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Toronto Poor Boy Keeps It Low Key in Humble New Single

The hip-hopper pauses to appreciate his come-up from the straits to the stage.

Toronto Poor Boy takes a moment to appreciate a hard-earned life and all its triumphs in his newest single Low Key — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“It’s easy to be so focused on the future,” the Canadian hip-hopper offers. “We can all use a little reminder to celebrate the hard work, the time, and the effort we’ve put towards our goals, and our life.”

Low Key is the second song to land this month from the Toronto-based rapper, and the latest in his inspiring set of lyrics that often draw from his complex past. “These are messages that are very personal to me,” the Toronto-based rap master says. “They bring the new decade’s energy into focus, and talk about the struggles to become the best version of yourself. It’s about being proud in the present as we look towards building the future.”

Hot on the heels of this year’s offerings Big Dreams and Stronger Now, Low Key continue to amplify the Jamaican-born entertainer’s dynamic blend of hip-hop, rock, reggae and pop, while drawing audiences to his magnetic online presence and compelling story. Born in Jamaica and arriving in Canada as a young teen, he has made his own way in Toronto, and used his struggles and triumphs to fashion lyrical stories listeners can relate to. His hard work and dedication to making a living while making music have produced powerful and meaningful songs with a sound unlike other artists.

Toronto Poor Boy’s music is very much a reflection of his complex identity; “I’m very much two people,” he says. “Not innocent or bad, but both parts exist simultaneously. Ultimately, it’s my goal to inspire those in my community. My message to everyone is to never give up, and keep working on those big dreams.”

Listen to Low Key above, and keep up with Toronto Poor Boy via his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.