Andy Gill’s widow Catherine Mayer to celebrate Andy through music — and raise funds for the London hospital that tried so hard to save his life earlier this year. Forever Starts Now, a brand new Gang of Four track written by Andy and John, is released as the first single from their upcoming EP Anti Hero, out July 17. Its original working title was Hero, a reference, John explains, to the lyrics about “a character who sees himself as the hero of his own life and manipulates his partner into supporting this fantasy. The line, ‘She sings along with his song / she thinks it’s like having the radio on…’ always brings a wry smile.”

5 | Lost In Japan | Ego

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London, ON-based Lost In Japan were inspired to write their newest single, Ego, while on tour for their first record: “after playing show after show you start to get this sense of disassociation from your on stage persona and off stage. We saw this happen to ourselves and a lot of people we were playing shows with, so it set the footprint for the song.” Ego is a building, anthemic indie rock track that’s been paired with a video that was shot after dark in the band’s hometown.”

6 | Wage War | Grave (Stripped)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Florida’s Wage War have shared the video for the acoustic version of the song Grave from their 2019-released third album Pressure. “This is a wild time for everyone, but we decided we would make the most of it and make a music video showing y’all what we’ve been doing to pass the time in quarantine. Enjoy our stripped-down version of Grave,” says the band. While this rendition of the song demonstrates the depth and breadth of Wage War‘s songwriting, the visual offers a look at how the band members have been spending their time while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll see homemade pizza-making, lots of fishing, a socially distanced game of front yard catch, and one member putting in a new floor in their house, among other things.”

7 | Elephant Stone | American Dream

THE PRESS RELEASE: “We released our sixth album Hollow shortly before March, eerily about the end of the world. Today, we’ve shared a poignant new video for our American Dream. Filmed in isolation from my garage with a green screen, my son and queue cards in a nod to Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, the video compiles archival footage of immigrants searching for the American Dream. About the track: Growing up in Canada, it was hard to not feel like an ‘also-ran’ when you’re constantly sold the glitz and glamour of America. Over the years, many of my Canadian friends have moved south of the border in search of the American dream, only to find that it really was just a dream. And now, with the dangerous path America is on, I wonder if my same friends are questioning their move and longing for home.”

8 | Alien Ant Farm | Everything She Wants

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alt-rock veterans Alien Ant Farm have a sweet surprise for fans currently in lockdown in the form of their new shot-at-home, cameo-filled video for their cover of Wham!’s Everything She Wants. The video features cameos from DJ/producer Zedd, Insane Clown Posse, members of 311, P.O.D., Hoobastank, The Black Dahlia Murder, and many more! “We’d been working on our first record in six years when the lockdown hit and basically halted all production.” says guitarist Terry Corso. “Luckily, we had a handful of songs recorded, mixed and ready to go, including our version of Everything She Wants by Wham! The cover seemed like an obvious choice to inject some fun and happiness into a world that could really use it. To sweeten the deal, we figured why not ask fans, friends and family to film themselves having a little fun while quarantined/social distancing and send it to us for the video. The result is a cool experiment in people being apart and sending the clear message that we’re all in this together.”

9 | Chapel | Mushy Gushy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising Atlanta, GA two-piece Chapel are thrilled to share new single Mushy Gushy. The duo — Carter Hardin (vocals/guitar/keys) and Kortney Grinwis (drums) – recorded and produced the track with the multi-platinum production team of Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount at their studio just outside of Atlanta. The band also dropped an incredibly creative and endearing video for the track today, which was filmed entirely during quarantine. As Carter explains, “Mushy Gushy is a song that celebrates the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. A time where logic is out the window and emotions take control.” In the video, Chapel find themselves in that honeymoon phase of a budding friendship with an animated character created by animator and director Peter Ferris Rosati. Kortney & Carter bond with their new friend by drinking wine, working out, eating dinner and more over video chat until they’re able to meet.”

10 | Ethan Gold | Our Love Is Beautiful

THE PRESS RELEASE: “LA-based songwriter Ethan Gold presents his new single Our Love is Beautiful, the first taste of his forthcoming album Earth City. With flair and optimism, the accompanying video features people from across the globe, each becoming part of this intercontinental, ultimately human journey. Gold makes lullabies of strength and catchy art rock for people who still dream. Personable, relatable and with depth, Gold sings about the longing for human connection in the city, and also for the natural world. “I wanted to express global consciousness in a way that felt like a celebration. The song is about love — self-love, romantic love, and love in the largest universal sense. The video was made on an old iphone, going on a round-the-world trip as I was recovering from a head injury. People around the world delivering the words of the song. This is a big call for global consciousness, delivered as simply as I can.”

