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Meat Puppets | Dusty Notes

The psychedelic desert-rockers' comeback set keeps you coming back for more.

It’s no joke. And no mirage. The original Meat Puppets — singer-guitarist Curt Kirkwood, his bassist brother Cris and long-lost drummer Derrick Bostrom — have really buried the hatchet and reunited. They have really just released their first album together in 24 long years. And here’s the best news of all: They have really beaten some long odds by crafting a stunning disc that earns its place in their vast and varied catalogue. The aptly monikered Dusty Notes celebrates the psychedelic country-rock outsiders’ multi-faceted legacy by gracefully and seamlessly cycling through most of the Arizona trio’s sonic and stylistic touchstones. From dark, dry desert rock to banjo-driven backporch Americana; from gently trippy flights of fancy to chugging bad-acid weirdness; from upbeat Tex-Mex two-steps to hazy country waltzes, it’s all here. And all richly crafted, expertly executed and unfailingly superb. So Dusty Notes ends up being the rare comeback album that will keep you coming back for more. And a disc that not only lives up to the Pups’ illustrious past, but bodes well for their future.

STANDOUTS: Warranty, Nightcap, Vampyr’s Winged Fantasy.

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