Son Of Dave | Where’s The Party At? Exclusive Video Premiere

The one-man blues hurricane is all dolled up with no place to go in his new single.

Son Of Dave is back in town and looking to get down on his footloose and fancy-free new single and video Where’s The Party At? — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

In the latest percolating preview of his upcoming homecoming album A Flat City, we find the globetrotting alt-blues hotstepper back on the prowl in the Prairies after 26 years in London, U.K. Resplendent in his classiest pink party lid, sporting his nattiest track togs and huff-puffing on a lungbusting cheroot, our fun-loving hero gamely cruises the roadways, alleyways and waterways of his hometown, in hot pursuit of revelry befitting a man of his lofty station and sublime sophistication:

“Now it’s just great to be home
Excuse my eau de cologne
These kids are too laid back
Check out my dance floor moves, they’re cardiac.”

But as Indigenous soul siren Celeigh Cardinal sweetly but sassily reminds him, the party — like time itself — waits for no man, no matter how many local urchins he packs like cordwood into his retro-boogie Chevy van:

“Say you’ve been away too long
Things around here have changed
Oh honey since you went away
Babe you’ve been away too long
Been a while since you gone
Ooh babe you’ve been away too long.”

In the end, what can a poor bluesman do, except honk his harmonica and storm the nearest play structure with his rag-tag band of misfit moppets? Truer words, etc. As always, the ever-perceptive and slyly existential SoD cuts right to the ooey-gooey heart of the human condition — then gets it pumping and jumping to an irresistible boogie-blues beat that makes it clear the party was inside him all along. Now that’s a Hollywood ending!

But what else would you expect from Son Of Dave? The one-man blues blaster is loved internationally for his unique sound. Mixing the grittiest of grooves with clever songwriting, he brings the blues kicking into the 21st century with no thievery or pretense. His music streams in the millions, and has been featured in Breaking Bad, a Robin Williams film, and many top-end film and TV productions. He’s played private parties for Grace Jones, toured with Sleaford Mods and Iggy & The Stooges, been on major British and French TV shows, and notched countless other amazing achievements. He is both a cult figure and a maverick bluesman. Not to mention a snappy dresser to boot. If you haven’t already noticed, he recently retuned to his hometown of Winnipeg from a longtime sojourn in London, U.K. As you can probably tell from its title, A Flat City, due July 12, will have something to say about that.

Watch the video for Where’s The Party At? above, hear more from Son Of Dave below, and fling a wingding on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.