Indie Roundup | Nine Songs To Celebrate Surviving Another Monday

Lilly Hiatt, Sorry, Mark Lanegan and more songs for another day of self-isolation.


Lilly Hiatt shares her drugs, Sorry eye the sunset, Mark Lanegan bleeds and more in today’s Roundup. Hey Costco: How about you stop sending multiple daily e-mails trying to sell me tires and TVs, and just alert me when I can safely buy toilet paper again?

1 | Lilly Hiatt | Some Kind Of Drug

THE PRESS RELEASE:Lilly Hiatt is set to release Walking Proof this Friday. The 11-song set was produced by former Cage The Elephant member Lincoln Parish and features guest appearances by Amanda Shires, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Luke Schneider, and Lilly’s father, the legendary singer-songwriter John Hiatt. John’s appearance on Some Kind Of Drug marks the first time the pair have appeared together on one of her records. Walking Proof is the anticipated follow up to Lilly’s breakthrough Trinity Lane, which appeared on many year-end Best Of 2017 lists. The songs found on Walking Proof walk the line between Lilly’s rough, rock and roll exterior and her tender, country roots, exuding a bold vulnerability as she takes a deep and unflinching look in the mirror. What emerges is a maturity in her writing, an abiding sense of calm in the face of chaos as she learns that sometimes, you have to let go in order to get what you want most.”

2 | Sorry | As The Sun Sets

THE PRESS RELEASE: “North London’s Sorry have revealed new track & video As The Sun Sets, the final preview of their eagerly-anticipated debut album 925, out this Friday. As The Sun Sets comes accompanied by more feverish visuals directed by Flasha, aka Sorry’s Asha Lorenz and produced by Poppy Ashton. Together with co-producer James Dring, Lorenz and best friend and co-conspirator in Sorry, Louis O’Bryen, have woven 925 like a dreamscape in which idyllic and hellish scenes intermingle, forcing the question of what is real and what is make believe. Inspired by everything from Hermann Hesse to (Sandy) Alex G, their experimental and holistic approach marks them out as a thoroughly 21st century band; from their open-minded approach to genre to their creativity allowing them to self-produce the music and direct accompanying videos.”

3 | Mark Lanegan | Bleed All Over

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With his new album Straight Songs Of Sorrow due for release on May 8, and his memoir Sing Backwards And Weep due to publish on April 28, Mark Lanegan has shared Bleed All Over, one of the many standout tracks from this much-anticipated release. When considering any great work of art, be it a painting, a novel, or a piece of music, it’s natural to wonder what might have inspired it: ‘the story behind the song’. Lanegan’s new album flips that equation. Here are 15 songs inspired by a story: his life story, as documented by his own hand in his forthcoming new memoir. The book is a brutal, nerve-shredding read, thanks to Lanegan’s unsparing candor in recounting a journey from troubled youth in eastern Washington, through his drug-stained existence amid the ’90s Seattle rock scene, to an unlikely salvation at the dawn of the 21st century. There’s death and tragedy, yet also humor and hope, thanks to the tenacity which impels its host, even at his lowest moments.”

4 | L’Orchidée Cosmique | Vision / SF12

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A few days after releasing its brand new EP Vision / SF12, French Space-Noise Fuzz-Post-Metal one-man-band L’Orchidée Cosmique aka Flo P. (bass/fuzz/synth/looper) just shared the whole effort for full streaming. It has been since the end of 2015 that the one man band, L’Orchidée Cosmique makes gravitate its riffs in orbit around planet Earth. Alone on board, Flo distills with its bass, its synth and its pedals of effects a musical mix that calls as much for the peaceful trips in weightlessness as for the rough landings of fortune. A flight plan between Mogwai’s leaded post-rock, the Sonic Youth noise emergency or A Place To Bury Strangers and the magnetic fuzz of Torche. Pieces sometimes complex, often tortuous, but on arrival always accessible music.”

5 | 5RAND | Silent Spring

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Dear friends, today marks the beginning of Spring and we want to dedicate this song to you. We are all living a Silent Spring, here in Italy and all around the world, a tragedy has struck at the heart of our community, but we will get through this… together! Yours, 5RAND.” 5RAND is a Melodic Death Metal band from Italy, female fronted with both clean and growling vocals, who plays a modern metal, distinguished by the combination of melody with heavy, aggressive riffing, which leads into a dark, disturbing and violent atmosphere, whose result may recall bands that range from Slipknot to Dark Tranquillity. In september 2019 the band released their critically acclaimed second album Dark Mother.

6 | Next Door to Heaven | Dance With Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Russian progressive metalcore band Next Door To Heaven release the new stand-alone single Dance With Me to follow their 2019 album V Ways To Accept. The melodic, djenty and proggy track follows NDTH’s signature sound. The song is about relationships, an unconscious feeling of the presence of a close person even if logic and reality tell you this person can’t be here now. It differs from V Ways To Accept because the message from Dance With Me is about recovery, not the misery.”

7 | Frank Moyo | Beach House

THE PRESS RELEASE:Frank Moyo is a slow player in a fast world. The Canadian-Italian singer grew up in Toronto and first learned chords as a child, picking up what he could from family, friends and later the live shows he could get into. Frank’s new single Beach House is a stripped back, building folk track evoking the sense of escaping to a beach house and running away from reality.”

8 | The Brains | Satana Tarantula

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian cult psychobilly trio The Brains will be releasing their 8th studio album Satana Tarantula on April 10. It includes special guest appearances by rockabilly legends Danny B. Harvey (The Head Cat, Swing Cats), Tim Öhrström (Avatar), Patricia Day (Horrorpops) and more! The title track is now available. The Brains continues its theme of combining retro horror-inspired lyrics with high energy, punk-infused rockabilly in this collection of a dozen new songs plus a superb cover of the ’80s classic Electric Avenue. “The album has a lot of satanic references but it’s also about partying, heartbreak, the occult, and more partying,” explains frontman Rene D La Muerte.”

9 | Josie Proto | BTEC Lily Allen

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging indie talent Josie Proto releases the official version of her sass-fuelled viral hit BTEC Lily Allen – the perfect introduction to her light-hearted but emotionally compelling style. Josie explains: “After I was called a ‘BTEC Lily Allen’ by a girl last year, I collated the negative feedback and moulded the words into a song. This year I downloaded TikTok and posted a one-minute clip of the song to my incredible following of 15 people (granted that around 7 were close friends) and left my phone on the side. I came back to my phone a couple of hours later and already had over 10,000 views! Over the next few days, I posted the other 2 minutes of the song and gained over 300,000 views across all the videos and over 10,000 followers! I stuck true to each of the comments and tried to included them in the exact form they were delivered to me initially. It’s gratifying knowing that the comments that tried to bring me down have done the opposite.”