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Brittany Howard’s Jaime Tops This Morning’s New-Release Onslaught

The Alabama Shakes frontwoman previews her debut solo album Jaime.

It’s another one of those days when the new-album announcements are coming out of the woodwork like distant relatives showing up at a new lottery winner’s long-weekend pool party. I woke up to find a couple of dozen of the suckers sitting in my mail — including the welcome news that Alabama Shakes singer-guitarist Brittany Howard will finally release her first solo album Jaime on Sept. 20 (honestly, I’m amazed it took her this long). Judging by the preview single History Repeats — which does not live up to its title — it’s going to be freakier and funkier than her usual fare. Though I suspect she’ll still be putting those insane pipes of hers to good use. Anyway, here’s the list of new albums and release dates that came in just this morning — and will undoubtedly grow longer as the day goes on. As always, your best bet is to check the Upcoming Releases page regularly to keep up with the onslaught. Everybody into the pool:

July 5

Joey Berkley Band | Moving Forward

July 19

Halshug | Drøm

July 26

Oil Xl | Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer

August 9

The Contortionist | Our Bones
Matt Muse | Love & Nappyness

August 16

Killswitch Engage | Atonement
Oh Sees | Face Stabber

August 30

Hesitation Wounds | Chicanery
Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster | Take Heart, Take Care

September 20

Brittany Howard | Jaime
oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls | Smokestacks & Bricks

October 18

Ali Barter | Hello, I’m Doing My Best

October 25

Alcest | Spiritual Instinct