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Late-Night TV Music (Four Lessons Learned Edition) | Dec. 12, 2018

We could all learn a little something from Wednesday's musical appearances.

You learn something new every day. On Wednesday, the late-night talk shows taught me plenty. Such as:

1 | The Cyrus clan continues to churn out an endless supply of singers. The latest is Braison Cyrus, who performed his debut single I’ll Never Leave You on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But even though he’s the son of Billy Ray and the brother of Miley et al. — and has a first name that sounds like a kitchen appliance — he sounds more like Neil Young. I’m not sure if that’s good news or bad, but either way, go figure.

2 | Lil Wayne has apparently never been on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert before Wednesday, when he performed Don’t Cry from The Carter V. And fine as his appearance was, the real question with Wayne — as it so often seems to be — was: What in the hell is he wearing and where the hell did he get it? To quote Warren Zevon: I’d like to meet his tailor. Bonus point: I’m pretty sure that’s the only time Warren and Wayne have been mentioned in the same breath.

3 | Rita Wilson continues to labour under the delusion that anybody wants to hear her sing. So she showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live with not one but two icky ballads called Bigger Picture and Tear by Tear. She does realize the only reason anyone books her is to suck up to Tom Hanks, right? Right?

4 | Last Call With Carson Daly continues to be the most environmentally friendly late-night show. They’ve spent most of this week using up every bit of a Boygenius gig they taped at the Wiltern a while back. They’ve already posted two songs from the indie supergroup, followed by a solo spot from member Phoebe Bridgers. On Wednesday it was Lucy Dacus‘s turn; the singer-guitarist delivered Night Shift and Timefighter. Third wheel Julien Baker should be closing out the week tonight.

And there you have it. I think we’ve all learned something today. Except maybe Rita Wilson.





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