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Carnivorous Bells | The Upturned Stone

These Philly 'cave-proggers' marry low-slung muscle to highfalutin' complexity.


THE PRESS RELEASE: “Eleven song debut full length. Carnivorous Bells is David Vassalotti, Leo Suarez, Matthew Adis & Michael Bachich. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.”

MY TWO CENTS: These (apparently) publicity-shy Philadelphians call their sound “cave prog.” Admittedly, that’s as good a way as any of describing their shotgun marriage of low-slung propulsive muscle, highfalutin’ technical complexity and knotty, gnarly guitar work. But it doesn’t include the fact that their singer occasionally sounds a bit like Alex Harvey at his most manic and outsized, which is definitely another point in their favour. Dig this one up. It’s a keeper.

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