Jano Alek Speaks To The Mountain Man

The Syrian-Canadian singer-songwriter aims high with his massive, soaring anthem.


Jano Alek needs answers from the Mountain Man in his massive, soaring new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Infused with unique Armenian-Syrian riffs and melodies, the Montreal rocker’s release combines the might and muscle of ’90s alt-rock with passionate symbolism to voice his heartfelt struggle. Inspired by the journey of his life, the character woven into Mountain Man expresses the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s truth. “My music reflects a lot of the feelings and struggles that refugees and immigrants face from war and being uprooted by force,” he shares.

Born in Syria of Armenian descent, Alek is a refugee from war. After forming a band in his homeland, he found himself playing Aleppo, Damascus, and elsewhere, despite the denouncement of rock in the country. His band was invited to tour in Europe, performing in theatres and festivals in France, Ukraine and Lebanon. After his family escaped Syria for a stable and welcoming life in Canada, Alek started from scratch once again. Combining his love of classic alt-rock with his life wisdom, he fashions deeply layered rock that rises above the conventional.

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