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Random Number: The Who | Magic Bus from Live at Leeds

This hard-driving live version was recorded on Valentine's Day in 1970.

Everybody and their dog has put together a Valentine’s Day playlist at one time or another. I’ve even done a few myself over the decades. Not this time. This year, I offer up just one timely (if atypical) number: The Who’s hard-driving rendition of the trippy (but undeniably romantic) Magic Bus. Why? Because it was recorded 49 years ago today, at the historic gig that became their legendary Live at Leeds album. For my money, it puts the studio version to shame. But then, so did most of The Who’s live recordings. Crank it up and see if you don’t just sit and smile at the greatness. Bottom line: It’s too much, baby. But if your sweetie doesn’t share your view, that might be a red flag. Just saying.

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