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Los Mundos | No Hay Quien Se Salve

The Mexican duo of holy terrors resurrect their mind-blowing sophomore set.

Worlds are colliding. Again. This fearsome Mexican duo of holy terrors first unleashed the noisy psychedelic mayhem of their sophomore album No Hay Quien Se Salve (There is No One to Save) back in 2015. If you missed it back then — as I am ashamed to admit I did — don’t make the same mistake twice. Remastered and reissued on vinyl for the first time, it’s a mind-blowing, face-melting monstrosity of fuzz-pedal magnificence, shoegazing intensity and stoner-doom power. Resistance is futile. Surrender is inevitable. Pay heed.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Los Mundos slithers out of Monterrey, Mexico like a psychedelic serpent ready to draw blood. Undulating along riff-heavy guitar lines and fuzzed-out bass, Luis Angel Martinez and Alejandro Elizondo cut a path through psychedelia that pulls from sources as diverse as The Beach Boys, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, creator of the Great Old Ones — a race of gods intent on reclaiming Earth. Los Mundos is the vanguard for those Old Ones, bringing a lost sense of longing and doom back to the hallowed halls of psychedelic rock. Layering driving guitar solos over hypnotic rhythms, their tracks evoke a hard-edged landscape that cuts across those things that could be used to divide us. No Hay Quien Se Salve was originally released back in 2015 — but now making its debut on glorious vinyl. Charting a course between sumptuous, angelic melodies and fuzz-drenched clangour, No Hay Quien Se Salve doubles down on the duo’s razor-sharp riffs, mantra like vocals and heads off deep into the vanishing point.”