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Who’s Who Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Also on the way: New tunes from Ringo, Myles, Jeff Goldblum and a kajillion more.

It sounds like the classic-rock version of the old Abbott and Costello routine:
‘Did you hear The Who are releasing a new album?’
‘Cool! What’s it called?’
‘No, Who.’
‘I know it’s The Who. But what’s the album called?’
‘Just Who.
Just Who?’
‘No, not Just Who. Just Who.’
And so on. It’s so ridiculous that you almost have to assume that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are deliberately fucking with us. So let me make it crystal clear: The Who will release their first album in 13 years on Nov. 22. The title of the album is Who. Not The Who. Just Who. Thankfully, the bluesy first single Ball & Chain is far less confusing. Check it out below. As usual, it was one of roughly a kajillion new albums announced in the past day or so. Scroll down (or hit the Upcoming Releases page) to scope out all the new additions, including titles from Ringo Starr, Jeff Goldblum, Myles Goodwin, Halsey and Canadian indie supergroup Anyway Gang, featuring Sam Roberts and members of Sloan, Hollerado and Tokyo Police Club. Talk about a who’s who.

September 20

Body Hound | No Moon

September 27

Myth of Creation | Trials
Narrenwind | Ja, Dago
Non Opus Dei | Głód

October 4

Rune Bagge | Ingen Tak Til Systemet Reissue
Josie Cotton | Everything is Oh Yeah
IBON | Three Ways Reissue
Kasador | Brood & Bloom
Schacke | Make Them Remember Reissue

October 11

Aegrus | In Manus Satanas
Blanco Brown | Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs
Only Now | Captivity
Syzygyx | Fading Bodies
Wet Tuna | Water Weird

October 18

Nelson Friere | Encores

October 25

Myles Goodwin | Friends of the Blues 2
N.E.R.D. | In Search Of… Deluxe Edition
Ringo Starr | What’s My Name

November 1

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra | I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This

November 8

Agnostic Front | Get Loud
Luke Combs | What You See Is What You Get
Fox Medicine | Procédures Mystiques
Glimmermen | Here I Stand
Pan American | A Son
Slayer | The Repentless Killogy

November 15

Ragnarok | Non Debellicata

November 22

Lindemann | F & M
Void Vator | Stranded
The Who | Who

November 29

Anyway Gang | Anyway Gang
Fleshcrawl | Into The Catacombs Of Flesh
Doon Kanda | Labyrinth


Halsey | Maniac

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