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Diarchy | Splitfire

The Bangalore stoner-rock duo deliver the best of both worlds on their second LP.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Diarchy’s second album is a sharp reflection of changes in the three intervening years between this and the band’s debut; changes that are personal and in the world at large. The duo’s growth in these years is displayed in its immense ability to articulate such diversity as rage at political and societal ills, serenity in the security of a strong emotional shelter and thoughtfulness in forging a way forward, all with equal facility.”

MY TWO CENTS: I don’t know how many stoner-rock duos there are in Bangalore, India. But if Diarchy aren’t the kings of that particular hill, then I really need to hear the rest of the candidates. Because make no mistake: These dudes are more than just some one-dimensional crash ’n’ bash outfit. Instead, they deftly and creatively deliver the best of two very different worlds on their culture-crossing sophomore album Splitfire. Melding the sludgy beats, megaton riffage and bong-seared vocals of the West with the slinky melodies and hypnotic grooves of their homeland, these shape-shifting tracks take you on one powerfully exotic trip. Best of all: It’s a journey you can take without getting any shots.