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Random Number: The Belles | Melvin

These four Florida females flip the script on one of the Van the Man's classic.

Apparently it’s Old Melvin Week here at Tinnitist. Yesterday in this space I brought you Comin’ Home Baby, a vintage fingerpoppin’ groove from one Melvin Torme. Today let’s switch gears (if not names) with this crunchy little garage-rock nugget from Florida outfit The Belles. The all-female band apparently cut it way back in the glory days of 1965, but I just heard it on the recent Numero Group compilation Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground. Even if you’ve never heard it before — and I definitely had not — I’m willing to bet you will recognize it instantly. Especially if you’re a Van Morrison fan. Or do I have to (ahem) spell it out for you? Anyway, you can check out the video and the audio below. And if you want to hear more where this came from, you can sample the rest of Basement Beehive. It’s got 55 more killer cuts from long-forgotten teen-angel combos like The Pasionetts, Tonettes, Vandelettes, Devilettes, Soulettes and even a few bands whose names don’t end in -ettes. What are they rebelling against? Whaddaya got?

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