Indie Roundup (Double Score Edition) | 40 Songs For Your Weekend

Kick off your Friday night with Rateliff, Reuben, Rufus and a roster of others.

Käpt’n Rummelsnuff & Maat Asbach space out, Bear roll a gutter ball, Reuben goes dancing in the dark, Rufus has some alone time, Badguyswin hit the honey bucket and more in today’s surprisingly manageable Friday Roundup. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I hear a bottle of red wine and a pot of spaghetti with homemade sauce calling my name.

1 | Käpt’n Rummelsnuff & Maat Asbach | Interkosmos

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In the video for the newest electrocution Interkosmos, Rummelsnuff and crew orbit the wretched vale of the Earth as extraterrestrial party officials. Men are moving in an extremely confined space on the trail of the Soviet-German Interkosmos mission Sojus 31, which was successfully completed in September 1978 by Commander Valeri Bykowski and his GDR colleague Comrade Sigmund Jähn. Do the dance of zero-gravity!”

2 | Bear | Gutter Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Belgian progressive metal/hardcore practitioners Bear unveil their latest video for Gutter Love. The track comes by way of the band’s Propaganda full-length, set to drop next month. Comments the band of their latest single, “Gutter Love is about being brought to your lowest point by love. Being dragged into the gutter where the feeling turns into an intense hatred. It’s a reminder of the lengths people will go to, to preserve whatever remains of a love that has turned sour.” Celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band, Bear invoke the spirit of great hardcore bands of the ’90s like Catharsis or Gehenna — bands whose raw energy, uncompromising delivery, and relentlessly violent performance was as energizing and invigorating as it was puzzling for the oftentimes baffled audience.”

3 | Reuben and the Dark | Dancer

THE PRESS RELEASE:Reuben and the Dark shares a new video today for Dancer from their spirited album Un | Love. The stunning new visual, created with Sheva Kafai and edited by Kaelen Ohm, captures varying landscapes between desert and snowstorm forests, spliced with contrasting fragments of the past and present. One moment Reuben is performing for a room full of fans, the next he’s alone, the sole traveler across the vast, panoramic desert. It’s a cyclical anecdote that feels very ‘of the moment,’ in a time where the world has been taken out of the habitual everyday and put into an isolated state and self-reflective place. Frontman Reuben Bullock explains: “The concept behind this video is simple. It chronicles journey and reflection. Through time and experience. The past is a hard thing to balance in the present sometimes. Memory’s ghost holds such weight and significance. When time feels non-linear. Where emotions we carry in our hearts are from events that have yet to come to pass… it’s easy to forget where we are sometimes. This music video personifies experience. Pain is a road worn companion. Letting go is found in remembering. And dreams… dreams are really all we have anyway.”

4 | Rufus Wainwright | Alone Time

THE PRESS RELEASE:Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright has unveiled the latest single from his eagerly anticipated new pop album, Unfollow The Rules. Alone Time is available now, along with an official companion video created by award-winning animator Josh Shaffner and featuring illustrations by Wainwright and Shaffner. “Alone Time is the end title of my upcoming album, Unfollow the Rules,” says Wainwright. “An old school record that attempts to take the listener on a rich journey through the myriad of experiences of this thing we call ‘life.’ It is my belief that with everyone and everything, ultimately, all conclusions are about solitude and the acceptance of that fact, and that often this is a very beautiful realization. But today, in these dark times, I’m thinking a lot about the thousands of people who, due to COVID-19, are forced to experience intense isolation at the end of their days in order to save others, and the incredible fear that that must entail. This track is humbly dedicated to them; it is a wish of hope and a prayer for grace that they feel some sense of joy and comfort in knowing they are performing such an incredible act of sacrifice for humanity.”

5+6 | Orgöne | Mothership Egypt / Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut

THE PRESS RELEASE: “French avant-garde rockers Orgöne unveil their video for Mothership Egypt/Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut“, a new excerpt from their wild and unique debut double LP MOS/FET due out June 19. This first video from Orgöne shows the band playing their songs Mothership Egypt and Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut, from their Anubis Rising Suite. This total DIY video, shot one week before the quarantine, is a way for the band to present (with a touch of humour and even irony) their psychedelic, mystic, spacey and dreamy inner landscape, fulfilled with ancient gods from other planets and pan-Africanism.”

