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Indie Roundup (23 & Me Edition) | Nearly Two Dozen Cuts To Start Your Weekend

Finish off your Friday with new numbers from Dollyrots, Standby and plenty more.

Welcome to another Friday afternoon – and another onslaught of press releases from publicists trying to clear their desks before the weekend. All I can do is rake them up like leaves and slap them together into the weekly compost bin that is the Friday Roundup — or should I say RounDUMP? Either way, dig in. And enjoy your weekend. I know I will.

1 Montreal indie-folk collective The Franklin Electric shared their latest single I’ve Been Here Before, the second track off their Aug. 2 EP In Your Head. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “The track is about “relating to everyday people falling apart, about hopelessness and protecting your defences, and always wanting more,” says frontman Jon Matte. The accompanying video was shot over a two day period in and around Los Angeles. Jon adds, “It was truly special to get to see so much in such a small period of time as I got to walk through so many different heavenly places from sunrise to sunset. I now know what the term SUPER BLOOM means.” As will you:

2 The Dollyrots cannot be stopped. The married pop-punks released a slew of singles and videos to preview their latest album Daydream Explosion — which has finally burst onto the scene. But if you thought that was it, think again. They’ve got another clip to share for the single Animal. If that doesn’t make you a Daydream believer, nothing will. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:The Dollyrots’ signature punk n’ rock style shines through with hard-charging guitars, tantalizing hooks, and punked-out percussion.” Hello again, Dolly:

3 Erie (as opposed to eerie) emo-rock trio The Standby have been called “a modern-day Nirvana.” That might be a bit much to live up to — but you can judge for yourself from their song and video Constant Nausea, a preview of their EP due in September. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Jordan Sigmund (guitar, vocals) says, “When we finished writing Constant Nausea, I immediately recognized it as the sound I’d been searching for in this band. To me Constant Nausea is quintessential Standby right now, and we’ve been beyond stoked to show what we’re about.” Here they are now, entertain us:

4 Dunhill indie-rockers Don Vail — a sorta-supergroup featuring former members of Broken Social Scene, Treble Charger and Chore — return to these pages with their video for the cut Institutionalized, the second single from their album Stand of Tide. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s probably the closest thing to a pop song we’ve ever done, and we love it.” Take a stand:

5 Ugliness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. And thanks to Nashville’s FFN and their new single and video for the song Ugly, it’s also in your ears now too. You’re welcome. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vocalist Matheus Amado says, “I was in a relationship with a girl at the time and she called me crying at 3 am because some girls she worked with were making fun of her hair or makeup. I was trying to calm her down but she was just so upset and said “I feel ugly do you know what it’s like?” then I replied with “I feel ugly all the time.” That’s what started the inspiration for the song.” Take a look:

6 War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing — except inspiring some great songs. To be fair, Canadian singer-songwriter Devon Welsh’s single and video War is really more personal lament than political screed, but hey, close enough for rock ’n’ roll. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Written about the frustrations and resentments of a lost friendship, there is bitterness in War, but also the desire to regain what was lost.” Fight the good fight:

7 Looking for a new band to love? Meet Paragon Cause, an indie-electronica duo from Ottawa. Guitarist and songwriter Jay Bonaparte and singer-keyboardist Michelle Opthop are gearing up to release their EP Lies Between Us on Sept. 3. But first, they’re dropping in to drop the single and video for Drop Me In, produced by one of their musical heroes: Sune Rose Wagner of Danish dream-popsters The Ravonettes. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Drop Me In takes the listener on both a musical and lyrical journey, in this case of someone coming back from the brink of psychological oblivion. The song’s composition becomes increasingly upbeat in tone as the emotional tenor of the lyrics also turns the corner to a more positive outcome.” Get the drop:

8 From the ashes of beloved Australian metalcore outfit Capture The Crown comes a rebirth (if not a total renaming): The new outfit Capture, which brings together original frontman Jeff Wellfare, drummer Manny Dominick (Ghost Town, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa) and bassist Erik Vaughn Weatherford. Their debut album Lost Control arrives Aug. 16, but you can get started with their first single, No Cure. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Of the new single, Jeff says, “No Cure was written and recorded during a hyper-politicized period where religion was the focus of negative basis, the world seemed separated into several groups.” Take the cure:


9 Everything dies, baby. That’s a fact. But everything that dies someday comes back. Like verteran SoCal punks Ten Foot Pole, who returned earlier this year with the album Escalating Quickly. And now they’re back again with their new video for the tune Everything Dies. Live it up. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Everything Dies: A fun, bouncy, sing-a-long celebration of impending doom. Love, life and even puppies are not safe in this reminder that there is no happily ever after—but maybe that thought can help us let go of our worries and enjoy the moment.” Pity they aren’t playing in Atlantic City:

10 NOLA thrash-metal legends Exhorder have announced plans to release their first album in 27 years, Mourn The Southern Skies, on Sept. 20. Get a taste of what’s in store with the first single and video My Time. See if they manage to make up for lost … you know. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Anger remains prevalent, with perhaps a different point of view that younger men could not possibly have understood on earlier albums. Sasha Horn’s energy and punk influence fire the engines, with Jason VieBrooks locking down the foundation tightly. Vinnie La Bella once again has proven himself “The Godfather” of thrash riffs, which cut through like a high speed drill bit thanks to the stellar production. A lead guitar face-off in the solo not only exhibits Vinnie’s sometimes under-appreciated skills as a shredder, but also showcases newcomer Marzi Montazeri.” It’s time:

11 Singer-songwriter Gavin Haley’s start in the music industry was anything but traditional. Growing up in Louisville as one of seven siblings, he spent most of his childhood and adolescence as a pro cyclist. After an unfortunate injury left him unable to compete, Gavin started diving into his love for music, eventually uncovering a drive to create music himself. Now he’s riding high with his latest single and video Show Me. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Gavin Haley’s sound is dreamy indie-pop perfection and Show Me is no exception. The official music video, which will be released on the same day, stars America’s Next Top Model contestant Cherish Waters and invites us into the emotionally charged world of young love.” That’ll show you:

12 Back in 2015, California extreme metal titans Suicide Silence headlined a benefit show in support of Mental Health America of Los Angeles. The band just released the live album from the night, unfortunately entitled Live & Mental. See what you missed with the live video for the second single Bludgeoned To Death. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Bludgeoned to Death is a fan favorite & one of the oldest songs we continue to perform live with regularity. We’re happy to share it here with you & to continue to propel the conversation of mental health awareness throughout the metal scene.” Nailed it:

13 For those who have been waiting for Crywolf’s Oblivion [Reimagined] series to return, wait no longer. The remixes continue today with Levit∆te’s Ultraviolent Pt. II revamp. Known for his mix of dubstep, left-field bass, and hip-hop, Seattle-based Levit∆te gives Ultraviolent Pt. II a dark and glitchy electronic flip that has an unmistakably futuristic sound. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “When I heard Ultraviolent Pt. II it immediately resonated with me,” Levit∆te comments on his choice to remix this particular Crywolf track. “Carrying notes of wave music, slight witch house influences, and intimate vocals, the song really resembled a lot of my own music. I really did my best to retain the original message and feeling the song gave me, but refine it through my own filter.” Get a rise out of it:

14 Finnish folk-metal drunkards Korpiklaani unleashed yet another version of their much-loved hit Beer Beer — this one sung in Croatian, entitled Pivo Pivo and graced by a guest vocal appearance of former Eluveitie violinist Meri Tadic (IRIJ). Grab a pint and enjoy. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Meri states, “During my time with Eluveitie, I actually participated in numerous and unforgettable ‘beer adventures’ with the guys in Korpiklaani and as I do like beer, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to pay my dues and have some more fun.” Bottoms up:

15 Thin Lizzy torchbearers Black Star Riders put the hammer down with the Terry Gilliam-style animated video for Ain’t the End of the World, the second single from their Sept. 6 release Another State of Grace. Insert your own ‘boys are back’ joke here. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Frontman Ricky Warwick comments: Ain’t The End Of The World is trademark Black Star Riders. Showcasing the dual guitars of Christian Martucci and Scott Gorham perfectly. It’s a song of hope, positivity and seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel in a world of uncertainty.” Break out!