11 | Bronson | Heart Attack feat. lau.ra

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the announcement of their new project Bronson, Grammy-nominated duo Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight (of Odesza) and Australian producer Tom Stell (aka Golden Features) unveil the gripping music video for their first single Heart Attack feat. lau.ra. Following the journey of a woman who battles against dark forces, emboldened by the desire to reach a brighter end, she ultimately discovers that the light she was seeking was harbored within — an uplifting message of self-reliance central to the debut Bronson album. Directed by award-winning Hungarian filmmaker Balázs Simon and produced by London-based company Blinkink, the cinematic animation paints a moving picture of reaching respite in difficult times. Bronson reflect: “It was the first vocal track we worked on for the record. It was one of those ideas that came together really quickly and felt very natural while writing with lau.ra. Ultimately, it was a confluence between the two distinctive sounds of Odesza and Golden Features. It served as a turning point in the writing process of the album and an inspiration for the other vocal tracks to come.”

12 | Black Sun | Still Alive

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Well known in their home country of Ecuador and South America for supporting bands like Judas Priest, Kreator, Firewind, Edguy, UDO, and more, heavy metal trio Black Sun will release their new EP Silent Enemy on Sept. 4. The band adds: “This EP is a new beginning for Black Sun, the tracks were written during the touring period for the last album. However, during the production and recording sessions, the former singer was removed from the band. Consequently, the songs changed, the band had more flexibility and freedom on where to take these songs. Hence, the featuring of many different singers is what makes this EP unique. We can’t tell you exactly what will happen next, but we can guarantee this is only the beginning of an exciting new chapter, a rebirth that will bring much more music soon enough.”

13 | Market Junction | Nebraska

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Houston, Texas-based folk/Americana band Market Junction have announced their forthcoming album Burning Bridges, due out Aug. 7, with the release of lead single Nebraska. “Home is not a place. It is a connection to another person,” golden-voiced vocalist Matt Parrish says. “When you lose those people, you feel uprooted, disconnected, and lost. Being out on the road is hard on a relationship, yet the constant war inside us wages between the dreams we chase and the people we love. Sometimes the road wins and we are left with nothing but our own wanderlust.”

14 | Daemon Grey | King Of Sin

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Canada, Daemon Grey’s single debut release King Of Sin delivers a much-needed fix of horror-inspired, drug-induced, sex-fueled rock-metal anthem filled to the energetic brim. Building off Daemon’s deadly hooks and lyrics, King Of Sin co-writers Mike Riley (Marilyn Manson), Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Billy Talent), and Kevin Thrasher (Escape the Fate) add their unique flare to create a devilishly delicious and completely original musical brew. The album King Of Sin will be released later this year. “The first single King of Sin is all about entering the scene with a blasphemous bang, unifying music fans in celebration of our primal, sinful desires. F*ck the status quo and let the good times roll! We live and then we die. In between, we may as well rock.”

15 | Mise En Scene | Dance My Life Away

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene brought people together from across Canada, the US and Europe for their new video Dance My Life Away, all with one thing in common: a willingness to DANCE during an uncertain and scary time in the world. Speaking on the making of the video Stefanie Johnson explains, “Coming together in self isolation and finding joy through music is what this video is all about. Our world is changing quickly and we do not know what the future holds. What we do know is that there will always be music, there will always be joy and there will always be dancing.”

16 | Caleb Landry Jones | The Mother Stone

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Actor and musician Caleb Landry Jones released his debut album The Mother Stone earlier this month. Today, he presents a short film that chronicles his musical endeavors and gives a special insight into the making of the album. Directed by Jacqueline Castel, The Mother Stone short film is highly stylized, reflecting the album’s vivid and psychedelic tones. It features behind-the-scenes footage of Jones in Valentine Recording Studios, where he worked with producer Nic Jodoin. It also includes a host of additional recordings and musings. “I got a call from Caleb at two in the morning back in January and flew to Los Angeles a few days later with no plan and nothing but a 16mm film camera tucked beneath my arm when I arrived at the front steps of Valentine Studios,” says director Jacqueline Castel. “What resulted is a dreamlike portrait of Caleb’s creative process, a collage of surrealist poetry, impromptu performance, and childhood recordings that reveal an intimate, fleeting glimpse into his strange and beautiful world.”

