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Suzanne Jarvie Fires Point Blank In New Video

The singer-songwriter hits the mark in a clip from sophomore album In The Clear.

Suzanne Jarvie gets up-close and personal in her striking new video for the bluesy track Point Blank — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The newest single off the award-winning singer/songwriter’s 2019 sophomore record In the Clear, Point Blank tunnels into feelings and impressions that are at the essence of Jarvie’s artistry. Like all her songs, it features lyrics that reflect on life’s big challenges with the skill, style, sophistication and subtlety that fans of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan or Lucinda Williams would appreciate.

Point Blank touches on relationships that make you feel like you are in rough water with a small rudder and little control, explains Jarvie, who recently won the 2019 Ontario Arts Council Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award. She used marquees in the video to display some of her favourite quotes, including her personal favourite: “Now Playing: Your One Life.”

“The concept of a night shoot in Toronto was the vision of director Sam Welch,” she continues. “We wanted to reflect the feelings of tumult through showcasing the energy and chaos of the city. I was fixated on getting shots of myself with planes flying low because, when I wrote the song, there was a certain ‘take cover!’ vibe, which is about protecting oneself from the mercurial moods of teenagers and those with mental health struggles.”

During location, guitarist Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors) was perched on a box amid a swirling sea of city lights. “His powerhouse guitar playing so fits with the energy I wanted to convey in this tune,” she says.

Watch Point Blank above, listen to the rest of In the Clear below, and find out more about Suzanne Jarvie on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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