7 | Badguyswin | Honey Bucket

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Releasing their debut album Cowards earlier this April, Grand Forks, BC’s ’90s grunge stoner rock trio Badguyswin are sharing their next music video Honey Bucket that features an acting cameo by ExPain guitarist Pat Peeve. Vocalist/guitarist Shane Sherman explains the track: “When we first started writing Honey Bucket we didn’t know how impactful of a song it would become. I brought the first two riffs to our drummer Zak and he felt it out quickly, incorporating a strong Spanish style groove to the bluesy sound. Later on, we wrote the chorus and it was apparent it had a very strong hook. The lyrics are a vague description of being dependent on something. Vague enough to leave the message up for interpretation, but direct enough to tell a story of desperation. Originally we had a different ending. But we didn’t feel it had enough impact. We wanted a powerful finish to the song that would translate well to a live audience. After a few different ideas we really nailed it down and it’s become a staple in our set.”

8 | Sunliner | Structure

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Celebrating their reinvention, Structure / Average At Best is an invigorating new EP from recently refreshed Leeds melodic punks Sunliner. Before their name change, Sunliner toured the world and released highly acclaimed albums as Jake & The Jellyfish. Growing from folk-punk roots, over time the band’s sound has developed to a more driven, gruff melodic punk. Their relaunch as Sunliner reflects that natural progression of their music. Structure / Average At Best showcases Sunliner’s singalong punk. Flavoured with both hardcore and folk inspirations, they excel in clever, intimate and relatable lyrics. Each song addresses self-doubt, mental health and the struggle to find a life balance, yet being self-aware and catchy hardcore-leaning, pop, punk rock.”

9 | Day Wave | Crush

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Critically acclaimed one-man indie band, Day Wave aka Jackson Phillips, shares his new EP Crush. Crush reveals a newfound vocal dynamism from Phillips, whose steady growth as a performer lends an understated weight to EP’s emotional soul searching. In addition to his EP release, Phillips shares a new visual for the title track. He explains, “I wrote Crush a few days after buying a piano on Craigslist. I wanted to make something more intimate so I decided to move away from the guitar. It opened me up to a different style of writing, and I think this song became the tipping point for where I can take Day Wave in the future. I was really just trying to make sense of things for myself with this EP. It’s easy to feel isolated, like your thoughts don’t matter or that you’ll never be good enough, but writing these songs was my way of trying to rid myself of those toxic ideas and open myself up to a better way of living. It was my way of trying to figure out who I really was.”

10 | Chatham County Line | Station to Station

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chatham County Line’s ninth studio album, Strange Fascination, is out today. In celebration of the release, the band released the video for Station to Station (featuring Animal on drums). For the first time in the band’s recording history, Strange Fascination features drums on every track, a notion that they will translate to the live stage with the addition of drums to their live shows. “You know the banjo is a drum in and of itself, “say Dave Wilson, “we thought what better way to greet the next decade than to add drums to the stage.”

11 | Adaline | Ghost

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian queer alt pop-inspired singer/songwriter/composer Adaline is thrilled to release her anticipated EP Dear Illusion. A coming out record of sorts, as it was written while the songstress was falling in love with a woman for the first time, Dear Illusion marks a very personal journey for Adaline as she embraces the truth of her identity and queerness. “There was a part of me I was keeping secret which was not only affecting my well-being and relationships, but was also affecting my music. It was starting to feel like I wasn’t writing with the vulnerability I was accustomed to. It was from this desire to be transparent that I wrote Dear Illusion. I knew I needed to write songs that were honest even though I also knew it would lead to some difficult conversations with important people in my life.”

12 | Shatter Brain | Death Goes On

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian thrash metal combo Shatter Brain have just revealed a music video for a new song off their debut album Pitchfork Justice, scheduled to be released on May 1. Recorded by Jimmy Balderston at Ghostnote Recording Studios, Pitchfork Justice contains nine cohesive songs that are a unique blend of sludge metal, old-school thrash, and hardcore, with modern and diverse vocals.”

13 | 7candystars | Corners

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising from the northeast, 7candsystars have released their uncompromising and lush first single Corners alongside an accompanying music video. The track’s synth-driven melody and crisp guitars, combined with Kane Gelaznik’s deep vocals serves as a welcome entry point to the band’s melancholic yet multifaceted sound. Thematically, Corners explores the distance between people who act out on their pain, mixing deeply personal lyrics with dizzying lines like, “There’s always something in the corner of my eye that keeps me calm” that are sure to get caught in the listener’s head. The video itself serves an ode to their ‘90s alternative and post-punk influences with dark, fuzzed-out imagery reminiscent of aesthetics used by iconic acts like The Smashing Pumpkins and The Church. Corners serves as the first release off the band’s debut EP, Cherish, out May 15.”