17 | Miya Miya | Hometown

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging British band Miya Miya share an exclusive insight into their forthcoming debut EP Cold Blood with Hometown. Showing a more mellowed side to the multi-faceted production decorating Cold Blood, the ethereal synth flashes in Hometown elevate to an intoxicating blend of crashing drums, anthemic guitars and a bold bassline. The band explained: “The original idea of Hometown was following someone who’s completely lost all hope, selling themselves short and making bad decisions. Although they’re in their hometown, they are completely lost. It’s from the perspective of a person who’s outside of this, trying to reach in and show they care and want to help them.”

18 | Be No Rain | All Night, Right?

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London artist Be No Rain releases new single All Night, Right? – along with the announcement of debut album Strawberry Backstory – due for release later this year. With a technicolour pop sound very much of his own, All Night, Right? was written in a moment of self-realisation. “All Night, Right? began life as a jaded song,” Be No Rain begins. “I wrote it at a time when I felt like I’d experienced every iteration of nightlife available to me. It was about feeling unbearably alone in a crowd, how experiences endlessly repeated and how even new faces seemed eerily familiar. It was also about coming to terms with the fact that being more restrained and abstemious was making me feel better than I ever had. Ever precocious, at the time I thought I was standing on the threshold of maturity and that my youth was receding. Now I see it as a more hopeful moment, a farewell to a certain kind of youthful abandon and a realisation that a degree of self-care is a gateway to new experiences and an escape from certain destructive cycles.”

19 | Maddox Jones | Headspace

THE PRESS RELEASE: “British singer and songwriter Maddox Jones unveils Headspace, the title track and first single to be lifted from his debut EP, set for release on July 10. “It’s a song that kept me company in the dead of night when I was used to sleeping next to somebody and found myself alone. It can force you to take a proper look at yourself when you only have yourself for company. I wonder if maybe lots of people might be feeling a bit like this right now if they’re isolating alone in this pandemic. It’s about searching for a connection with someone when they’re going through something hard and you just want to be there for them, to be a safe space for them.”

20 | Mr Robski | Burning Light

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With their funk-infused electropop, producer duo Mr Robski is on the right path becoming a new, rising star at the producer-sky. Today they share new single Burning Light, unleashing their first music video along with it. Mr Robski create a joyful anticipation of the warm summer days ahead, the feeling of being on the road with sun, high spirits and air streaming through the open window. The minds behind Mr Robski are the Germany-based producers Patrick and Robin, who are releasing music since last year. The center stage of their first music video takes a classic car — a Peugeot 404 — that the two actors take for a summery roadtrip: A day off spent outdoors, at the water and on the road, with the wind blowing through the wide-open windows. The duo’s retro-affinity shows not only in their new song and the video, it guides through all their releases.”

21 | Field Guide | You Were

THE PRESS RELEASE:Field Guide (Dylan MacDonald) is set to release his debut single from his upcoming EP You Were, coming out July 24. You Were was written in California while mixing with Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Leif Vollebekk) at Ancient Wave studio. The reflective single from the EP that shares the same name, is a yearning song about a relationship that had recently ended. It ponders the idea of how quickly you can become close with someone and how strange it can be when it ends abruptly. MacDonald says “I wrote You Were when I was in northern California last January mixing my previous EP Full Time. I was staying in a Yurt for the week on the studio property. It rained a lot during that time but the Yurt was heated by a fireplace and was super cozy. I would go back and forth between the studio where Oz was working on my recently finished songs and the Yurt where I was writing new ones. You Were was one of the first ones I wrote there. It’s a reflective song about a relationship of mine that had recently ended.”

22 | Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins | Ides Of March

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins will release their anticipated new full-length, Whore Of Babylon, on June 26. In advance of the record’s release, LePond is pleased to unveil a lyric video for Ides of March, noting of the heroic track, “Bang your head to the gallop of Julius Caesar, as he rides for the glory of Rome. Scream the chorus loud and proud for the glory of heavy metal!” Whore Of Babylon was recorded between various tours with Symphony X in guitarist Michael Romeo’s home studio. LePond also plays all rhythm guitars, while the core of Silent Assassins — vocalist Alan Tecchio and guitarist Lance Barnewold — remains the same.”

