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Indie Roundup | Four Songs For A Quiet Tuesday

Electric Jaguar Baby, Betty Moon, Will Sexton & Vance Gilbert make a day of it.

Electric Jaguar Baby end it all, Betty Moon gets crazy, Will Sexton heeds the call and Vance Gilbert sends you flowers in today’s Roundup. Another day, another batch of homemade English toffee ready to go.

1 | Electric Jaguar Baby | End Of Doom

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A few weeks after the official release of its debut album French acid-fuzz/psych/rock/stoner duet Electric Jaguar Baby just unveiled a brand new music video illlustrating the single End Of Doom (featuring Gabriel Ravera from the Argentinian doom/heavy/psych-rock band Mephistofeles). Since their birth in 2015 in Paris, Electric Jaguar Baby have no-stop praised the cult of fuzz, offering it tracks born from a gang-bang with Ty Segall, Josh Homme, Jack White and Ozzy Osbourne, sprinkled with retro and occult 70’s vibes. Kitschy shirts and a Big Muff (volume on 11) are enough the fire up the stage, their favourite playground.”

2 | Betty Moon | Crazy (What You Make Me)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Betty Moon, the Southern California songwriter, producer and director has released a new music video for her song Crazy (What You Make Me). Directed by Moon, she takes the viewer on a visual rollercoaster inside her mind, which comes off euphoric but tells a relatable story of relationships gone awry. Mental health is the topical issue on this track for Betty Moon and her playful but seriously intense way resonates with many of us. Her distinct ’90s rock and electronic influences can be heard throughout the track, and the video takes the music to new levels with its intensity, glamour and pulsing house energy and synth textures.”

3 | Will Sexton | Temptation’s Call

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Most of my life,” says Will Sexton, “I’ve complicated things musically. But, nowadays, I have a different approach: it’s less cerebral, and more about gut and soul.” It’s been an evolution years in the making for revered guitarist/vocalist Sexton, who launched his career when he still in grade school. Now the towering Texan, nearing age 50, has brought this new philosophy to bear on his first solo record in a decade, Don’t Walk the Darkness, due on March 6. For Sexton, resuming his solo career after a long break feels like both a reboot and culmination of his musical journey. “I just figured it was time for me to reconnect with singing and fronting a band, something I haven’t done in a long time,” he says. “This is a new start for me, but also kind of the logical extension of everything I’ve been doing since I was nine years old. The music is brand new, but I’m the same old me.”

4 | Vance Gilbert | Wildflower

THE PRESS RELEASE:Vance Gilbert defies stereotypes. It’s little wonder then that he also exceeds expectations. In this case, those two qualities go hand in hand. “I’m black, I sing, I play an acoustic guitar, and I don’t play the blues,” Gilbert insists. That may be a broad statement, but it rings with truth. It all come to full fruition on Gilbert’s upcoming album, the appropriately named Good, Good Man, out Jan. 24. Here’s the latest preview Wildflower. “Done solo here, with just the guitar and two mics. A song from my early teen years, 1972, like 9th grade, original done by the Canadian group Skylark. Some of the song’s history is amazing. I love this story… It was written by a friend of the band’s after a failed first date with a hospice nurse who had two of her favorite clients die in one day. He went to pick her up and she came to the door utterly broken. She promised to pull it together for dinner so she headed to her room while he waited in her living room. After 20 quiet minutes, he chanced a peek, finding her out cold across her bed in a dress, shoes in her hand. He gentlemanly folded the covers over her, let himself out, and went home and wrote the song. I love this story.”