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Van Duren | Waiting: The Van Duren Story Original Documentary Soundtrack

A forgotten Memphis rocker finally gets his due. Better late than never, right?

He was in a band with two former members of Big Star. He was produced and managed by Andrew Loog Oldham. He made an album that had people calling him the next Paul McCartney. So how come you’ve never heard of Memphis singer-songwriter Van Duren? Good question. And one that two Australian superfans apparently seek to answer in an acclaimed new rockumentary. Personally, I’m already hooked on the story. Mostly because I’m hooked on the dozen power-pop and ’70s-rock nuggets that were cherrypicked from his albums for this soundtrack. As you might expect from his back story, Duren’s style — highlighted by his strong, raspy pipes and melodic songcraft — has plenty in common with some of Big Star‘s more sincere moments. Especially when he joins forces with Big Star drummer Jody Stephens or covers Chris Bell‘s riff-rocking Make a Scene. But you can also hear plenty of classic Todd Rundgren in his sophisticated arrangements and rich melodies, along with an occasional touch of the aforementioned McCartney around the edges. Nor would I be surprised to learn that piano-rocker Ben Folds was a fan. And if he isn’t, he just might be after he hears this. Ditto you. So better late than never, I guess. Even this late.

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