23 | T. Thomason & Ria Mae | Loser Pt. II

THE PRESS RELEASE:T. Thomason, and Ria Mae share Loser Pt. II. The song was inspired by the inner monologues that often happen when Thomason is trying to work out how to open up to someone about his feelings. “Being vulnerable is hard and it always brings me face to face with the parts of myself I wonder if anyone will ever be able to love, or love around,” shares Thomason. “Bringing Ria in on Loser Part II was a no-brainer. Over the years, she has been an incredibly generous mentor and friend. When I began planning the Part II Project, I knew I had to ask her to do the song with me.”

24 | Alex Lahey | Let’s Go Out (Bedroom Version)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Melbourne’s Alex Lahey is pleased to share the surprise release of her new EP. Between The Kitchen And The Living Room is Lahey at her most sonically intimate and vulnerable; a small collection of her most well-known tracks, reimagined. In conjunction with the announcement, Lahey also presents an animated lyric video for the EP’s lead single, Let’s Go Out (Bedroom Version).Between the Kitchen and the Living Room is a small collection of songs I have already released and played hundreds of times around the world, but through a new lens. In light of having to cancel my US tour, which is supposed to be under way this very moment, I decided to bring these songs home and let them find new parts of themselves. I engineered and produced all of these recordings within a week in a small room in my mother’s house. Funnily enough, said room also happens to be the exact place many of these songs were written some years ago.”

25 | Black Star Riders | Candidate For Heartbreak

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In this unusual 2020, Black Star Riders are back with a new single Candidate For Heartbreak, their contribution to the worldwide reflection on society during these unparalleled times. Scott Gorham and Christian Martucci created the perfect soundscape, thanks to a sharp and memorable riff, which sets the scene for an intricate rock driven track. Ricky Warwick’s vocals perfectly represent the spirit of the lyrics: energetic anger, tinged with a hint of melancholy, towards a class of politicians who keep lying to the people; and a morbid system that keeps on failing and dividing. Frontman Warwick comments: “It’s a rocker! A Scott Gorham and Christian Martucci guitar onslaught. A song about the politics of dancing while the politicians dance around the truth!”

26 | Selci | A Soft Place

THE PRESS RELEASE: “On A Soft Place, the whimsical title track from Selci’s forthcoming A Soft Place EP postponed to July 28, the Calgary alt-pop artist offers an emotional balm to the outside world. Marked by dreamy atmospherics, every chiming key soothes like a peaceful drift through pastel-coloured clouds. Buried under the bliss are frenetic dance beats that set the tone for you to get lost and move at your most unleashed. “I wanted to craft something to tune out the noise and bask in catharsis, where I could fall into the couch and be comfortable, dance the pain away, laugh with friends, or look at myself in the mirror and love who I am,” Selci said. “This song and this album are about creating places that feel soft. For me, this album helped shift my self-talk to engage in things that make me feel good.”

27 | X Lovers | Mad World

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Pop duo X Lovers announce their second EP, Mad World, will be released this fall. Over the course of the next few months, various tracks from the EP will be released with the final track culminating on EP release day. To celebrate today’s announcement the band releases the first track and accompanied lyric video, also titled Mad World. X Lovers says of the album, “Being young right now is incredibly intense, for better and for worse. Right now, there’s so much possibility with experiencing things for the first time. At the same time, it’s hard to deny or ignore how heavy the state of the world is right now. We’re the first generation ever that climate change and environmental issues can actually have a serious effect on. That’s an insane reality and where this project stems from.”

28 | Carnifex | Cursed (Isolation Mix)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “San Diego, California metal outfit Carnifex are proud to release their new single Cursed (Isolation Mix) which was written during their downtime from the Covid-19 pandemic. Carnifex comments, “Despite the chaos in the world Carnifex have never been in a better place creatively. We are feeling more driven than ever to fly our flag high for all of those that have lived life on the outside and those struggling with unseen opposition. We are all cursed….”

29 | Sevenn | Bodi Bodi

THE PRESS RELEASE:Sevenn works a thumping low end under a memorable synth lead and an infectious vocal refrain on his electro house banger Bodi Bodi, an upbeat, sweat-filled anthem. It jumpstarts into action with dynamic 8-bit synths bouncing over a snappy kick pattern. As the song warms up, big lasers pulsate and climb, building into a faster and faster pace. A jarring robotic voice swiftly takes over, commanding listeners to work their bodies into a frenzy. The song drops into a 124 BPM whirlwind, whipping fans into shape one beat at a time.”