14 | Very Very | Daydreams

THE PRESS RELEASE:Very Very is a producer and vocalist based out of Toronto. Interweaving indie and R&B with pop sensibilities, her moody sounds and ardent voice have forged a devoted following in the music scene and industry alike. Her new single Daydreams marks the second offering from her forthcoming Badlands EP. A haunting lullabye, the song plays with cheerful tones and playful melodies that mask a dark truth; just beneath the surface lies a violent battle between the artist’s love and enmity.”

15 | White Buffalo | Problem Solution

THE PRESS RELEASE:The White Buffalo (Jake Smith) has released the official music video for Problem Solution from his recently released album On The Widow’s Walk. “This is a song in two parts about mental states. The first half, Problem, is about heartbreak and self-doubt when things are bleak and hopeless. The abrupt release and uplift into the second movement, Solution, is the answer, about living in the moment and getting through the day.”

16 | Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown | Out There

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have shared the video for the powerful song Out There, which takes on an entirely new meaning amid today’s climate. “Making sense of loss is not an easy task,” says the band’s namesake guitarist. “Sometimes, it’s just impossible. Songwriting has always been my way of tumbling through the feelings I struggle to make sense of. Out There has taken on different meanings for me personally over time. Given the current circumstances, this song feels heavier to me than it ever has. I can only imagine what so many people are dealing with right now. There was a lot of love put into this song and I hope every bit of that is transferred and felt by anyone out there who needs it right now.”

17 | Mallory Chipman & The Mystics | Midnight Lady

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With just over a month until the arrival of their debut album Aquarian, Mallory Chipman & The Mystics have released a mind-bending animated video for the latest single Midnight Lady. Written in the spirit of 1970s classic rock staples such as Black Magic Woman, Midnight Lady takes another view of “mystic” femininity so prevalent during that era, while displaying Chipman and her band’s top level musical chops. Edmonton-born Chipman has already made her mark on the jazz scene, with two critically acclaimed solo albums showcasing her dynamic voice. But since forming the five-piece Mystics in 2018 she has reconnected with her inner rocker and transformed her sound into a genre-obliterating sonic experience that seems to channel Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell and Esperanza Spalding all at once, while lyrically exploring subjects both personal and political.”

18 | Harrow Fair | Seat At The Table

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Americana duo Harrow Fair (Miranda Mulholland & Andrew Penner) release a brand new video for the single Seat At The Table. The song is from their sophomore album, Sins We Made, released on April 17. “The song was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1800s which was a response to the upheaval and mechanization of the industrial revolution. It was a return to small-batch, artistry, care, and a more fulfilling way of life;” shares the band. “We had no way of knowing that this message would become not only more relevant but also more imperative today than ever before.” The video was filmed as a fundraiser for a local charity, Gravenhurst Against Poverty, and the duo invited townspeople to the Gravenhust Opera House — built by Miranda’s great-great grandfather when he was mayor of the town — to gather and share food and showcase the spirit of the song: inclusivity, community and care for the most vulnerable in our society.”

19 | Palaye Royale | Little Bastards

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Adrenaline-fueled, rock n’ roll circus and recent Juno nominees Palaye Royale have released an animated video for their brand new single, Little Bastards, the opening track of their highly anticipated new album The Bastards — releasing May 29. Speaking on the new song and video, guitarist Sebastian Danzig says “Musically we show the direction of the album all in a single track. The vulnerability, the truth and the aggression all wrapped together in a three and a half minute track which will set the listener up for what is too come for the next 14 tracks and what corners we will touch. Lyrically it trails from our latest release Lonely but displaying the frustration and anger towards individuals that are meant to be friends. Visually we wanted to display our current state which is complete isolation from the world; trapped inside a house but yet the toxic society has found its way inside. We have to “band” together to keep our circle of trust and honesty tight.”

