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U2 | Rare October Promo Poster

I'm so old I remember when this album came out (& when The Edge had hair).

I am so old that I remember hearing U2’s I Will Follow on the radio for the first time. So old that I remember buying their first album Boy when it came out in 1980. So old that I remember buying their sophomore album October almost exactly a year later. And so old that I also snagged this nifty 18″ by 35″ promo poster that features the front (and back) cover art of October, which was apparently shot when they were all in elementary school or something, based on their wrinkle-free mugs and non-receding hairlines (speaking of old). Apparently this sucker is pretty rare nearly four decades later — I see that somebody online is asking $750 for theirs. I’m not nearly that greedy. If you’re old enough to remember when The Edge had hair — or just want like to own this — email me and we’ll talk.