30 | Duo-Tone feat. Sense of Sound Singers | Time And Time Again

THE PRESS RELEASE:Duo-Tone have reunited with Sense of Sound Singers to deliver the choir’s first original single ​Time And Time Again. An upbeat, disco smash ready to soundtrack your summer, the track also comes remixed by house and disco DJ talents Natasha Kitty Katt and Lazy Legs, plus a dub re-working too. Time and Time Again utilises the dynamic skill sets of both ​Duo-Tone Productions and ​Sense of Sound Singers​, pairing their complementary sounds to create a unique Dance blend. The deep, suspending intro dives into a captivating beat that acts as a platform for the choir to show their quality. Of the new track, Jennifer John of Sense of Sound Singers says: “We are forever evolving and love all different styles of music and performance experiences. We’ve worked alongside so many different types of artists/events from Niles Rodgers and Chic through to Cream Classical and Paloma Faith so we love a touch of the theatrical, flamboyance and fun. Most importantly we definitely love to party!”

31 | The Kickdrums | The Power of Ideas

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Over the course of his career, Alex Fitts (AKA The Kickdrums), has been celebrated for his incredible dynamism as a songwriter/producer. He’s produced for such legendary artists as Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, K Flay, Lana Del Rey, Freddie Gibbs, and Slaughterhouse while maintaining a sizable cult following on the artist side over the course of his two full-lengths and two EPs. With the single release of The Power of Ideas, Fitts puts both his classic hip hop production and ethereal indie rock sensibilities on full display. The track has a vintage summer shine that will magically transport you to a Brooklyn block party from the 70’s while maintaining a west coast vibe in large part to a guest verse from LA-based emcee, Blu. “This track is about the perception of reality verse true reality. How easy it is to fall in love with the idea of something.”

32 | Stereotypical Working Class | Testify

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Six years after their last studio album and while they released in the meantime a Warm Session EP in 2016, French alternative-rockers Stereotypical Working Class are back this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a brand new EP coming out later this year. Right now, the band from Lyon just shared a first glance from its upcoming effort with the digital single Testify.”

33 | Voidceremony | Sacrosanct Delusions

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ramona, California-based death metal sect Voidceremony has unveiled the ferocious Sacrosanct Delusions single. The new track precedes the band’s impending debut LP, Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel, set for late June release. While earlier releases hinted at the band’s unique potential and frenzied imagination, on their proper debut album, it takes its most actualized form thus far, looking ahead to darker visions of indefinable cosmic obscurity.”

34 | Poirier | Sim Bombei

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Montréal-based artist Poirier is back with the second single from his upcoming album, Sim Bombei with Montréal-based Mozambican artist Samito. Reflecting back on the song, Poirier recalls, “Music is about friendship and vibes. I like a lot talking with my friend Samito, gifted musician and vocalist from Mozambique who lives in Montréal for many years. We share crazy music stories that covers Mozambique, South Africa, Europe and Montréal. In Sim Bombei, I wanted to create a warm danceable vibe that connect the listener with Africa and the Caribbean. A timeless vibe influenced by Kassav’, the popular group from Guadeloupe. The lyrics are about not getting fooled by the appearances or the trends and still be on top of the game by being yourself. It’s also the follow up of our song Sowia, teaming on both with guitarist Funk Lion and both songs are part of my new album Soft Power. I played Sim Bombei a few times already at my gigs and spontaneously couples were formed, dancing together. That was exactly my secret wish with that song.”

35 | Thee Sinseers | What’s His Name

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The latest second single as part of Colemine RecordsBrighter Days Ahead weekly series is Thee Sinseers’ soulful new track What’s His Name. A bit more on Thee Sinseers: Formed in early 2019, Thee Sinseers play a blend of 1960s soul and R&B cultivated in their hometown of East Los Angeles. Their sound echoes that of groups like James Brown, Ritchie Valens, Brenton Wood and Otis Redding. At a time when R&B and soul revival bands are slowly popping up everywhere, the authenticity given to the audience at a Sinseers show is palpable. That is credited to the members and their love for soul/R&B music. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist/producer Joey Quinones, Thee Sinseers demonstrate an exciting exuberant show that makes your heart break one minute with their touching ballads and make your feet move the next.”