20 | Riot Ten & Whales | Save You

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bass enthusiasts Riot Ten & Whales join up with vocalist Megan Stokes on the rich, future bass-meets-melodic dubstep heavy hitter Save You. Save You is Riot Ten’s first collaboration with Israeli producer Whales and showcases his ability to create chilling, emotionally charged soundscapes, while maintaining the raw intensity that attracts his loyal fanbase. It follows in the footsteps of Riot Ten’s recent house music single Lost Your Mind, by boldly taking a new direction and exploring fresh sounds. Rising producer Whales has been bubbling in the underground over the past few years, known for genre-fluid productions that encompass a broad scope of bass music, ranging from the heavy festival bangers to the chiller headphone earworms. He kicked off this year with his Destroyer EP and quickly followed it up with a bombardment of new material, including collabs with MagMag, The Arcturians and JOOL.”

21 | Nathaniel Rateliff | Willie’s Birthday Song

THE PRESS RELEASE:Nathaniel Rateliff has released a new song today to celebrate Willie Nelson’s birthday (which is on Wednesday). The song is aptly called Willie’s Birthday Song, and is the latest installment of The Marigold Singles — which is an ongoing effort to raise money for The Marigold Project, Nathaniel’s foundation supporting community and non-profit organizations working for economic and social justice. Nathaniel assembled a group of family and friends for the song while following physical distancing guidelines — including Willie’s sister and pianist Bobbi Nelson, his harmonica player Mickey Raphael, Night Sweats members Patrick Meese, Mark Shusterman and Jeff Dazey, Jonathan Tyler, Matt Pynn, as well as background vocals by Willie’s sons, Lukas and Micah, along with Matthew Logan Vasquez, Nikki Lane, and Courney Marie Andrews.”

22 | David Haerle | Romy and Michele

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles singer/songwriter/guitarist David Haerle is releasing his latest single and music video Romy and Michele. Inspired by the film Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, the song will be included on his forthcoming sophomore album Death Valley, due out on May 8. The video was shot in Venice, California, on the beach in front of the apartment building where the characters lived in the movie. During the current uncertain and challenging times, the song serves as a reminder to all of something we can benefit from. “The movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion changed my life,” David shares with a smile. “Ok, it didn’t change my life, but Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow are beyond adorable in the film. I’ve found myself calling up scenes on YouTube when I just wanted to relax, feel good or laugh. The song is about having a movie that you go back to over the years because it holds that special place in your heart. Romy and Michele put me back in touch with something innocent, light and good. Your movie might connect to your youth or allow you to escape real life for a little while.”

23 | Easy | Day For Night

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ahead of releasing their new album Radical Innocence, Sweden’s celebrated ’90s indie rock darlings Easy present the single Day For Night, a powerfully catchy track highly reminiscent of True Faith-era New Order or the Bernard Sumner / Johnny Marr offshoot Electronica. The accompanying clever and beautiful animated video was produced by Ian Holmes, who also created the video for the lead track Crystal Waves. In the early 1990s, Easy was one of Sweden’s most notable indie groups. They suddenly disbanded in 1994, with members becoming involved in other projects. In 2010, the group reunited with the original line-up. The Radical Innocence LP is Easy’s first new album in a decade.”

24 | Will Hoge | The Curse

THE PRESS RELEASE: “For two decades, Will Hoge has carried the torch for American rock & roll, carving out his own blue-collar sound rooted in amplified guitars, melodic hooks, southern soul, and rootsy stomp. It’s a sound that nods to the best moments of the past — the punch of Tom Petty’s anthems; the countrified twang of Buck Owens’ singing; the raw, greasy cool of The Rolling Stones — while still pushing forward into new territory with Hoge’s storytelling and larger-than-life voice leading the charge on his new self-produced album, Tiny Little Movies, which will be released June 26. The album’s first single The Curse is now available.”

25 | Alizarin | Elegy Simulacra

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Cinematic rock metallers Alizarin announce they will be releasing their sophomore album The Last Semblance this coming July and are excited to share the lead single Elegy Simulacra. The nearly 8-minute epic prog track is described by the band as “one of the fastest tunes on the album. It’s energetic, urgent, and driven by a persistent hypnotic riff. By the time the tune is complete the listener will feel they’ve been on one mind-bending journey, fully setting up the rest of the record.”

26 | Between Kings | Too Young To Give A Fuck

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising alternative pop-rock band Between Kings released the Antidote EP today. Produced by Jimmy Messer, the new 4-song EP is named for the band’s radio single Antidote, currently making waves. Between Kings also issued the music video for another featured track on the EP, Too Young To Give A Fuck. About the new video for Too Young To Give A Fuck, guitarist Jordan Coyne adds, “Everyone right now is locked in their homes and, for some, it’s a cold and lonely time. We really wanted to connect and bring people together so we thought it would be fun to reach out to fans to get them to make their own videos for this project. Too Young… is all about how you feel inside; it’s an attitude. I have a grandma and she’s still too young to give a fuck!”

