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Late-Night TV Music (Snark Sandwich Edition) | Jan. 21, 2019

Joe Jackson and Kimmel bring the barbs, while Death Cab deliver the antidote.

Snarky times call for snarky measures. And as usual, there was plenty of snark to be found on the late-night talk shows Monday. But here’s a twist: Some of it came in musical form. The inimitable Joe Jackson pricked everyone’s ever-expanding balloons of moral certainty with the barbed Fabulously Absolute — a cut from his strong new album Fool — on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel Live celebrated the midway point of the Trumpidency by having Leon Bridges croon some of The Orange One‘s stupidest Tweets and getting Aloe Blacc to remake the U.S. national anthem so it’s great again. Thankfully, Death Cab For Cutie were around to offer up some much-needed sincerity in the form of the romantic yearning and suitably shimmery Northern Lights on Late Night With Seth Meyers. I’m putting them between Jackson’s performance and Kimmel’s clips below because hey, we could all benefit from a break in the snark now and then. Even me.