36 | Texas Murder Crew | Curse of Humanity

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The brutality of the Texas death metal scene is notorious throughout the worldwide metal underground and there’s now a new contender for the title of sickest, heaviest band from the lone star state. Texas Murder Crew are about to detonate their debut album, Everyone’s Last Breath and it’s going to shake the foundations of brutal death metal. While they may be a new name on the scene, Texas Murder Crew are built around the violent, repugnant riffs of Kevin Clark — a man known for his work with Devourment and Kill Everything. Texas Murder Crew take the sheer heaviness to the absolute limit, defining the Texas death metal sound and then carve their own inimitable signature into the flesh of their victims. This is a band that are viciously proud of their own identity and are never going to be happy living in anyone’s shadow. Their kills are theirs and theirs alone.”

37 | The Ghost of Helags | Chemistry

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With echoes of synth-pop luminaries like Chromatics or Au Revoir Simone, Chemistry is crisp of production and dreamy by design; a bewitching concoction of minimal, syncopated percussion and ethereal synthesisers. Inspired by the shadowy soundscapes cast across David Lynch’s works, the latest release by the duo comprising Teresa Woischiski & John Alexander Ericson would feel right at home on the scores of surreal masterpieces like Twin Peaks or Mulholland Drive. “The song was written in January this year on a foggy late night drive from Vienna to Prague.” reflects vocalist Teresa Woischiski. “We didn’t meet many cars and it was a very dense fog so it felt a bit like driving through outer space.”Capturing the essence and atmosphere and of that surreal journey, Chemistry was recorded within days of the band’s arrival to Prague, from the small hotel room in which they were staying.”

38 | Louis Jucker & Coilguns | A Simple Song

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The Swiss artists Louis Jucker & Coilguns release their new upcoming album Play Kråkeslottet [The Crow’s Castle] & Other Songs from the Northern Shores in July. The special thing about the album is that it was recorded exactly as it was performed live during the Krakeslottet tour 2019 / 2020, on a 24-track tape. No overdubs. No edits. Four musicians in one room. All live. Now with A Simple Song there is a new single from the album. Says Louis about the song: “I wrote that song during the summer 2012, as I was (with many Swiss friends) taking part to the artijuli festival in Krakeslottet. We were in our mid-20s and the sun was never going to bed, we were painting, recording and swimming a bit next to the seals. Years later as I came back to that very special place, and began writing new songs, alone in the darkest nights of the winter, I thought of that one again, and it put a smile on my face.”

39 | Hate Drugs | Night I (Don’t Stop)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Indie-pop group Hate Drugs released their motivational track Night I (Don’t Stop). In the turmoil that we currently call reality, Hate Drugs provide us with a helping hand to get through the dark times. Created in the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevadas, in a warm cabin within the evergreen trees, the group set out to invent a sound that culminated with the growth and perseverance of their friendship. The song questions how strong the will to succeed is and how important our dreams are.”

40 | Grace Gillespie | Huh

THE PRESS RELEASE:Grace Gillespie is a London-based artist and producer originally from Devon, who spent much of 2017 touring as part of the live line-up for Pixx. In 2019 Grace released her debut EP Pretending. This year she is releasing her sophomore EP in the fall. Grace just about to release a new single which takes influences from the folk, psych and dream-pop traditions, providing a backdrop to her intriguing vocal melodies, shifting harmonies and introspective lyricism.”

41 | Jack Trades | Kill Me Slowly feat. Heather Janssen

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising electronic producer Jack Trades has released his single, Kill Me Slowly with Heather Janssen. While Trades was born and based in Calgary, his familial ties extend as far as London. Starting humbly, the producer began experimenting with music production as he found his passion. Jack Trades gives us unique insight into the creation of the single, “The very early version draft of this song had a very different instrumental and a different singer that tackled the subject of “challenges in a relationship” but was unable to capture the whole emotion in the song. My label A&R then introduced me to Heather Janssen, sent her the instrumental and soon as we heard the first scratch on the instrumental, we knew we had something special. I was able to get in the studio with Heather in Toronto and really connect on the writing and what we envisioned with the song. Funny thing is when Heather did finalize writing Kill Me Slowly, we ended up doing a brand new production around her vocals to suit the mood of the record.”