27 | Paradise Lost | Ghosts

THE PRESS RELEASE:Paradise Lost released Ghosts, the second single from their new album Obsidian, out on May 15. The newly minted anthem is a guaranteed dancefloor-filler at any discerning goth nightclub and comes with an impressive lyric video. Nick Holmes about Ghosts: “This song tips a cap to the goth rock music that was ubiquitous when we were teenagers. Even as young Death metal fans, a lot of that old 80’s music is still very much the soundtrack of our early lives. Lyrically it’s about being haunted by the past and a shallow belief in something you hope will destroy the demons.” The 16th Paradise Lost studio album, Obsidian eschews its immediate predecessors’ gruesome, myopic approach in favour of a richer and more dynamic deluge of black shades.”

28 | Gillian | High

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Pop singer/songwriter Gillian releases her new single, High, and accompanying music video. A delightful piano-driven pop ballad, High is the first tease from Gillian’s upcoming full-length album, 3AM. On High, Gillian‘s voice tiptoes between sparse piano as tension mounts towards an arresting chorus: “You spend all your free time getting high.” Punctuated by haunting percussion and towering delivery, “High” delivers a poignant message on the horrors of addiction. “The song took true emotions I was feeling in a relationship and created a story with them,” she recalls, “it’s about how addiction can affect a relationship.”

29 | Sven Gali | Now

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canada’s Sven Gali are sharing with fans the single Now off their highly anticipated EP entitled 3 and due out June 12. Known for their fusion of ’80s screaming hard rock and ’90s blazing metal, the new EP is their long-awaited follow up to 1995’s In Wire and 1992’s gold-selling and Juno Award-nominated self-titled debut album. Vocalist David Wanless adds: “Hello everyone!! We are all experiencing changes in our lifestyles, and one thing that’s helping me get through this is music. It’s Friday — settle in with your choice of beverage and crank the new tune from me and my brothers Sven Gali. NOW, more than ever, is a time we all need to stick together and do the right thing!”

30 | Shadowflag | From Agony to Cold

THE PRESS RELEASE:Shadowflag have always stalked the hinterlands of black metal, striding with gritted teeth into the face of the storm. They bring rare imagination and a poetic spirit to their fearsome creations, walking hand in hand with accepted convention only when it happens to run parallel to their path. After three years of labour they are now ready to present their latest beast, carved from the essence of insanity, In Asylum Requiem. The fourth Shadowflag album is perhaps their most formidable and forbidding; each song resolute in purpose and relentless in delivery. Yet for all the freezing fury, the rush of blackness is punctuated with diamonds of unique cut, moments of that unmistakeable Shadowflag magic. Songs like From Agony To Cold perfectly define everything that Shadowflag are. They have a sound and signature that is all their own and this has never been more apparent than when wandering the complex passageways of In Asylum Requiem.

31 | Foetal Juice | Metamorphosis

THE PRESS RELEASE:Foetal Juice are proud to unveil the second single from their forthcoming album Gluttony. Following in the wake of the rampaging title track comes Metamorphosis, an unstoppable bulldozer of a song that perfectly encapsulates the devastating power that Foetal Juice have harnessed on their latest release. The band explain the message behind the riffs: “Metamorphosis is about the mental transformation that any normal person can take if the right buttons are pressed. It’s basically a journey from normality into the kind of rage that makes people want to fight. It’s loosely based on the personal experience of being wound up by people’s greed and selfishness. This links in really well with all of the shit that is going on at the minute all over the world. Selfish bastards have been going into shops and buying up more essential items than they are able to use, leaving absolutely nothing for the more vulnerable and older people. ‘But that’s fine because we are alright’, kind of attitudes like that can really fuck up people in need. Especially in times like this when they need a bit of compassion.”

32 | Rory Taillon | Float

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ottawa-based singer/songwriter Rory Taillon is a road warrior, touring across the country and back again. He has the soul of the East coast but the sound of the West in his songs, with a voice to match the majesty of the Rockies. Originally from Port Perry in the GTA, his new home allows him to capitalise on the touring opportunities available, crisscrossing the country. Rory Taillon is not just an entertainer, he is a performer. He is a classically trained singer, a multi-instrumentalist and vocally can turn his hand to a variety of genres. Rory’s new single Float is an intimate, stripped-back acoustic folk track that mimics the feeling of him playing in front of the listener. Inspired by the constant struggle one can have with keeping your demons and your mental health under control, the song is about wondering if it would just be easier to let go and ride the wave.”

