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Brian Wright & The SneakUps | Lapse of Luxury

The Nashville MVP steps back into the spotlight with another idiosyncratic solo set.

We all have jobs to do. Bills to pay. Mouths to feed. But every working man needs to do a little something just for himself every now and then. That includes MVP sidemen like Nashville’s Brian Wright, who has toured or recorded with LeeAnn Womack, Milk Carton Kids, Buddy Miller and Aaron Lee Tasian. Between all those gigs, he slowly but surely cut this set of freewheeling, laid-back roots-rock weirdness over the course of three years in his backyard shed. Amazingly, all of it — the makeshift setting, the snails’ pace production, the anything-goes creativity — has seeped into every track, every groove, every melody line and lyric of this home-brewed batch of idiosyncratic alt-roots about little geniuses, tractor beams and heavy metal kids. And it’s every bit as playfully enjoyable as it sounds. So now’s your chance to do a little something for yourself: Turn on, tune in and get in the shed.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Some artists are not made up of just one thing — as is the case with Texas-born artist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet, rock n roll guitarist, independent label owner, psychedelic troubadour, Sagittarius, Brian Wright. With the highly anticipated release of Lapse of Luxury, Wright has realized yet another alter ego with his imaginary band, Brian Wright & The SneakUps. Drawing comparisons throughout his career to some of the greatest songwriters, Wright says, “I like Townes Van Zandt but I also really dig Brian Eno, Outkast, Velvet Underground and Slayer. I like really beautiful things, and I like really ugly things that draw out human emotions that make you feel something visceral — Fear, Joy, Sadness… you know you wanna have a fist fight and a dance party at the same time.” Lapse of Luxury, his seventh studio album, created in his own backyard shed, took three years to make, in between days home off the road while touring as guitarist for Aaron Lee Tasjan. Without having the luxury of a full band on hand, Wright wrote the songs in the moment and recorded almost all of the instruments himself with the help of a few musicians like artist Jon Latham, bassist Tommy Scifress and drummer Matty Alger. Working with a humble set up in a literal shed, which is also headquarters of Wright’s independent label, Cafe Rooster Records, Lapse of Luxury was born in the late hours of musical experimentation (and sometimes the inspiration of psychedelics) with Gabe Masterson showing up in the mornings to “organize the proverbial musical mess I had made the night before,” says Wright.”