16 Cosmos & Creature — the EDM duo of Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette — bring their collaboration to the Dim Mak label via their single The Wonder. Not mention the weirdly creepy video that goes with. Consider yourself warned. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Featuring vibey production by label boss Steve Aoki, the eccentric duo showcase their expertise at penning progressive pop earworms.” Share the wonder:

17 The Swedish prog masters of Opeth disclosed that their next album In Cauda Venenum will drop Sept. 27. But to get you started, the band unveiled a bilingual visualizer the record’s first new song, Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör (Heart In Hand). Easy for them to say. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Mikael Åkerfeldt says, Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör or Heart in Hand as it’s called in English is one of the first couple of songs I wrote for In Cauda Venenum. I immediately knew that it would probably be favoured by ”the powers that be” when talks of future singles for the record would commence. And I was right … I guess it’s one of the more straightforward songs on the album. A rather rocking little thing.” It’s all in hand:

18 New Zealand producer QUIX has teamed with electronic music duo Adventure Club for the track and lyric video Life Long After Death, an epic genre-bending single featuring vocalist badXchannels aka Craig Owens. If any of those names ring a bell, you’re doing better than I am. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “An infectious blend of melodic power vocals and contrasting drops provides a big festival tune for ravers and rockers alike.” Join the club:

19 Singer-songwriter Lillie West — who operates under the wonderful handle Lala Lala — will follow up her 2018 album The Lamb by taking a step back and reissuing her digital-only 2016 album Sleepyhead on vinyl, CD and cassette. And what better way to reintroduce the disc that with a song titled Fuck With Your Friends? Nice talk. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Album standout Fuck With Your Friends was a breakthrough moment for West — it was the first song she ever wrote, one that tumbled out of her fully formed, setting her on the path that’s led to her recent successes. Its also emblematic of Sleepyhead’s confessionalism and fearless forthrightness: “I drink more than I want to ’cause it makes you easier to talk to / And what you’re saying is boring,” West sings.” Hey, we’re all friends here:

20 Change is a good thing. Just ask Toronto roots outfit Johnson Crook. They’ve taken a fresh approach to their blend of rock, country and folk — and their new single Dear Me is the most welcome result. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Built upon a rousing, arena-sized musical foundation, the song’s lyrics are, in the words of singer/guitarist Noel Johnson, “a letter to your future self,” which he wrote in the van on the way to Americanafest in Nashville while thinking of his newborn son back home.” Near and dear, right here:

21 British synthpop stalwarts Nature of Wires have announced their new double album Modus will arrive Aug. 16. While you wait, enjoy the single Madame Serena, featuring a remix by electronic body music and electro-industrial artist Leaether Strip. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Comprising 18 tracks, this is 80s-influenced synthpop with a dark edge. The album had its genesis in the late ’80s and early ’90s, when the band were in the middle of a creative hot streak.” Guess they’re just slow by nature:

22 Usually, when singer-songwriters say they’ve been nominated for an award, it’s a Grammy, a Juno or some other music prize. Not Axel Mansoor — he was up for a Daytime Emmy after writing a song for General Hospital. That’s a new one. Here’s another new one: His new tune Paradise. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “The infectious track is the ultimate feel-good summer anthem, featuring Mansoor‘s velvety vocals, shimmering synth soundscapes and sun-soaked melodies.” Just what the doctor ordered:

23 Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Coleman Hell — you might remember him from his infectious 2Heads single and Summerland album — has been a busy boy this year. Since the start of May, he’s released five new singles — the latest of which is Got To Know Ya, which just arrived. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: Nothing. Guess he’s too busy writing songs.