Canadian Beacon | John Orpheus, Myriam Gendron, David Picco & More New Homegrown Treats

Welcome to the weekend. Let’s get it started on the good foot — with another slate of swell new videos and singles from coast to coast to coast. See you on the other side:


John Orpheus | 90’s Fool

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Born and raised in Trinidad, John Orpheus is a multi-cultural musician, author and performance artist. Between writing two children’s books and the forthcoming debut novel Black Cherokee, he found the time to write and produce a new EP: Get Right! Combining his playfulness, fluency and affection for the past, the EP demonstrates an evolving set of tastes in funk, punk and pop that maintains the artist’s vibe of welcoming in the whole diaspora. The title of his new single 90’s Fool, is really three titles in one, evincing pride, hilariousness and/or nostalgia: 1 | “I came up in the ’90s, you fool.” 2 | “I came up in the ’90s acting a damn fool.” 3 | “I’m a fool for the ’90s, where I came up.” They all bring a different vibe and add up to how John feels about his adolescence and life in general. It’s a song about the ’90s but don’t call it a throwback. “There are no eras. There were no ’90s or 2010s,” says Orpheus. “We are people living lives that are much more fluid than that. So I want to make music that’s neither trying to be old school or new school but is a place where all ourselves can hang out: The whole school.”

Myriam Gendron | Look Down That Lonesome Road

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montréal singer-songwriter Myriam Gendron just released her third album Mayday. Following the 2021 acclaimed double LP Ma Délire: Songs Of Love, Lost & Found, the 10-track Mayday was co-produced by Benoît Chaput and Myriam. “Mayday was born of a feeling of complete disorientation following the loss of loved ones and the collapse of a set of certainties,” says Gendron. “At first, there’s a shipwreck and a loss of bearings. Then, a deep sadness to explore. But despite everything, there’s also spring, the light of May, life continuing to beat on. We have to find the strength within ourselves to sing lullabies through the storms.” Every song of the album is accompanied by a visualizer shot by Charles-André Coderre on 16mm film.”

Ollee Owens | Lord Protect My Child

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Join Calgary blues/Americana/rock artist Ollee Owens as she takes you on an emotionally charged journey into the heart of a caregiver in her version of Bob Dylan’s Lord, Protect My Child. Those holding responsibility for a vulnerable dependent know the yearning to see them safe from harm. As a mother of three daughters, one of whom has special needs, thoughts of protection and security strike deep for Ollee. The dynamic arrangement of Lord, Protect My Child leads with familiar tones — laying a somber foundation for an earnest delivery of angst genuinely sensed. As worry turns to hope, organ and choir unite to form a new footing to support the soaring voicing of the guitar and saxophone spurring onward the hallowed invocation. Recorded to mirror a live performance, closing one’s eyes while listening will transport you to a place away from your concern…to experience renewed faith in greater forces to undertake for those thinly held in one’s care.”

River Tiber & Justin Nozuka | Tell Her + Stranger

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:River Tiber (Tommy Paxton-Beesley) and Justin Nozuka have partnered together to share two new tracks — Tell Her and Stranger. However, the duo’s partnership is nothing new. “I’ve known Tommy since I was a teenager, I remember the first time we hung out we spent hours geeking over Jeff Buckley,” says Nozuka. “He taught me how to use Logic and was my main support when I was learning how to produce. I’ve always admired his artistry and sensibility; it’s way past due for us to have music out together and just beyond proud of these songs.” Adds Tiber: “Justin is one of my biggest influences vocally. One of my first experiences in music was playing guitar in his live band. Touring together and hearing him sing every night made a deep impression on me. In the years since, I think we have developed an unspoken understanding that makes creating and collaborating feel light.” Tell Her was produced “years ago,” according to Tiber. “I recorded the sounds of late summer in Toronto and incorporated them into the production; cicadas singing, a rainstorm, jets overhead from the air show. It reminds me of a simpler time in the city. It was a difficult record to finish and it sat in the vault for a while, but we decided we wanted to finally share it with the world.” Meanwhile, Stranger is a new track that “felt pretty effortless to create,” says Tiber. “To me, it’s about how people disperse and can drift away as time goes on. Being together gets more complicated.”

