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Indie Roundup | Eight Songs To Make It Through Midweek

Get over the hump with the help of All Them Witches, Weaves, Field Music & more.

All Them Witches do the math, Weaves get teary, Field Music cash in and more in today’s Roundup. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for it to be Friday already.

1 | All Them Witches | 1X1

THE PRESS RELEASE:All Them Witches have released the video for their new standalone single 1X1. Directed by their drummer Robby Staebler and shot on 16mm film in British Columbia & California, the 1X1 video features Emmy-winning & Golden Globe-nominated actress Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy). 1X1 follows All Them Witches’ acclaimed 2018 album ATW and is their first new music as a paired down trio, their smallest iteration as a band. The psych-rock group produced the single at their own complex The Church, located just outside of their hometown of Nashville.”

2 | Weaves | Internet Tears

THE PRESS RELEASE:Internet Tears represents the start of a new era for the band, which is pushing its eclectic and adventurous sound into new places ahead of its anticipated third album. Of the video, WeavesJasymn Burke says “I was watching something on the Internet that made me cry and started thinking about how ridiculous and funny and peculiar it is that we can sit alone staring at a screen and feel such strong feelings of happiness or sadness or anger while just browsing. It’s like imposed feelings or something. Maybe you can relate.”

3 | Field Music | Money Is A Memory

THE PRESS RELEASE:Field Music’s forthcoming LP Making A New World, a 19 track song cycle about the historical echoes of the First World War, was announced in September. Today the band share the album’s second single. Money Is A Memory is about Germany’s war reparations and is written from the perspective of an office worker in the German Treasury preparing documents for the final instalment on reparation debts — a payment made in 2010, 91 years after the Treaty of Versailles was signed. A defining, blood-spattered element of 20th century history becomes a humdrum administrative task in a 21st century bureaucracy. “The whole album is really about consequences, and how the consequences of that war are still with us,” says Field Music’s David Brewis. “Money Is A Memory is probably the most explicit example of that — decisions that were made a hundred years ago still casting a shadow.”

4 | Lynne Hanson | Just Words

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Lynne Hanson shares the powerful title track and second single from her seventh studio album, Just Words, due out on Feb. 7. “Just Words is a gritty uptempo Americana song about the power of words, and the unseen scars unkind ones leave;” shares Hanson. “Verbal bullying is a serious issue, and this song aims to get people thinking without being preachy. It’s the only co-write on the album, with songwriter Tara Holloway also lending her distinctive backing vocals to the track.”

5 | Morgan Rider & The Deep Dark River | Dread

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canada’s Morgan Rider & The Deep Dark River will be releasing their new album (and the second instalment in The Deep Dark River quadrilogy saga) Leviathan and The Deep Dark Blue on Nov. 22. The new album follows the first chapter King of The Forest this past June and includes their new music video Dread. “I and the guys are really excited to bring you part 2 of the Deep Dark River quadrilogy! I have been working so hard on all this music, having the stories connect and the music itself reflecting the plot of each. This is definitely the most time I have ever spent on a music project before. I hope people enjoy it as much I did create it!”

6 | Opāru | Ghost To Follow

THE PRESS RELEASE:Opāru is Los Angeles-based songwriter, singer and actress Dianna St. Hilaire. Known for her unique and introspective sound which fuses future electro with a dark ethereal undertone, Opāru produces dream-like operatic vocals, creating a fresh depiction of modern pop culture. The single Ghost To Follow is about living in the shadow of yourself and the hope of acceptance from someone else. Opāru expresses, “You are so strong and wise and powerful but you live in the shadow of who you really are so that people around you will accept you. You’re so afraid that if you break through to your true beauty that you will lose those around you. So you stay silent and you keep your head down and hope that someday they will see you.”

7 | Drew Davies | Beautiful World

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London-based rock soloist Drew Davies has announced his upcoming single Beautiful World, from his upcoming debut EP We Need To Talk. Beautiful World is centred around some of our current socio-political issues, but Davies tackles the subject from a place of observation, rather than making a political statement. Davies explains: “Beautiful World was a song I wrote about the problems facing us all. I wrote it like an episode of the 9 o’clock news, it focuses on the divisions we see in society and the disenfranchisement and fall of many to the edges of society; all set against the backdrop of the climate emergency we are living through. The song is not political, instead I wanted to focus on how we could work better together than apart.”

8 | The Pairs | Will And A Way

THE PRESS RELEASE:Will And A Way features a mix of harmony and rhythm that transcends your typical folk music. It comes off the new album Noise. With three unique songwriters at the helm, The Pairs create a diverse repertoire using their individual lives as inspiration. Employing music as a tool for sharing stories of life’s challenges, hope and hilarity, The Pairs inherently connect with their audience through their emotion-driven performances.”