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Arbouretum | Let It All In

These Calfornians take some hippies to the Ren Fayre — and have a wild time.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Arbouretum’s mystic folk-rock collapses a continuum of 20th century music into decidedly classic song structures. English folk, country blues, Americana and ’70s psychedelia all serve as touchpoints in their singular and distinctive sound. The Baltimore-based band have perfected the craft of storytelling using the delicate interplay of melodies and prosaic lyrics to tell vivid stories that engage the listener and transport them the way an immersive novel would. Let It All In stands as their most accomplished and evocative album to date. Guitarist and vocalist Dave Heumann’s melodies and solos still remain a central focus bolstered by the hypnotic rhythms of bassist Corey Allender and drummer Brian Carey and enhanced by Matthew Pierce’s substantial yet understated keyboard figures. Each song is a vivid scene or tale; meticulously detailed and crafted, transporting the listener to another world and time. Let It All In is as instantly arresting as it is deeply reflective, with layers of sound and metaphor for the listener to unravel and interpret in their own way. It is a beautiful album that lives in and reflects the present moment while sounding as if it were forged in another era.”

MY TWO CENTS: A lot of folk-rock can be deathly dull or damn depressing. These guys manage to be neither, thanks to their bizarre fusion of ancient and contemporary influences. Imagine a bunch of ’60s acid-rocking hippies from California trying to fit in at a Ren Fayre and you’re kinda halfway there. Unless you listen to the mindblowing 11-minute space-prog title cut, which is some sorta weird cross between Hawkwind and Krautrock, but without being either one of them. So maybe you should just listen for yourself. Trust me, it’s pretty wild. Try to take it all in.

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