33 | Frythm | Rose Quartz

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los-Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Frythm has announced the release his latest single Rose Quartz, from his upcoming album Flow which will be available May 15. Frythm grabs ethereal soundscapes and pulls them into the modern world of electronic music. Using sighs and crooning, a humane element is brought forth, breathing life into the track. With a pragmatic bassline providing support for Rose Quartz, the soft vocals provide a romanticism that would otherwise be sorely missed. The producer elaborates: “This song was actually sitting in the vault for a while, the premise was to write something with a healthy balance of feminine and masculine energy. This was actually the track that triggered the idea of using my voice as an instrument rather than a storytelling tool. What started as a chill instrumental evolved into an uptempo groove of fast-paced rhythms and fun percussive elements, with a hazy backing vocals to carry the track along.”

34+35 | Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown | The Humans are Coming + Travelling Buddy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London’s rapper & producer duo Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown warm up for the release of their phenomenal new album Panacea on May 5 with this new single The Humans are Coming b/w Travelling Buddy. As expected of the Triple Darkness member, Phoenix combines the highest caliber rhyme skills and imaginative wordplay to tackle many of the most pressing issues facing society today, none more so than in the new AA side. Amidst the frenzy of Husky’s highly charged electronica fuelling The Humans are Coming, Phoenix pens a letter of contrition to the mythological Gaia for the damage done to her environment, while the atmospheric Travelling Buddy is a poignant message of empathy & support to all facing the challenges of mental health issues.”

36+37 | Knifey | Ask You + Anchor

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Knifey combines twangy guitars, energetic drumming, and clear honest vocals to form a unique and refreshing brand of rock. Forming in 2015, the band played frequently in and around Toronto before releasing their debut LP, Beached, in October 2017. Knifey’s music has since evolved into a more varied sound, combining elements of power pop, introspective ballads, surf rock, and straight up punk. Now, the band is gearing up to release a second full-length album in 2020 called Sleepwalker. The band’s newest single, Ask You b/w Anchor, is about the gratefulness we should all feel for the people that make us better in our lives, but also about the insecurity that can bring when we look back at our own lives and ask if we are worthy of that love.”

38 | Tall Heights & Ryan Montbleau | Helplessly Hoping

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Massachusetts homegrown talents Ryan Montbleau & Tall Heights join forces again for a beautiful rendition of Crosby, Stills & Nash’s Helplessly Hoping. Montbleau shares his thoughts on the song, “what a message and sentiment right now during a pandemic when every day is such a roller-coaster of emotion. Having all of your day-to-day routine taken away, whatever that may be, I think it’s making us all dig down deep and continue to find meaning in our lives in a way we haven’t had to before. We’re each alone but we’re looking at the world and longing to connect with it. All we can do is helplessly hope. We’re alone and we’re for each other. That song’s message will always resonate but it feels especially true right now.” Paul Wright of Tall Heights continues, “At the end of the day the three of us share a passion for creating a singular emotional moment with a song; Crosby Stills & Nash’s Helplessly Hoping does that so well, and that’s why it was the clear choice for chapter two of our collaboration with Ryan.”

39 | Bare Jams | Sonder

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The latest cut from Bare Jams is Sonder. Meaning ‘the observation of people,’ Sonder is a song that carries all the hallmarks of the band blended into a celestial neo-soul vibe ooozing with soulful vocals, intoxicating keys and a silvery blanket of horns. Bare Jams’ debut album This ‘n’ That is set to be released on May 1.”

40 | Slmn | Late Bloomer feat. Jon Vinyl

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the release of the richly romantic single Love in the Winter featuring frequent collaborator R&B vocalist anders, producer and multi-instrumentalist Slmn continues to tease the launch of his debut EP with the project’s title track Late Bloomer. Teaming up with R&B/soul vocalist Jon Vinyl, Late Bloomer is imbued with blissful vocal harmonies and lulling guitar melodies, creating an almost mournful soundscape reflecting on the euphoric days of lost adolescence. “Feeling like we’ve grown up too quick is something that I think many of us can relate to.”