42 | Les Big Byrd | Roofied Angels

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Stockholm’s Les Big Byrd are back with their new EP Roofied Angels due out on June 26 on limited edition 12” vinyl and with the A-side and title track released digitally in May. Roofied Angels is the first piece of new music from Les Big Byrd since 2018’s acclaimed Iran Iraq IKEA LP outside of the instrumental Snö-Golem 7” from last fall and the English language version of the band’s 2017 hit Two Man Gang which was released in May 2019. The 7 minute fuzz-blizzard Roofied Angels might just be the best thing the band’s put their name to yet, melding Motörhead and Shangri-La’s influences into their krautrock infused psychedelic rock, while bringing to mind the heavier side of the band’s 2014 debut LP They Worshipped Cats and was recorded during the sessions for the band’s upcoming third full-length.”

43 | Graham Costello’s STRATA | Lyra

THE PRESS RELEASE:Graham Costello’s STRATA continue to bridge the gap between their debut album Obelisk and their forthcoming album with Gearbox via an epic, polyrhythmic masterpiece titled Lyra. The band, reduced to quartet, becomes a hard-hitting, rhythm section machine. Hypnotising piano patterns roll seamlessly into Reichian guitar loops, and yet the whole track grooves, with the bass providing pulsating sub-octave lines that require a good pair of headphones to truly appreciate. Together, the musicians weave a narrative influenced by post-rock, jazz, and minimalism, continuously evolving in intensity before attaining its cathartic peak.”

44+45 | Leif Vollebekk | Intro + Rest (Acoustic)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Leif Vollebekk shares Rest, two new songs available now across all streaming services. In a time of social distancing, life has brought about a forced pause from normal life. It’s encouraged some of us, including Leif himself, to reflect more, connect more, rest more. This release compliments that quiet introspection. The double package highlights the beginning and the end of his critically acclaimed record Twin Solitude. Intro is a never before released song which was originally intended as the first piece on the album. The melody and lyrics, which echoes the song Vancouver Time, came to Leif when he was in a jetlag state, about a month before writing what would be known as the official opening track. The second song is an acoustic version of the ending opus Rest. This version was recorded in Castlemaine, Australia in a spur of the moment with sound engineer Jono Steer. It was recorded exactly a week before the world closed down its borders.”

46 | Speelburg | World Is Falling Apart (this version)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Brighton based, Belgian-American Speelburg returns with dark youthful anthem World Is Falling Apart (this version), the first single to be lifted from his upcoming debut album Porsche, set for release on Sept. 18. World Is Falling Apart (this version) reflects on the artist’s own generation’s youthful narcissism; “despite the seemingly nihilistic conceit, this is actually a pretty hopeful song”, explains Speelburg, “at the end the world, I’m still going to choose optimism”.He goes on to add; “I’m certainly not oblivious to the fact that this single is coming out during the pandemic, my girlfriend has caught the virus and I currently await judgement from the COVID gods thinking every headache is going to be my last — COVID limbo be damned! I don’t want this to come across as opportunistic. World Is Falling Apart was actually written back in 2017 when we were faced with a whole bunch of other problems. The world just hasn’t gone back to ‘America-in-the-’90s’ level of chillness yet.”

47 | Mali-Koa | Some Things

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London-via-Sydney artist Mali-Koa unveils her beautiful new single Some Things – the second from her upcoming, highly awaited debut album. Some Things is a gorgeous ballad encompassed by tender pianos and lush strings. A visual asset will soon be released, which Mali filmed and directed at home by herself during the COVID19 ‘lockdown’. Talking about the song and self-directed visuals, Mali-Koa explained: “This song is about all the times I’ve broken up with someone and thought, ‘I need to change my hair, reinvent myself and cut the carbs.’ I’m constantly clutching at change in the hope to feel better, especially at the end of a relationship. Some Things is about finally admitting that with time comes healing and change, but equally a lot of moments or feelings aren’t as easy to forget.”

48 | The Rhymes | Love To Long (Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish stagedive poppers The Rhymes have been compared to Mando Diao, The Vaccines and U2. The band released their self-titled debut album in April, to raving reviews from both German and Swedish press. Today, The Rhymes release their first remix ever, thanks to Swedish producer-duo KNYVIG. “KNYVIG did a fantastic remix and since Love To Long have been played on both German and Swedish radio stations, we thought that a remix would be wonderful”, says Tomas Rimeika Karlsson, singer in The Rhymes.”