Christin Hyshka | Boy Before The Man

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Edmonton singer-songwriter Christin Hyshka shares his new single Boy Before The Man, the second preview of his new album Rescue set for release on June 13. Christin wrote the joyful and upbeat country-tinged track to pass along hope and wisdom to his son. “I wrote a song for my daughter on my debut album so on this album I thought I better write something for my son too,” says Christin. “I think what came out with ‘Boy Before the Man’ was a manifestation of my future self giving my past self advice on how to lead a good life. I suppose that’s all any parent would want for their son. To try to influence his journey from boy to man in a positive, fulfilling way.”

The Goddamsels | Same Damn Thing

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising Canadian duo The Goddamsels continue to tease their debut album with Same Damn Thing, a sparkling track that adds some pop flavour to the tried-and-true country/folk and soaring harmonies of Mallory Chipman and Freddi MacDougall. The song’s undeniable catchiness complements its message of seeing oneself stuck in the monotony of the everyday grind, yet still having a hard time breaking out of the self-destructive cycle. Same Damn Thing was recorded at Edmonton’s Riverdale Records with The Goddamsels’ trusted, Juno-nominated producer Scott Franchuk (Corb Lund, Del Barber, Mike Plume, Scenic Route To Alaska), and features Kyle Shabada on acoustic guitar, Brett Hansen on electric guitars, Murray Wood on bass, Shea Connor on drums and Ryan Funk on pedal steel.”

David Picco | Still Doubt It

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian singer-songwriter David Picco previews his new album Until Now with the single Still Doubt It, a funky slice of classic roots rock that exemplifies the sound Picco has honing for the past decade. Much of Picco’s journey is chronicled on Until Now, 10 songs with lyrics steeped in hard-earned life lessons. Working with a tight crew led by guitarist Jimmy Bowskill (who also engineered Until Now at his Ganaraska Recording Co. in Cobourg, Ontario), Picco and his additional supporting players — Ian McKeown on drums and pedal steel, and Steve O’Connor of the Jim Cuddy Band on keyboards — blazed through four days of sessions last spring to craft an album that runs the gamut of emotions. The album’s rocking side is best displayed on Still Doubt It, with its instantly memorable chorus and swampy groove punctuated by Picco cutting loose on a fuzzed-out guitar solo. “This is my seventh album, so I’ve gained lots of experience as a songwriter and recording artist. The last five years in particular have been a pretty creative time for me and I’ve been able to come into my own with help from the people I’ve worked with. I really feel that this is my best batch of songs to date.”

The Town Heroes | Hockey Fights

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Hockey Fights — the newest single from The Town Heroes — is the most Canadian song you’ll hear all year. It’s certainly the only one that mentions Bobby Orr, Fireball whisky, blood, and the Halifax Mooseheads. While falling for someone at a hockey game as a fight takes place on the ice isn’t the traditional backdrop for a love song, the universal power of connection has no boundaries. Love defies convention and Hockey Fights stands tall as an anthem for its ability to blossom in the most unexpected of places. Infused with horns, fiddle, and lyrical storytelling akin to John Prine or Stan Rogers, Hockey Fights is an indie-folk romp through a half drunk, hormone fuelled night at the local arena. “After hearing they were banning fighting in the QMJHL, I wanted to write something to capture the essence of that raw energy and passion in a song,” said singer Mike Ryan, reflecting on its inspiration. “There’s something special about the intensity of those moments on the ice at a hockey game, and I wanted to celebrate that with the juxtaposition of falling in love in that same setting.”

Maïa Davies | Isn’t Love Everything

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “For the past four years, the award-winning, Juno-nominated, bilingual Canadian songwriter, recording artist and producer Maïa Davies has been on a stubbornly unwavering mission of deep musical and self-discovery. Born in Montreal, Davies has devoted the vast majority of her life to the craft of music. After getting her start in band Ladies Of The Canyon, she has released two solo albums in French and penned over 12 hits for Canadian music artists, including Mother Mother and Serena Ryder. Her new album Lovers’ Gothic LP is a chronological storyboard of the artist’s emotional journey in song. She recorded the album in 12 different studios across the country, with the help of a large cast of co-producers and star musicians including drummers Jimmy Paxson (Stevie Nicks) and Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), as well as producer collaborators Marcus Paquin (Begonia, The National) and Erin Costelo (Kaïa Kater).”