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Blondie | Best of Blondie Promo Poster

Debbie Harry and the New York icons are one of the few big bands I never saw.

After nearly half a century of concerts, there are few bands I haven’t seen at one time or another. Blondie are probably one of the most notable acts I’ve never crossed paths with. It’s really no mystery — Debbie Harry and her New York bandmates never cared enough about their Canadian fans to tour the country extensively, and I never cared enough about them to go see them in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, the only markets they’ve played regularly. At this stage of the game, I honestly don’t think I’d bother going even if they did decide to show up, since I’m also not a fan of getting gouged by Ticketbastard for the questionable privilege of watching a bunch of senior citizens go through the motions of their hits for the millionth time. So I’ll content myself with their old videos and albums — especially the early gems pictured in this 22″ by 33″ poster for their 1981 Best of Blondie greatest hits set. If you’d like to buy it, don’t call me — send me an email.