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Death on Fire | Ghost Songs

These Indiana bruisers raise the metal bar with substantial songcraft & musicianship.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Years of tour experience, decades of studying music and a lifelong dedication to the underground. These are the things that have come to define Death On Fire, a Midwest death metal band who will never bend the knee. Formed in 2016 as a studio project by frontman Tim Kenefic, the project has rapidly evolved into a hard touring sonic abomination. Dedicated to crafting technical, interesting and above all, boundary breaking music, Death On Fire has rapidly built a name for themselves as road warriors, hustling across the country in the name of that next sick and twisted show. Intense and unapologetic, Death On Fire have come to embody the spirit of modern death metal.”

MY TWO CENTS: Unlike some of their peers who are eternally obsessed with brutal intensity and blazing speed, these three bruisers from Fort Wayne, Ind., aren’t afraid to balance out their flamethrower vocals and double-bass blasts with some strong melodies, harmonized solos and quieter passages. Which gives these tracks far more musical and emotional substance than you might expect from an album of so-called Ghost Songs.