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When you can deliver the goods like Anton Newcombe, who needs album titles?

After writing, recording and releasing 18 Brian Jonestown Massacre discs in 24 years — not to mention all the singles, EPs, soundtracks and side projects — you can’t blame founder, frontman and sole permanent member Anton Newcombe for getting tired of having to come up with new album titles. Nor can you accuse him of updating his musical approach on this self-titled release, which arrives just seven months after its predecessor. As usual, the prolific singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist remains defiantly and firmly devoted to his hippie-era ways, conjuring up another mindbending slate of shambling psychedelia, hazy folk and pumping garage-rock straight from the dark underbelly of the Summer of Love. And when you can deliver the goods as consistently, coherently and creatively as Newcombe still can after all these years, who needs to come up with catchy album titles?