The Grindhouse | Darkness Is My Canvas, Thirteen Goats & More Affronts To Yer Mom

If there’s one thing more annoying than getting automated emails from musicians informing me it’s Bandcamp Friday (duh!), it’s getting emails informing me it’s Bandcamp Friday — when IT’S NOT BANDCAMP FRIDAY. The next one is in September, ya dipshits. Thankfully, none of the bands below are guilty of that heinous crime; they were busy kicking major ass and being awesome instead of worrying about dweebie emails. So let’s give ’em the reward they deserve: Crank up their tunes and piss off yer mom:


Darkness Is My Canvas | Bleed

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A few months ago, the Finnish rock band Darkness Is My Canvas released the first single from their upcoming album The End of Times, which is due in October. Today, they unveil their newest single Bleed. ​Darkness Is My Canvas seamlessly blend elements of rock with modern prog sounds, offering at the same time a melodious, immersive, and lively musical experience. Drawing inspiration from the complexities of everyday life, Darkness Is My Canvas infuse their music with themes of resilience, introspection, and hope. Musically, Bleed embodies the classic Darkness Is My Canvas sound, traversing from enchanting melodies to surprising rhythmic complexities. Melodic guitar passages lead the listener toward anthemic choruses, while robust drumming provides a sturdy foundation for the song’s narrative, brought to life by impassioned vocals.”

Thirteen Goats | Sign Of The Goat

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver’s Thirteen Goats have shared a new single and video to immerse metalheads in their upcoming concept album Capricorn Rising. Sign Of The Goat serves as the overture for the rest of the record — an extreme metal rock opera about madness, death, and the destruction of all things. “Sign Of The Goat is the album opener and the prologue of our story,” they say. “It’s told from the perspective of the 12 demon goats who accompany our mascot, Shepherd, during his quest to raise an army of animals and take back the Earth from humanity. Musically, this song shows off our more technical side — but it also shows that we aim to be technical in a way that’s still catchy and memorable.”

World On Alert | Insecurities

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal World On Alert just announced the June 28 release of their progressive and thrashy self-titled debut EP, alongside the premiere of the video for their powerful single Insecurities. This project features a unique blend of personal introspection and diverse musical influences, crafted by Gino LaPosta with the collaboration of several talented guest musicians. LaPosta says: “Insecurities was a track I had going on for a long time. I had almost every riff on this track written almost six years ago. I just never found any place to really put it. Musically, it has a darker tone. Also, progressive, with a thrashier ending. Lyrically, this is about my struggles with shyness which stopped me from completing many life experiences. But then breaking out of that shyness to finally be who I am.”

Duel | Pyro

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Austin, heavy rock and metal spearhead Duel present their raucous new video for Pyro, taken from their fifth album Breakfast With Death, due July 5. About the making of the video, the band crack: “Pyro video budget: Plastic tarp, $12. Cheap projector $0 (borrowed). Five gallons of gasoline, $16.35. Dark sunglasses, $9.99. A 12-pack of Mexican beer, $18. 3.5 grams of high-grade weed, $25… Making a sick-ass music video for humanity to enjoy for thousands of years to come: PRICELESS!!!!” Heavier and more menacing than their previous efforts, Breakfast With Death features nine rowdy and beer-soaked stompers capturing the foursome’s sizzling live performances with unequivocal titles like Chaos Reigns, Berserker or Satan’s Invention. With its renewed rhythm section, Duel blast harder into heavy metal territory with their explosive shredding and impassioned vocals, even catching the listener off-guard with some feverish stampedes along the way.”

Lÿnx | Pull The Trigger

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Calgary’s Lÿnx released their latest album Claws Out in May. Now they present a lyric video for the single Pull The Trigger. Founded with a vision by guitarist Blade, the band have evolved their sound to encapsulate the spirit of true ’80s rock ’n’ roll. However, Lÿnx distinguish themselves by infusing the classic glam and hair metal influences with modern-day production and mastering finesse. “This song is about the 1950s anti-rock ’n’ roll movement/propaganda where it was considered the devil’s music or was believed as the cause of the nation’s social ills and youthful rebellion,” they say of Pull The Trigger. “As a result, it was banned from many radio stations, schools, etc. Pull The Trigger is our way of telling them to f*ck off!”

Shumaun | Opposing Mirrors

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Virginia, progressive rock band Shumaun release their latest single Opposing Mirrors, the title track off their upcoming album, due June 28. Lead vocalist and guitarist Farhad Hossain channels his admiration for rock legends into a track that is both innovative and nostalgic. He comments: “This song is undoubtedly a standout single. The aim was to create a track that is concise and direct, yet still embodies all of our signature characteristics. Thomas Lang really delivered on this one. Lyrically, the song delves into the theme of a deteriorating relationship, highlighting the inability to perceive the situation from each other’s perspectives, ultimately leading to breakdowns in communication, and the inevitable dissolution of the relationship.”

The Aphelon | Deserter + Flight

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hard-hitting Ottawa progressive metal band The Aphelion will release their album Nascence on Aug. 9, and have two music videos already out for the debut singles Deserter and Flight. Nasence is the first half of an enrapturing concept album that tells the story of a man’s descent into madness and his own mind in response to the mundanity and repetitiveness of the world around him. They dive into the singles: “Deserter was the obvious choice for a lead single; it’s a great cross-section of what the rest of the album has in store and a barnstormer of a tune from the first second to the last. The live reception to this song has always been big so we tried to capture that energy on the record. Flight is by far the heaviest piece of music we’ve ever released, and one of our favourite live songs as well.”

Derelict | Spectrum

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal’s Derelict, the brutal melodic technical death metal band known for their intense musicality and thought-provoking themes, are back with their next single Spectrum, off their upcoming album Versus Entropy. This track marks a significant stylistic departure for the band, blending their signature death metal sound with southern metal and blues influences. They share their thoughts on the track: “This is a call of allegiance to anyone who has been made to feel lesser than because of the expression of their identity, gender, sexuality, or personality in general. Nobody gets to tell you how to be, and we’ll stand for that. How you treat others is the determination of your worth.”