Tinnitist TV | Episode 34: Snake From Voivod

The Canadian metal vet on their new album, how he got that nickname & much more.


Keeping a band alive for nearly 40 years is hard enough. Doing some of your greatest work after nearly 40 years? Practically impossible. Unless you’re Voivod, of course. They’ve been doing the impossible pretty much since Day 1.

On paper, these guys didn’t stand a chance: They came out of nowhere Quebec. Their members called themselves Snake, Piggy, Blacky and Away. They were named after a post-apocalyptic vampire lord created by their drummer, who drew all their artwork in a style best described as teenage-loner notebook fantasy. Despite all this, they have become one of the most distinctive and innovative bands in rock, thanks to their futuristic fusion of progressive metal, brutal thrash and high-concept science fiction lyrics. Over the years they’ve endured lineup changes, near-breakups, death and devastating injury. They’ve never had a hit single. Only one of their albums has made it to a Billboard chart. But through it all, they have persevered.

And lately, they’ve begun to get their due. Their 2018 release The Wake earned them their first Juno Award for Heavy Metal Album of the Year. And its followup Synchro Anarchy, their 15th studio effort, has just been released to rave reviews. A few weeks back, singer Snake — aka Denis Bélanger — Zoomed in to talk about the making of Synchro Anarchy, where he got his nickname, how the band plan to celebrate their upcoming anniversary and plenty more. Enjoy. Then listen to Synchro Anarchy below, read my review HERE, and get more Voivod at their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.